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Nick @NickColley London, England

Frontend developer / designer @gdsteam Working on the He / Him

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.@webdevbev from @MoJGovUK has created an interactive tool that can be used to train teams on how to carry out acce…
Retweeted by Nick💻🎵I'm starting a meet-up for listening to music and coding about music called @codebop! 💻🎵 If any of you are inter…
Retweeted by Nick @jesslynnrose my dream job is one where I've set good boundaries and I don't feel burnt out 🙃 @simonleggsays @StuRobson @hankchizljaw Your attitude stinks ngl @jeremyhhy Build a small house for your head
Not sure this sample is statistically convincing but interesting to see this argument a hundred years ago and to fe… museum has a 'medicine' bit with wellcome stuff. Nice little one about vaccinations wikipedia page for niçoise salad is making me laugh more than it should:
Retweeted by NickSaw a post that said Dystopia is a white people word for 'What if all that shit happened TO US?' and I feel seen.
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👋hey twitter friends, last week my apt was broken into and most of my things were stolen, including my laptop with…
Retweeted by Nick @dangetsbetter @LouiseDowne such a cutie 😭 @snootgirl is that a proverb @snootgirl not nice :(If Facebook & Google we’re banned from being able to target ads using their vast trove of personal data, we’d also…
Retweeted by Nick @zaccolley Back when the BBC actually did investigative journalism that challenged the government @zaccolley I did learn about the 'Zircon affair' though. A public backlash in the 80s against surveillance. @zaccolley Someone should do a proper data rights exhibit and do something exciting @zaccolley It was really crap and just lazy propaganda for the UK Government.The privacy paranoid among us have long worried that all of our online photos would be scraped to create a universa…
Retweeted by NickOur inclusion colleagues @TfLAccess have got a poster campaign - thought you’d like to see it. Difficult to get cl…
Retweeted by Nick @marcysutton Oh wow that sounds intense, keep safe 🏔️🧗‍♀️ @zaccolley gonna be on my best behaviour hahahaYour number one job is to take care of yourself - @KeziyahL #YouGotThisConf
Retweeted by Nick @AroraXD @_phzn @YouGotThisConf @underlandevents Woaaaaah
New on my blog: 📌 I don’t track you
Retweeted by Nick @codeability ngl I thought you were holding a knife @svinkle Very interesting, do you know if any Assistive technologies make use of microstuff?I wrote some notes on how HTML Microdata can help with #accessibility, specifically when creating blog templates.…
Retweeted by NickIf anyone marginalised or under-represented in tech wants to go to @naconf (it's on the 23rd), they re-opened schol…
Retweeted by NickWhenever I see this, I feel bad for the Web team that has to paste this admission that they're undervalued.
Retweeted by Nick @AroraXD @randomPizzaBot cute nice onea difficulty with disability advocacy is our needs vary in ways where sometimes they won't be compatible that invo…
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Retweeted by NickWeb Content Accessibility Guideline if you're interested: "there is a mechanism for the user to pause, stop, or hi… for @YouGotThisConf! Who's going tomorrow?
Retweeted by NickIrony of using a GIF to talk about media controls is that one of the flaws of GIFs is that you can't pause or stop… @DaftLimmy Sounds deeply unpleasantyall: skincare i see: a late capitalism company collecting biometric data for surveillance & boosting profits by pr…
Retweeted by NickI just shared on @ThePracticalDev my experience on how to work around my fears and how to start (or get back to) bl…
Retweeted by Nick @ermlikeyeah Hahaha maybe there's gonna be a big twist @varjmes haha thxis baby Yoda actually Yoda as a baby or like a baby the same species as yoda @jaffathecake This sounds really right @vosageroll Yeah, use the language for groups that they choose @_phzn Yeah I'm not a big fan of having to keep things running but maybe we could have a little community thing tha… need to either remove my code from GitHub (where people ask me for free labour) or figure out self hosting soon... @varjmes hope you feel less stressed soon 💚 @janl Got lost in the noise but just noticed this, thanks for your support ♥️ @jennschiffer dunno what it is tbh
@_developit still think this misses the point of custom elements ngl but excited to anywayIf your mental health issues are not to the level of disability, or that's not how you chose to identify it? That's…
Retweeted by Nick @joelanman Yeah it's a fun idea but what the fuck is happening hahahaPelosi criticizes Facebook, which has an office in her district: "All they want are their tax cuts and no antitrust…
Retweeted by Nick @joelanman I wanna see your reaction 👀 @joelanman oh no, good luckGoogle Chrome’s cookie ban is good news for Google — and maybe your privacy
Retweeted by Nick @matthewcp It's very specific for the journey so think so yeah, not a general use case calendar.Funny that when you type “man” into your terminal, you get things explained to you Really makes u think 🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by Nick @matthewcp Yeah, for appointments @matthewcp Agree with the sentiment though, progressive enhancement was never about doing everything on the server,… @matthewcp Prison Service in the UK Government managed it tbf @emahlee @monteiro I'm interested in how you consider power enters into this. Often this sort of 'dont shame' peop… @monteiro @emahlee Good thread, attacking individuals is punching downcool thing about this is you could do it at build time so no horrible performance of third party scripts @deadwisdom @hankchizljaw nopeHi, I'm Jess 👋 I've been let go in the Mozilla layoffs. I'm now free 2 days/week for contract work in developer re…
Retweeted by Nick @robinwhittleton Oh right I misread lol, hope you feel better soon @robinwhittleton How long you back for?startup idea: content targeted advertisements where you use AI on content to determine what ads to show rather than surveillanceAOC ♥️ @sonia_turcotte this is a cursed tweet @aburke626 I mute the conversation as soon as it gets remotely big and then check it in a day or so. @misprintedtype Oh no :( Hope you find something you're looking for soon.
@markhurrell gotta get snug you're worth it @markhurrell was talking about how a blanket was one of my best purchases that I can think of recently, that feels… nodding off on the sofa, there's something weirdly satisfying about having a full stomach and nodding off then… @Psychosean7 woah that's beefy, nice one @TheLarkInn @oliverturner @CodePoet Very big deal, well done folks @MylesBorins This has happened to me and I was disgusted too @oliverturner Any word if existing edge users will automatically get the chromium build? @accessibleweb @WebDevBev 👏👏👏Training people to do #accessibility reviews - by @WebDevBev #a11y #AccessibilityRegulations
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@MoeyInMotion A lot of assistive technology only works on Windows, so depends what you're looking to learnThanks a lot for sharing, sorry if I take a while to respond to everyone but will try to get back to people as soon as I can. 🙏 @jesslynnrose @LambdaSchool very cool 🙏 @jesslynnrose @LambdaSchool Is there something to say about the fact you need financial security to spend time not…
@malchata Best of luck mate 💚 @malchata I hope to be so open one day, thank you for sharing it's very helpful @A11yLondon Thank you for sharing ♥️I'm leaving GDS after ~4 years. Working on and the Design System I've learnt how to build… @MylesBorins It's got nicer tab completion and stuff so I like itI’m doing a thing 👇 Come hang out in Edinburgh with me.
Retweeted by Nick @kitation Hope to hear you speak this year, great list.I want to do more speaking this year, please get in contact if interested Mental health in the agile workplace Non…
Retweeted by NickI love a good art gallery, but 9/10 the writing accompanying the works is self-indulgent, verbose, and inaccessible…
Retweeted by Nick @Amy_Hupe Good luck Amy :)So disappointed that #MarkZuckerberg values profit more than truthfulness that I've decided to delete my @Facebook
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@zaccolley You should join one that can support you personally, which will let you do the latter. Main pro of a 'p… had a recent conversation with a close friend who asked what are important things to make sure her son (a brillia…
Retweeted by Nick @simonleggsays damn better stretchin