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Shit, I already failed the first puzzle. Does anyone know how to win this part? playing Black Mesa tonight and so far this is going exactly how it went when I first played Half Life over…
@ActaBunniFooFoo I don’t think this is actually true (I went down the rabbit hole), but it’s a wild story.Completed @ControlRemedy's The Foundation. Looking forward to the next DLC/chapter! @ElyseWillems Oh, you think you don’t have to report bells to the US government? That’s cute, Elyse. @mikegaboury @DarthLux How would I hide all of my murders? @DBZWii09 Yeah, they’re real jerks.Finished Doom Eternal. Seventh game completed this year so far. Realized that I spent most of my time playing it… @evankinney Same. It’s just frustrating and not fun. @RyanWGleason God. I hope they drop this “your items break” nonsense or up the durability of everything considerably.Why can’t we have anything nice? @PR_Flak @RickMalambri @MrPope Yeah. Same. I’m sitting on my porch watching the sun going down remembering when I u… @RickMalambri @PR_Flak @MrPope I mean look, I bet someone really skilled could use a knife and their hand to open a… @RickMalambri @PR_Flak @MrPope I’m just arguing for fun. I don’t care. 😂
@PR_Flak @RickMalambri @MrPope Also, I’m not arguing that you can’t be mechanically better with a KB+M, just that a… @PR_Flak @RickMalambri @MrPope That doesn’t sound like any fun. @RickMalambri @PR_Flak @MrPope Just spitting straight facts. The only game a keyboard was made for is Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. @JeremyzTweetz @dylanondarza Okay, but it’s iced tea. @PR_Flak @RickMalambri @MrPope (I ain’t going pro. Let me live my life.) @PR_Flak @RickMalambri @MrPope I mean, show me the lie. A PC mouse predates the original DOOM by almost a decade; t… @TBNRkenworth @RickMalambri @MrPope Haha @RickMalambri @MrPope KB+M was designed for Excel and Word, not playing video games, Rick. @RKRigney I left them in my basement yesterday when I was working out, and I’ve been too lazy to go back downstairs to get them. Haha. @itsVanAken I need to do some of that, too! Both of those things actually.Went out to a store for the first time in two weeks and I’m shocked we escalated to Mad Max so quickly. @cissyspeaks Is this Animal Crossing IRL? @MrPope They’re both my primary monitor.This is the most important thing happening over here today. What you got going on? @steimer I haven’t seen that serial killer since day one. No idea where it’s hiding. @JoshYTsui No, but the absurdity of it all is entertaining. There’s nothing wrong with that, quarantine or otherwise. @FSOBrooklyn @netflix @disneyplus We are living through a pandemic. Don’t do this to me. @FSOBrooklyn @netflix @disneyplus We watched Outward on Disney+ tonight. It was good. But we rarely watch; Netflix…
@JoshYTsui I’ll threaten you.... with a good time. @JoshYTsui This is insane. I’m so sorry, man. Terrible. @NewWombat Was thinking the same. Don’t have one yet. Haha. @MrPope Hell yeah. Love it. @MrPope, plus Nintendo Online app (Nook Link tool). Game changer. @aegies Yes. Yes it is.This is a good game. @GameOnGardner @bigkidjosh Oh my god. @liamesler There’s nothing wrong with this. @CTZ @EmpressOf @Thundercat The new @PURITY_RING is a jam, too. Happy birthday!Here’s a great album about April. Listen to it once a day this month. @evankinney We have the day off. You’re forgiven.And don’t forget the art of just getting the fuck up and out of bed in the morning. @AgentTinsley LOL don’t forget bead crafts and statues and cross stitch either rightThat's right baby! Deadpool is in the game. Just need to complete his Challenges this week and voila, he's yours.…
Retweeted by Nick Chester @azianperc 💦 ✉️My water can broke when I used it three times instead of opening the mailbox in Animal Crossing. Good morning so far.
@mobilesinper @HuskyHog @Ubisoft Yeah, man! @corybarlog They’re making an Iron Man VR game? (JK it looks cool AF) @HuskyHog @Ubisoft Eddie behind me, too. @HuskyHog @Ubisoft Do... we have the same desk? @RiotRMD @remedygames @BAFTAGames Good luck! @DaleNorth Oh shit @FreightTrainUSA Yeah, it’s shockingly good! I don’t use my Switch docked that often these days (especially since I…🌮🌮🌮🌮 @grrlaction Stop I’m eating those.
Drivers! Delivering amazing news. We have over 1 million downloads of Totally Reliable Delivery Service on the Epic…
Retweeted by Nick ChesterNo joke, Totally Reliable Delivery Service launched today and is free on Epic Games Store until April 8. Let's play! @corybarlog @grrlaction Multi. Tasking. She should try being on 10 hours of Zoom conferences. @akhmourne In this crisis, if you're not multitasking, you're gonna get eaten alive.Press F to pay respects. @NSSteph @joeynoelle Holy shit
@RegretaGarbo @aegies @grrlaction ’ve know you for many years and that tracks. Me too. @RegretaGarbo @aegies @grrlaction Totally but you’re talking about the news. But if Google wanted to “announce” a v… @aegies @grrlaction That’s just bad form all of the time, though. @grrlaction @AgentTinsley @BlondeNerd Is it me? Am I the friend? @DaleNorth Social media has shown people don’t care about spoilers or diminish an experience for others. Shrug 🤷‍♂️ 😞 @DaleNorth *competition. God fucking give me an edit option, Twitter. @DaleNorth Just ignore it. Go at your own pace. It’s like social media and life; try not to worry about what other… @grrlaction @iveytron @tacobell Don't you go telling me this after I mentioned Taco Bell the other day and you gave me the stink eye.
@twitgera Mega Man. @RegretaGarbo I want this animal. @ConsumingLipids @Charalanahzard Oh yeah, that was me last night. @Charalanahzard @ConsumingLipids My tweet was a result of this very encounter. 🙃I mean, what the hell was I expecting? @babybluecollar You can. It can still be tough! They’re not messing around. @ConsumingLipids That dude was a JERK. @ConsumingLipids The difficulty spike at Taras Nabad is insane.Doom Eternal sure turns itself up “you’re bad at video games, go back and play Animal Crossing, loser” difficult a…
@ZedtheGamer I’m sorry you had to take a work call with me today, Zed, but come on. (Hang in there. ❤️) @DaleNorth It’s silly. I’m excited for my museum to open tomorrow. @courtenaytaylor @YugSTAR My family is going to be so annoyed. @courtenaytaylor @YugSTAR Haha oh shiiiiiiit @andrewpfister People are dying, we face an unemployment and economy crisis, and we are behind and underprepared to… @DaleNorth People are cheating. It’s depressing. It’s like body-shaming, but for Animal Crossing. @SamLakeRMD Happy birthday, Sam! @mistresslasciel So good. All the way good.
I wish I could earn Nook Miles by playing Doom Eternal. 😔 @corybarlog @Kahjahkins I may be down later! @TimOfLegend I almost bought this earlier, Tim. Things are going well. night. @galyonkin You can also buy separate computers for each account. @galyonkin You can do this on Chrome.
@hecterrific @RiotRMD Yeah, I’m in. @Dexter345 Yeah, totally. It has a TON of puzzles.Oh, I also finished Picross Lord Of The Nazarick. I've played a lot of picrosss this year. I need to chill.