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Retweeted by Nick Chester @hecterrific @johntdrake @doksan @ShaunNorton @MrBungle I’m proud to work with you. @DASBUNKER @johntdrake @doksan @hecterrific @ShaunNorton @MrBungle Almost tagged you in this one. But here you are anyway. Life finds a way.Five favorite games + five tags Super Metroid God of War 2 Threes Portal 2 Super Mario World @johntdrake
Also, if you don't play using the d-pad you're a narc.🛹 🎮 @Dj3ntyB01 @K_Birkwood Yeah!Nintendo isn't releasing a console this year or really announced any new games coming out this holiday, but it's Au…
@aaronlinde @grrlaction @chrisfurniss Outside of me missing pieces in my box, it’s incredible. Get the thing. No regrets. @aaronlinde @chrisfurniss @grrlaction Yeah it is. I can't wait to be able to finish the TV. My set was missing so m… @aaronlinde @chrisfurniss @grrlaction Yeah, that's where I'm at. I only grabbed the Bowser set and the Yoshi set (i… @chrisfurniss @grrlaction @grrlaction @chrisfurniss Fuck. @hofftv God, you're never satisfied.A Total War Saga: TROY is coming out on Thursday. It's free for 24 hours. Wishlist it now so you don't miss your ch… @hofftv Holy shit is that what that was!?!?✖️🎮 @ZedtheGamer Because they have no incentive not to be. @DASBUNKER @tattydaddy67 Fuck, I wish.
@SamitSarkar Unplayable. @RussFrushtick @jasonschreier Delta team are now... zombies! Which is coming in season 2. @RussFrushtick @jasonschreier There will be guns. You're part of either alpha, bravo, or charlie team. There's gonn… Arcade Monster sculpture by artist George Tsougkouzidis arrived from Greece and I love my little boy so much. @CorneliaGeppert @MitchyD @Kahjahkins It's so gorgeous and wonderful. @MitchyD Then you probably have many good games to choose from here! @MitchyD Here’s a free good video game, Mitch. @tamoorh @JakeBaldino Soundtrack would be bananas. You get OGs, new school, SoundCloud rappers, all collaborating, battling. @JakeBaldino Old school versus new school. Time traveling, multiverse shit. Let’s go. @marcowrites Me too!Hit a roadblock tonight: when I’d opened the box, a bag was loose and pieces had fallen out. I thought I’d collecte…
@ElectricLeo @AfroDeezyShak She wanted to get into a room and the door was closed and it’s just non stop why do I have this thingThis claims it will be a retro TV. And my cat won’t stop meowing. @evankinney I mean it *shouldn’t* but... it is. And then harder than that. Every time. @jimtoepel I’ll tell you when I’m done! @laurenevemay Oh and not a doc (but an audio doc??) but this podcast investigating the rumor that the Scorpion’s “W… @laurenevemay It’s the anniversary of the 808 doc, which was great, and I just watched a doc on the rise of thrash… @techanimartist That text is printed!😌
@rohanlikespants We are at the same spot! Only 100 pages to go on the console haha @gameism I believe they’ll show up here in the battery widget if they’re connected., here we go*. * Switch for scale. @AnnoyedGamer (And also, yes.) @AnnoyedGamer Nah, the shit's small! @JoshYTsui @PrimeVideo Yeah, this was legit.
@spongebobtitty One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, easy.🐱🐈 @GreenEyedZeke @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @Shudder Did somebody say twins? @SaskiaBrussee I tried but that didn’t work because I guess they’d died. I did end up finding them in my exercise shorts. 😂 @johntdrake @plante Hello, it’s me, the comms guy who - as you know from your decade plus in game development - is… @gameism Imagine making a mobile game but only playing it on a PC and using a mouse to simulate touch or something. @ShiftySamurai I think it looks awesome. Always room for improvement, I guess! @PaulTassi ...maybe. @VamptVo 100% why @raczilla I’m worried about people with eyesight issues of all ages, Will, why are you being so insensitive *squint… stop making your font so small on your console games we are sitting at on a couch like 6-10 feet away you know… @corybarlog The only cutie around here is you, Cory Barlog. @hecterrific But to be fair, I got up made my bed, showered, but now I’m back in it watching TV. @hecterrific I made this last night, Hector!Talkin’ bout...’s filmmaking law that if you make a documentary, at least one person you’re interviewing has to have furniture t…
Please give me now. @PTibz @MrPope Stop. @AzzultYT "work from home"The biggest issue of WFH has definitely been finding boundaries when it comes to "leaving the office for the day" w… @ShiftySamurai Your dedication here is amazing. Honestly, I do *not* have these skills. I wish I did! @ShiftySamurai That's freakin' awesome!Phew. @DASBUNKER WhatWilmot's Warehouse is SO GOOD and everyone needs to play this ASAP. 3 out of 10 is a TOTALLY NEW and totally ridi… @awwbees Oooooooh. @akhmourne @SkeletonCrimes Oh snap yes“Gotta find my AirPods! Oh there they are.” Oh crap. @ZachariusD @tamoorh That was a good and fun video game, ya'll.
(People I work with rule.)“Yes, hello Epic Games mailroom, my screen-used Necronomicon was accidentally shipped to the office, which is close… @DASBUNKER I’m making dinner. Soon we ride. @DASBUNKER Hah. Yeah. This is more about Apple’s ludicrous policies.🙄 up 🏎️ Get behind the wheel of the new #FortniteJoyRide Update! Blow past enemies with the Whiplash or go f…
Retweeted by Nick Chester @DASBUNKER That’s what you get for being an adult who requires CONVENIENCE.$30 to watch a movie at home is ridiculous when you factor in the cost of my television, my mortgage payments, heating and electric, etc. @willsmith @AgentTinsley NOPE WRONG SO NOT PULL ME INTO THIS THAT IS HER @AmericanAir @GameOverGreggy Yeah, baby, let’s go.“Don’t let X miles expire in six months.” @AmericanAir are you kidding me? We’ve been in the middle of a pandemic…
@Charalanahzard I mean, I haven't seen a single ghost since the guy left. dude came to spray for mosquitos at my house and is 100% dressed up like Luigi. @jimmychampane The soundtrack was wild haha what level do you unlock the machine gun in Fall Guys? @jimmychampane I thought so, too. I also admittedly like the sequel, if I recall, because it was so ridiculous. @johntdrake Yeah. Good idea. @pripyatbeast Am I misreading this or is there an animation of that creature confused and slowly trying to pick tha… for Twitter would have corrected the repeated mispelling of Grammarly in those tweets.FWIW the article was well-written, as far as I'm concerned. I just found Grammerly being so judgmental hilarious.I pasted the full text of an article from a highly-reputable media outlet into an email and Grammerly was like "WAI… @craigums Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. @NewWombat Yes. yourself. I’m the majestic bird and also the word “flap.”