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Retweeted by Nick ChesterI had no idea. This is great.
@stevryu I don’t play FPS competitively, but I do play like one one and it oscillates between this is “amazing and… @AvaGG I do. @fitzymj Sooooo hard.Okay, but really. Does anyone have one? Is there a single review for the games or hardware online? When does that n… not a lot of talk about the Atari VCS on my timeline. That's a video game system that launched today! @LimitedRunJames I own two of the Mario one. :-/God damn it I don't need this I don't need this I don't when they announced Metroid Dread 15 years ago? Longest dev cycle ever? (Give me this now oh my damn.)
@aaronlinde Does this mean I have to buy a Turbo Duo or what @russpitts Plans at? Trips at? Who knows!?! @MrPope Seems like a security nightmare.Sex is great but have you tried forwarding your flight itinerary to for the first time in over a year?
Microsoft did a good.Let me play as the vampire. @johntdrake I love this game and I can’t wait, but I got distracted by life and went upstairs when this section sta… @KyleOrl What are we up to? I feel like it’s been 300 games.How long is this? I gotta go do stuff, but this is good and I don’t wanna miss anything.Are they accidentally playing a trailer from a Nintendo Direct what is thisReplaced doesn’t seem like it could be a real thing it looks so good. @GrlpantsGR He was the worst. 100% the case of blood is thicker than water, because if he wasn’t my brother, I’d have let the rats eat him.A Plague’s Tale was very good. I’m happy it’s getting a sequel. I wonder if your brother gets any less insufferable with age, though. @aegies Yeah, I tune out personally but they have an audience, so. I also tune out during sports games. The gaming… hundred. And sixteen. Days.Modern games marketing: shorter promo cycles to optimize for an audience with little to no attention spans. Bethe…
@DaveOshry Is this a parody account? @SamitSarkar Yes, own too many things I need to hand wash. No, I don’t keep it out.
@FrankWieners It looks and feels way bigger in person. Compare it to the iPad Mini right below it. We good. @LimitedRunJames It’s the only way to play. @DJR_08 Thank you!Insomniac does not miss with its Ratchet and Clank games (one of my favorite series) and I’m so excited to jump in… @GameOverGreggy Welp, just buy a new Switch, I guess. @CaseyMalone @fitzymj WTF Casey @JakeBaldino Did you see this? @doksan Do I come to Austin to get those SXSW 2019 vibes? @CaptScarlett Oh man, you had to wait this long since launch?? @alex_navarro Oh damn. Can I buy this now? @godfree @jhaletweets @courtenaytaylor I like all of these people. 🖤 @MrPope @RealBenGilbert Legit was getting to that point back in March, man. Hope you get it sorted soon! @RealBenGilbert @MrPope Same for NC. A friend told me some place an hour away was giving them to anyone (this was i…
@geoffkeighley They’ve made you their king, Geoff!I'm so glad everyone is excited about [whatever video game they're excited about] today! @rexy @MrPope That is 100% Amy Schumer. @SeanTheBaptiste Got those real "E3 1997" vibes where Limp Bizkit is performing on top of a pile of gold while some… @AgentTinsley "thoughtful"? "a delight"? What are you going for here?I know we're all trying to get through E3 2021, but have you seen the price of lumber thanks to COVID? JFC. E3 2022… is free this week on the Epic Games Store. Control is great. Like, really great. Go get it. Tell your frien…
We are very proud to announce that we have sold over 175,000 copies of Going Medieval in our opening week! 🎉 We ca…
Retweeted by Nick Chester @aegies Thinking about coming out for that!
@DavidEllis I don't work on Fortnite! :DThey should pass a law where if an embargo on a game review lifts, the embargo on me being able to buy it and play…
@DASBUNKER Me constantly pitching a Cronenberg or Lynch season is why I no longer work on Fortnite, actually.Thanks to @johnjapanretro for the quick shipping and origami. 😍
available at the low low price of $12.49 on the @EpicGames store if you use your (free) $10 coupon during the…
Retweeted by Nick Chester
@RobSmithUTB I'm taking your word for it, Rob, but I'll keep a pair of jeans in my desk drawer just in case. :D"I can’t wait to get back to it." This is the #1 game on Steam in the U.S. and the world right now - get at us fo…
Retweeted by Nick ChesterWho has time to read the article? Get out of here. signed up as a fan to get E3 access this year and had to accept their code of conduct, which includes a sub-se… @AlexaRayC @dunkman Did you make t-shirts? @SeanPalomino Yes, please! I'm in.It’s not too late for a bunch of us to book rooms at the Fig and then just sit around by the pool not talking to ea… @ShiftySamurai @MondoNews I just ordered this a few days ago! @JamesStevenson I cannot god damned wait a second longer. @kateburning Can I buy the NFT of a picture of the nugget tho @kateburning Is this an NFT @SeanPalomino I didn’t realize I had any marketable skills in the industry until I had a chance to go to E3 (as a r… @jeansnow @DaleNorth Really good times. It’s been really fun to watch us all grow personally and professionally since then. 🖤
@MrPope @Ubisoft Frozen dairy deserts based off your IP UbisoftServe @doksan 🖤 @Ninja That time you play Fortnite with Drake.You ever plan to do something productive but then end up playing Tetris Attack instead? Yeah, me neither. @AgentTinsley That’s it. I’m out. @AgentTinsley We talked about this. I said I'm *IN* @aaronlinde Oooh! I gotta see how they cleaned up the plastic. I have a Famicom that’s in great shape but it’s got that aged yellow. @aaronlinde Oh no what’s this? @TheGnome @SeanPalomino More like Sean Paimonmino get it @galyonkin … what @gstaffinfection Correct.
@NicolasVerge This looks cool AF.
@MitchyD This happens to me, but seems to only be a recent occurrence.
Convinced Ubisoft comms tells their spokespeople to make sure they mention they’re not trying to make a political s… @SusanArendt Ahh! I don’t recall make or model. If I can remember, I’ll let you know.
Wait, what? No, we’re not the Imposters - we were on the other side of the ship, unlocking the #EpicMEGASale Vault……
Retweeted by Nick Chester @aaronlinde It is Unreal Engine 4, Aaron. 😆 @dannyodwyer @johnjapanretro Done! @dannyodwyer @johnjapanretro Immediately ordering something from them.
@jeffrubenstein I don’t know who any of these people are and this is still hilarious/brilliant.Here's an uncut look at the gameplay of the new Valley of the Ancient demo for @unrealengine 5, which enters early…
Retweeted by Nick Chester👇👇 @xoxogossipgita @willsmith @gameism Legit a good excuse to watch that video again. @gameism Jesus Christ.Oh no. Amazon owns RoboCop. one hour, see what's next for UE5. 👀
Retweeted by Nick ChesterCan you imagine if EA sold a Mass Effect: Renegade and a Mass Effect: Paragon? @ben_silverman That literally has a date on it, Ben. This is cheating.Q: What’s the fastest way to get me to spend $540? A:
Just bought this “old people mayhem sandbox game” on the Epic Games Store for $5 after the $10 Epic Coupon and I’m… @FrankWieners "Stan Goal achieved!"