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Nick Eh 30 @NickEh30 Nova Scotia, Canada

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Early morning grind as promised! :D @DerekFortnite Yup, 5 mins!I’m getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and taking the day off. 👍🏻 Realistically, will I be able to stream the next day? @ilovecamarones Nope, I have a Volkswagen! 👍🏻It’s not as easy as it looks! @coL_Punisher When you attempted a dab but didn’t commit on it because your inner beta came out, I really felt that! 😳🥺😭
📅 Stream Schedule | 02/24 • Mon → 5:30am EST • Tues → 5:30am EST • Wed → [off] Getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth re… @LewiVr Keep people playing more, for the rewards! In turn they become more invested in the game and may be more l… V-Bucks for a win in pubs. 20 V-Bucks for a win in Arena.I bounced a rocket off a C4 to get the game-winning kill. 😱
@N0ah_17 LOL niceThank you for 800,000 followers! Almost half a year on Twitch! 💜 promise you this is the greatest clip of Fortnite Season 2 you’ll ever watch. @SanchoWest player custom matches. Come join! you block every shot with quick edits! 👌🏼
@davechopy I’ve heard of it! Never tried it! @Jack52966912 Please and thank youI love my dog, but not sure he feels the same way is my life, not my mom’s. @FinneseKillerl The power of editing 💪🏼Look closely at how he set up his “trap”! 🤪 morning Saturday grind! Solo Arena in a bit! @dark_phyre Yup, just need 30 mins and I’m live!200HP to 0HP in less than 1s! 😂 P.S. I am loving the new Season—just memeing. @Twitch new season, a dangerous mission and a sudden craving for chimichangas.
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@coL_Punisher You got this baby panther.Solo Arena is so much fun when queue times are literally 15s! And I love the addition of Mythical weapons with onl… Fitness FridEH!15 Push-Ups for every loss. Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament later today at 4pm EST! up...C4 on the roof of the vault! 😂 @SanchoWest the enemy actually thinks you’re a
I predicted the future...but instead of consumables, it’s interrogating downed NPC’s! 😎 2 is EHMAZING.FORTNITE SEASON 2!!! You’re in a build battle, and then hear someone else on low-ground! @bugha Hi’m up!
You ever just feel like...’ll be live at 5am EST! Goodnight Eh Team. 👊🏼 back down. Never give up. @FortniteGame When you guys said ███, I really felt that. @FortniteGame New submarine vehicle looks amazing!! Can't wait to use it in-game tomorrow!Early morning grind as promised!! @Jetaru_ Yup, just need 30 mins @ohheyybrittanyy Early morning streams as promised!!0% luck, 100% skill! @coL_Punisher to this perfect impulse with my boy @NickEh30
Retweeted by Nick Eh 30 @FortniteGame We're getting yachts/ships as a new vehicle and this is one of the new torpedo weapons.
Still my #1 request for the new season player Fortnite Trivia! Full Video → @FortniteGame Looks like there's gonna be an..................... ....EHHHHHHHHHXPLOSION!! @FortniteGame I found the secret!! @FortniteGame nice*t̸R̶a̴N̷s̵M̴i̶S̴s̷I̵o̸n̷ ̸i̴N̸t̶E̸r̶C̴e̸P̷t̷E̶d̴* @HusKerrs @draynilla I’m down for some practice games before then! Let’s crush it!I'll be streaming and playing in the $25k Apex Twitch Rivals tournament on Friday at 1 PM PST with @draynilla and @NickEh30!
Retweeted by Nick Eh 30 @FortniteGame Give me your impressions so I can get an Under Armour sponsorship 🙏🏼
Attempting the world record for longest game of Fortnite ever! Full Video → @FortniteGame LIKE if you’re an intellectual like me who understands all this! @FortniteGame I’m not sure what this means, but I do know the square root of 69 is 8 something. @bryanlolnub123 Just doing my job, citizen! @NxJM_ @guitar00284975 I will play more games next month, even Apex this month (tourney for Apex on the 21st—unspon… @FortniteGame Don’t worry guys, I’m on the case! ✈️ Nova Scotia Regular streams will be back every day starting tomorrow at 8am EST. New season of Fortnit…, when did Fortnite change their logo on Twitch?! 👀 @brendan_l22 Thanks for saying hi :DCool to meet @NickEh30 today at Daytona! Really cool guy!
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@ImSpeedyGonzale @SypherPK Can confirm!! @ImSpeedyGonzale @SypherPK Can confirm!!Who’s that beautiful man with the glasses? 😍’re literally as close to the track that we can possibly get to as the race is about to go down! 🏁 guys, stream doesn’t seem to be connecting since there’s over 100,000 people in the stadium. Stream will be ca… with a behind the scenes look at the #Daytona500 ! We’re gonna be going in the Pit Box DURING the race. Rac…’re with all the drivers backstage at the Daytona 500! We got a top secret photo of the trophy that 1st place ge… Eh Team, @NASCARONFOX & @FOXSports are hosting a live #Daytona500 Watch Party, live on Twitter, Facebook, YouTu… spotted a wild @SypherPK!! we drove 180MPH on a race track! Video → And Eh Team, if you guys wanna watch the big… @MonsterDface @PracticeServer Good stuff Monster. Love to see it!
What. A. Day. Thank you @NASCAR! 💜 thanks to Austin Dillon for taking the time to show me how to drive in the iRacing simulator. I respect these… @NASCARONFOX Been an incredible experience so far!TOMORROW – @nickeh30 and @sypherpk are streaming on Twitch LIVE from Daytona! Don't miss the final show as Game On:…
Retweeted by Nick Eh 30Fun little Fortnite stream while in Florida! @FortniteGame More memes please and thank you
@BWilliams_38 Your knowledge of iRacing was incredible. Cool to see someone so passionate about their job!NASCAR x Twitch 🏁 Shoutout to @NickEh30 & @SypherPK for dropping in to @DISupdates for this weekend’s Daytona 500!
Retweeted by Nick Eh 30 @2370588bf1394e6 We love to see it!! thought I’d miss Fitness FridEH just because I’m in Florida?! 💪🏼 @SypherPK Was a pleasure getting to experience it all with you Sypher. 👊🏼 @MonsterDface We went around 180 MPH! @Hendrick9Team @SypherPK @DISupdates @NASCARONFOX Shoutout to Chase, such a nice guy! We appreciate him showing us around. 👊🏼Chase is showing @SypherPK and @NickEh30 around the garage @DISupdates.
Retweeted by Nick Eh 30 @davechopy @SypherPK 27 M&M’s taller!See those cars? Sypher and I actually got to go in them and drive around the track (as passengers). Genuinely look… Daytona International Speedway! Stream in 5 mins!! my Instagram Story all day today of my Daytona experience. 👍🏻We’re heading to Daytona with @SypherPK! stream today at Daytona!