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@jackievenson It’s just a fact, Jackie!lol what the fuck is going on with this ad for dog training via, uh, squirrel seduction techniques? did a booklet for Razorcake called “3 Punks Guide to Black Musicians!” ✌🏽 I featured 15 incredible artists and ba…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @itskindred relative inaction to save the live music industry by a city that has literally made its entire identity “live m… @VaGentlenerd @Leask she prefers banana slices over human sacrifice, usually @NotLasers Katamari DaMagneto @Mrs_Ooc bonus outtake
In case you needed a little dose of cuteness today @kenlowery i give them to my dog, aka nature's wood chipperThis looks like a great cause to support today and in the days to come.
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealI’m just gonna start posting this once a day, as a reminder to myself, really. And no, it’s not up for debate.
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @Leask They’re really great pets! Meep brings a lot of joy to this house 😂 is grotesque and any justice system that allows this deserves to be completely destroyed @nathanisariot I'm so sorry Nathan, that's awful, I'm glad she at least got to spend that time with your kid ❤
@nickdawg @Iheartnoise everything @amuletsmusic does march to $3,500 and our t-shirt stretch goal is underway! Get in on the ground floor for the best new superhero…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealAt the very least, SXSW should be doing whatever it takes to help you monetize any panel/event you do on their plat… you're a musician who has already pivoted towards livestreaming and has a decent enough following, you should un… the same level of volunteer involvement, I feel it's very likely SXSW is going to expect artists/panelists… other thing here is that historically SXSW has relied on unpaid (and some would say illegal) labor to make thei… I'm not sure that an online model is going to bring out the same level of industry involvement at SXSW, especia…, musicians who get SXSW Official status are asked whether they'd prefer a very minor financial payment… think my main question about the SXSW Online announcement is: how will this impact the already questionable ways…, send me your comics I want to tweet more about them.
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealDoes anyone here do ad buying for publications/websites? Or do you know of anyone? My client is in search of on…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @CJIsWingingIt Truly inspiring to see Rolling Stone continue to define safe criticism for new generationsClick-Clack’s playlist is an essential follow if you want to stay current with hip hop, and you absolutely should s… @veronicacris Nah, Gibbons may not have beef with DC but he has never said Moore does not have valid reasons for not having the same view @veronicacris I think his co-creator might disagree here“I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?”
Texas! We’re #1 We’re #1 We’re #1
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @walkerlukens @jackievenson @lubys I put it up on my Redbubble if you want to order one!
@ChuckGrassley oh no chuck it's back @DrNerdLove it feels like they are especially out of control right now @NewTSage I should send you the Gorillaz-influenced thing @jonnyjukeboxx and I have been working on 😂New shirt, designed by @Nick_Hanover 💔@lubys💔
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @jackievenson @lubys I am so glad I could bring a little bit of joy to your life 😂new from me on Medium: how we all got fooled into thinking that playing a video game should be like clocking in to…
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I think we're going to do this as a special limited edition release for @kadyrain merch, what do y'all think?
@mobleywho It is fucking ridiculous how few places in Austin music have people of color in booking and management p… @dogunderwater If tvboxd could also help me keep track of where things are streaming now that would be especially great 😂Also worth noting that Discogs even has ex-Dark Horse PR MVP Aub Driver running their marketing now. Maybe someone… would seem to me that a Letterboxd or Discogs platform for comics would not only help ease in new readers via re… closest things I can think of are all built around collector marketplace stuff, which is similar but not really… real tho, it’s weird that comics doesn’t have this (as far as I am aware?) @hellocookie Happy birthday!!! Hope you’re having a relaxing one! @ArtificialChris This has been my favorite recent discovery @Jennifer_deG @VeroniKaboom @FuseLiterary This is awesome, congrats!
On the new episode of Unpacking Crates, Hades and LROY celebrate the enduring legacy of DJ Premier and Houston DJ c…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @dylangarsee This is obviously the answer @MarkOStack I only Photoshop the ones I love @nathanisariot I feel like you’d really enjoy fuvk, a bit like Sufjan crossed with Rilo Kiley looks badass! @teaberryblue A bonus for you presenting: Doggy Parton
@NSlayton Callie has a new puppy friend, does that count?, @shawnrpryor 's Kickstarter is $397 away from unlocking a second stretch goal ($5000) and 13 backers shy of…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @kadyrain no that couch demon is back @TheTeeta if you're nerd like me and you're using your PS for blu-rays too 😂these numbers -- almost a 20% drop in white support over just four months -- are so fucking depressing. I do not b…
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@OptimistiCaniac 😂The AGFA does truly vital work in an area of film where the material is often on the verge of actually disintegrati… new song “James Crow” is out this Wednesday (09.16)! It’s been a year since I finished the track and 10 months…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @TheGayChingy I think this was probably my favorite ever subplot on The Sopranos#Hackers came out 25 years ago today. I wrote about the film's relevance in 2020 and how its politics and anxieties…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealToe Jam Football: Manchester's Premier Beatles Cover Band! @hanselthelost Nothing I have seen has indicated his victims feel he has done right by them at all
@Jennifer_deG lol this is me too every damn day @Jennifer_deG @bettiebloodshed @adampknave thought you would especially appreciate the p.s. @bettiebloodshed @adampknave paging @Jennifer_deGI’m gonna play a super secret brand new song at the end of my set that I just recorded yesterday and I want you to…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealMy partner @GeoffMarslett is looking for 2D animators for his film. You just need to be good at tracing. Paid. Lemm…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @modernistwitch i think i found his grandpa be enjoying putting together the Dillo World chill beats show on Radio Ovrld a little too much 😂… love people who try to "haggle" with you on instruments you're selling by just sending lower counter offers over… a very special episode of Dillo World, DJ Jay Dillo is tied up so Frankie Donatello takes over, spinning tracks…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @MKupperman Doing nothing isn't really their style historically, though. Ex: During the Cold War, the CIA managed t… @MKupperman I think the more likely reality here is that Russia benefits from confusion and Russian intelligence ha… $10 you'll get an awesome comic AND "Scent of May Rain" which has been one of my favorite books of the year so…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @TreeBeerd @brian_level Same! The 2nd is the only entry in that franchise that really works for meIt's time to get over to @Kickstarter because Young Offenders! has launched! This is THE young adult superhero co…
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@faveamanda The only way my dog will let me trim her nails without injuring me is if I distract her by putting an empty chip bag in her face
@themiddlespaces You should be friends with @goonvibesonly 😂Always good when a single comes out and the track and cover art are equally heinous @gholson Khajiit has wares if you have coin
Weeeellll YEE HEE HAW y'all It's time for Violet Country from @ovrld ! This week we'll be swingin with some ATX fav…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t Real @callian31 what about this damn autocorrect? @callian31 who is todd and why is his spine opening the wrong wayReminder: SMOOVE CITY, a graphic novel about 4 best friends trying to make it in the treacherous world of 90s R&B,…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealFredric Wertham didn't go far enough.
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealReally gotta hand it to Tom King and DC for putting their feelings about Alan Moore right out in the open like this Offenders! launches Monday. These mixed-up super teens are stepping out of the shadow of their more successfu…
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Giant corporations don't actually want you to own anything. It's why Comixology charges you the same price for a d…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealThis is basically what's happening to those of us in music right now with Twitch too again, I'm just a person, standing in front of another person, asking you to link me to ATX queer americana/fo…
Retweeted by Todd isn’t RealMight be looking for an artist to collaborate with on a 20-page one shot soon. Must like drawing humans, houses (in…
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