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@charlesrandall #HackThePlanet
horny for editor tools @rebheartsyou 2010: be hailed as visionary artistic genius 2020: am still employed, somehow @GenevieveFT @cabtastic (sorry was just surprised to see mention of "gnah" up above, it's been a long, long time)
@mousefountain the d'ni abides, man @GenevieveFT @cabtastic ah @cabtastic @GenevieveFT pardon?anyway here's some more in my expanding collection of music for planetfall. a player can choose to be a saint the same way they would choose to wear a hat, it isn't satisfying. I don't eve…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•if you've made a moral binary system in your game of good vs evil, you've already given up on nuance, BUT the leas…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•#blessed to have a desk opposite @HopeErin [cw ec] @Marsmella see this counts as a shit post
fyi a lot of news portrays these indigenous ppl as "(anti-pipeline) protestors/activists" when that isn't what's g…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•SHUT IT ALL DOWN. Grind this country to a halt until they stop violating people's homes and rights in favor of cor…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•The Crimson Diamond: Chapter 1 - New on Steam:
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @charlesrandall @portablecity 🤘🤘🤘Fuck oil and fuck cops.
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•this is at work @charlesrandall progressives: this is a form of oppression conservatives: calling out my oppressive behaviour is a…
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@jrizzo hell yeah 🍅never give up on your #dreams 🍅♥️🖖when i moved out in 2009, my ma gave me one big tub of steak spice. when my folks moved to scarborough in 2015, i i… of my fav snacks growing up was "tomatoes & spice": fresh-cut tomatoes, any kind, sprinkled w/montréal steak sp… anger is directed toward the government that refuses to back down, and the opposition, lobbyists, and armchair a…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•mario kart battle royale where everyone has infinite blue shells.I want to know if there are any idiots out there who truly ever believed this stuff was about "free speech". My gen…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @hownottodraw it's safe now is at home. @charlesrandall aha! good good. also looking for #channels in particular, i have no idea where to start, is there l… have a favourite irc#FinishedReading Delicate Monsters – #NowReading The Parisian – niece and i played animal crossing new leaf together and she called me The Thinking Statue and i called her The…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @charlesrandall progressives: this is a form of oppression conservatives: calling out my oppressive behaviour is a… @ClassyRaptor oh i mean i just searched for images of Toad Harbor online, for my presentation to the mushroom city council.what is the mushroom port authority doing about cocaine entering toad harbor
on the one hand i want a read-receipt for the letters i sent my niblings this week, but on the other hand there wer… @BRKeogh agreed! one of the classics. my friend and i were trying to find that inflection point and homerpalooza fe… @BRKeogh i maintain that this was when the shark was jumped. @farahcoculuzzi i am curious as well @ClassyRaptor ngl i specifically need someone with a rococo wallpaper set for entirely personal aesthetic reasons. @ClassyRaptor if you have a julia i will pay real money"why X is true for certain values of true" @mousefountain *opens mouth* *only the tolling of bells and dusty locusts comes forth* @osamadorias rebienvenue mon ami.
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @BRKeogh @hownottodraw please, kate, the correct jargon is "super hexagon" @JoLammert "i want you to file all this in the 'don't' category" [ginds sleep crystals out of eyes]
@uglymachine @johnnemann hey this is à propos nothing but wouldn't it be cool if we all sat around on a terrasse in… well on the advice of my lawyer i've joined vivino if anyone's interesting in somming me, Trudeau basically just said Indigenous people need to stand down after ZERO concessions made on their end. Pull…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @folmerkelly i'm afraid of liking this publicly but here, in private, i will tell you that this produced in me a fine chortle. @johnnemann as a man of polish extraction who enjoyed the game i can verify that this all tracks.hey anyone got quick questions to help others about KO_OP hmu ama why can't i quit you. am very tired.~dreams~ a restless night featuring: * several instances of getting onto a bus filled with /teens/ * the long-awai… empty is fine when you look this good.
therapy >>> twitternailed it. @uglymachine yeah i thought so too at first but the interior didn't match up to my satisfaction 🕵️‍♂️ @jwaaaap gamef eeli have less than twenty hours to befriend a corvid. @pulsemeat my eyes are up here, brentturns out Gravity Bone is about the size (24.1MB) as a PUBG daily anti-cheating patch. @johnnemann worse yet would be if you showed up with brownies but you'd removed all the end bits.
@uglymachine nm found it! @uglymachine genuinely don't remember where this was 😖 @polclarissou chris crawford lead us to the promised land @uglymachine hey that's meLet me get this straight: United We Roll threatens to run over Unifor workers Co-op CEO Scott Banda gives UWR a s…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•Alignment of fantasy films of the 1990s
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @ellaguro @michelmcbride herzog plays, huh😍 look at this incredible GNOG cassette by @Dreweyes
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @pulsemeat fyi prototyping code is what makes it to shipit occurred to me i could also do the same on mobygames, though that library isn't as expansive (yet), so as you ca… @SoireeBlanc hm. well tbh i was super into doom '93 & '94, not so much into '16. like, the latter was fine, but did… @SoireeBlanc hello yes. @moshboy a spy of the Nome King, iirc. @moshboy cf. is not how i remembered folsom prison yeah i visited the dentist today and my teeth are spectacular, and they gave me Cool Tools for Mouth Body Horror… @UnitK4t3 przenanygąnz @jmarieray jes' driftin through town like a little bumbleweedwondering if an animal crossing direct is grounds enough to cancel my therapy thursday morning. you don't understand, these are my friends.Have you heard the killer soundtrack to @KOOPMode's GNOG by @marskyera? Well what better way to groove out than wit…
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since real cyber-AI is in the hands of the megacorp$ and i can't search through my tweets by describing them verbal… i was just in the mile end and everything smelled like onions so this, at least, still holds. @JurieHorneman, GK2 has been appearing in my periphery for the past little while, here we go again 12: Nearly Alternative Till
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick•there are only twenty twitter accounts.One funny twist about doing diversity work in the Montreal game industry is that your white boss thinks he's an opp…
Retweeted by •nick°nick°nick°nick• @BRKeogh @bravemule doom (1993) & doom ii (1994) did it better. (than eternal, i haven't played Dusk but it's on my radar) @henryfaber hey can you settle a bet: what were you doing in Elton in the 13th century? @UnitK4t3 i have an idea @polclarissou pol this goodoh no not revenue
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@michelmcbride @JDespland still considering a mergsey for the 10th anniversary 🤔