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Nick Mudry @Nick_Mudry Connecticut, USA

Publishing & Biz Dev @PetricoreGames. Prev: @Harmonix. Email: Discord: Cheese: @MudrysMozz Trapped listening to 00's music daily.

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SHIFT + ESC marks all Slack messages as read. have a good weekend
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Kahjahkins I used to use a Mac Mini for the longest time for video/audio editing stuff. Totally a reasonable way t…, yet another night with a +20 KDA in #Destiny2 with some good friends. 😁 @David_Jagneaux I've been using it for a few months and it's totally fine. I haven't seen it perform any worse than… @garywhitta Congrats Gary! @BrianPShea Dumb suggestion you may have already tried, but do you have another optical cable to try? @GreenEyedZeke This is such a good one.
@gameism Oooooh, good suggestion. I will also probably do that if I can safely do so. :) Appreciate all this! 😁 @gameism Do you have any suggestions for Herman Miller styled brands (at least ones that aren't $1000+? 😂) @gameism Oh, yes, I am trying to splurge as much as I feel comfortable doing. Haven't figured out what my limit is… @petebasgen @HermanMiller Ooooh. Any that you specifically suggest for home office use?hi internet i've gone about 6-8 months using a bad chair as a desk chair. my spine deserves much better. what off… @ohsnapitsjf @kvlemmon it's my favorite emoji to use as a reaction on discord, slack, wherever. @ohsnapitsjf @kvlemmon 👆I hoped when we announced Skate was back that we’d stop getting “skate 4” comments on Instagram but now they’re jus…
Retweeted by Nick Mudryfinally back to the studio. backlogged with some nice projects.
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Skiffington_ Thank you for making me realize that it is actually Friday.The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx by @geoffkeighley is great. It includes a 3D office tour of the Alyx area so yo…
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @_LucasRizzotto I think you just sold me on the idea of buying Spectacles.This is awesome. wore cameras on my face for 1 year so I could time travel in VR! Watch what happened:
Retweeted by Nick MudryGoing to do my first #AskKahAnything once we get enough questions in the feed for our Patreon folks. Voice messag…
Retweeted by Nick MudryI think I'm going to have chills *all day* because of this.<insert any Gus quote from Breaking Bad here> I am so god damn excited. @KITKATGaming 👀 Hi!This was a well needed, long overdue call, which probably resulted in us trying to figure out when is the best time… @RhythmBastard 64 hell yeah!Actually some really sick, practical jumps here
Retweeted by Nick Mudryhey just a reminder
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Nick_Mudry
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @GreenEyedZeke Same but with Whiteclaw.On a zoom call with @GreenEyedZeke and it's going just as anyone would expect. @GreenEyedZeke @k_f4m @FredDurstFriday Ethan, you need to join our Discord where at least 1/35th of the time it's d… @k_f4m @FredDurstFriday 👀 put the spotify playlist on! @usfhbomb @ComplicitOwl Big ole nope from what i can tell! @GreenEyedZeke @ComplicitOwl Clocks ain't too bad, but it's also because of mainstream radio airplay, and that's the only redeeming quality. @ComplicitOwl Just wanted to let you know - there are some Coldplay songs on this playlist I'm listening too and re… @KabirH I've worked on a handful of video game focused decks (not really company focused) but happy to lend some fe… do you know gives the best pitch deck feedback for consumer startups? I’ve got a monster deck that needs trimmi…
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @wallabyywayy Both many years ago and now: Every dating app has been pretty bleh, and then multiply it by 100x because of COVID. @LoganDeMelt tbh, the cheapo knockoffs are always the best (even if I frequently gawk at a bunch of expensive ones… @LoganDeMelt Whatever glasses those are, they are 💯.Speed running some #Destiny2 Dungeons tonight with @Alasindera and @vApathyv is exactly what I needed to lift my mo… @Sp00nerism I am sad I missed this stream.Stumbled upon a 2000's Summer Jam playlist on Spotify and it's everything I've ever wanted.
A good friend of mine at @Bungie is hiring for a Strategic Finance Manager role. Big plus if you have finance exper…
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @vApathyv I'm jealous that you have a dart board.When you spend $100 on a toy to keep ypur cat occupied.
Retweeted by Nick MudrySuch a nice day to work outside. 😁 🌤 @tehemopenguin Do itttttt.HOLY SHIT I LAUGHED SO HARD
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Xbox 💚The Bungie Foundation is passionate about giving back. During these difficult times we’ve worked with our local Bo…
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Retweeted by Nick Mudry @callmeshawnp Every single one of my emails, ever.😁🤯🙁😓😂👀 looked at the forecast a bit closer before making end-of-call small talk. 😬😂Them: "Alright, chat with you next week, have a good weekend!" Me: "You too! I think good weather this weekend!"… invests $250 million in Epic Games
Retweeted by Nick MudryOh. @PTibz Switch port when? @IamLatrellJames Such a good one. Much love back at ya! ♥Hey. No matter what anyone says, know you ARE enough. You ARE important. You ARE loved and needed. Times may be…
Retweeted by Nick MudryWow! In the first 24 hours, we’ve raised over $200K! Thank you for your support. Help us reach $300K and make a dif…
Retweeted by Nick MudryRemember Ello?On Dude Soup we talked about the early days of Danny always hustling and I found the pics! E3 2007 in Santa Monic…
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @FallGuysGame @begroom #FallGuysWe have 10 bundles of Fall Guys stickers, pins, and lollies to giveaway!!! If you want one: - Make sure you're fol…
Retweeted by Nick Mudrynew yorkers are a different breed
Retweeted by Nick MudryCommander Zavala just killed me, wtf... #Destiny2
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Xbox Dear Xbox social media team, Y'all create some wonderful content. 💚i can’t explain it but this tiktok is elite
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @vApathyv Save this tweet for 2023 when we're all in the same room together. Let's go. @PassController @PassController Better get here quick, the pizza is getting cold (and consumed by me). @Delibird444 Yup! Also hopefully it's not for like 100 people. 😂I foresee a quick loss here, so I'll just pay for the pizza and beer, unless you throw some FPS's on this list. 😂…'m legit trying to find other game QA peoples on Twitter. So hey, you, yeah you that liked that QA hates post, follow me lol
Retweeted by Nick MudrySummoning circle for the Xbox event. 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
Retweeted by Nick Mudrybill nye be spittin fax
Retweeted by Nick MudryJust being extremely cool
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @Wily383 is the only wrestling that matters, actually
Retweeted by Nick MudryI am extremely excited for the #AEWPuppyBattleRoyale. You need to watch this. It's PUPPIES.… @Drax122 Congrats on the new job, Dustin! :)Branching Narratives: Kahlief Adams on His Rise as an Independent Podcaster in These Turbulent Times…
Retweeted by Nick MudryLIVE NOW!
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@JamesLandino Wait, you're saying there was an opening to be *THE* Assistant to Mr. James Landino and I missed it?!… @Harmonix The Talent himself! @godfree Happy birthday!!! @kylegaddo I am so bad at both playing guitar *and* wanting to buy new ones all the time. @GreenEyedZeke I've stopped keeping my desktop clean and just tell Winodws to hide all icons. I'm pretty sure my co… year is 2020 and I still wanna know how the hell Taeko-3 went down there with a fireteam of nine
Retweeted by Nick Mudrymy dog won't stop barking at my boyfriend
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @PlayWithJambo Holy shit this got me so good. 😂Marketing Joke Of The Day: I made a joke about organic reach on Facebook… nobody got it.
Retweeted by Nick Mudry @vApathyv @k_f4m damn it ain't even @FredDurstFriday either. @PTibz Yup. Been doing pretty well lately, but today (and I guess last night) have been oddballs of days. It coul…