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Nick @NickGasm_ Los Angeles, CA

Twitch Partner | Content Analyst For Comcast Spectacor / @T1 |❤️M | Business Email:

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@Beezy1515 @T1Wonjoon Happy Birthday WaWa - I've known you for a solid 30 days but you made me a T1 fan so Worth? @followdunc My vote is on @steinekin @vlvtrm My dad found an old CSGO tourny on ESPN a few nights ago and called me to ask about it and then watched it…
@MLozada @YouTubeGaming That looks dope! I feel like custom skins or engravings on stream decks would be 10/10 Ki… @followdunc @followdunc Come over and delete my account ;) @RiotPHRISK @PlayVALORANT That hoodie is SO CLEAN. Looks awesome! @followdunc Who is that @Br0dy Few years from nowGonna also tag #gamingjobs #softwarejobs and #gaming in here too just to signal boost it a bit :D @hitstreak Counter strike came out years before I was even born and I knew it was a mod, if someone out there doesn… @skriglitz Last I checked we do have a relocation fund for when you move- but that would just be for when you reloc… @skriglitz We're remote during Covid times~ will have to be able to make it to the offices in LA when we're all back to work & such :D @NVIDIAGeForce Gimme plz @BackdraftLIVE Can I utilize some of that space to build out my escape room plan thanks @leena_xu Horde or alliance? I know my boys @bhinkk and @_urabus have been grinding retail recently in prep for shadowlands @Shaboy_Onix 👀 @Sacheverell Pog? @freytagb Massive W @JaredFPS Twitter go brrr @shroud @gerardtieng @brennadactyl @Beezy1515 this is the one @HeyEllwood We're WFH for now like majority of other companies- at some point in the future you'd have to be able t… @HeyEllwood @AgentEpiK Dang, would’ve loved to have you 😭 Your new peeps are lucky to have you onboard, I’ll get you one day @TheChrisStealth Just do it Chris, you know you want to. @RedBeardedN1nja Keep an eye out, maybe something will pop up in the future! @RedBeardedN1nja Fulltime, we're all WFH for a while during Covid. But will be expected to be in LA at some point in the future :) @asalisbury Andy you fabulous man you. Appreciate the words & the boost <3Do you want to work in gaming? Do you like working with data? Do you want to work with one of the best teams in NA-… @CowboyTechTV Ew Javascript in Visual Studio not even @code D: @Dronecsgo Glad I got to catch the last game, GG brother bear
@NVIDIAGeForce My body IS READY @SimpleAloe @PlayVALORANT Awesome production, was a ton of fun to watch :D
@gchorba @TSM @Sentinels TSM gonna come out strong 1000% @followdunc @TheDoctor10XD @followdunc #T1WIN @Dronecsgo @LogitechGesport @WVRDELL Looking like an absolute S N A C C with that TSM beanie
@PlayInsula @ORIGINPC @UnrealEngine @ORIGINPCCEO That’s hot @Phlog @TheCrazyCanuckJ @TheMelvinMan @FuzzyTheeBunny @WayzoftheDozer1 I hate you @skeltos214 @KyleJParks @marjjolaine Why do you hate me @gchorba Oh I just watched @KristoferYee build one on stream 2~ weeks ago He knows about these things! @dawm @KyleJParks @marjjolaine Pure talent @brennadactyl PogU @HRH_Pb_Magnet @brennadactyl This is the best take ^ @iamBrandonTV @G4TV I believe!! birthday to myself I have done many of shots of Casamigos, and also had some vodka at a steakhouse See yo…
@ThatIceRocker YEET @ThatIceRocker @ItsBorkLaser Jfc @UoA_Ghost uno reverse card playd @Tumblebuck @KurtDilores Drinks on Kyle 10000% @JustLilethan Thanks son @followdunc Thank you my king @Phlog TY @R4verLive Ok @ErebosGaming FeelsLegalMan @ZenoBtww Nah I look 15 But now we’re 21 @McLambzy Thanks McDadd- Lambzy We gotta get some Valorant or league in soon 👊 @sickdegenerate OHHHHHH Sometimes you just forgot your place in time and you think you’re 21 alright @arkosaTV Appreciate it arkosa, sadly you’ve caught me I did this last year too @sickdegenerate Well, Sick. I was birthed into the world 21 years ago. Zune will give your the run down on how it works one day @sickdegenerate What makes a lot more sense @EthanRothamel 💙 ty papi @ahhreggi I look 16 it’s fine Thanks reggi, keep being worlds #1 omen even in retirement @garywal we can attend parties at conventions now!!!! I can finally do things!!! @SplitDaWig Neither did I But here we are @KingMoose_TTV 💙 love you moose @FrostHitsThose I PRESSED RESTART ON THE PC NOT SHUTDOWN OKAY Thanks dad @rriichelle This is too true for me 😭 @sheikahwolf Thank you 💙 @NyaaSenpai You’re unbanned upon arrival @asalisbury It’s an achievement I’ve made it this far 100% @MissHenleyTV Thanks Henley!!! @MyOwnCreation82 @NyaaSenpai I’m banning you from my trovo page @JaredFPS Thanks, Grandpa. 💙 @ItsBorkLaser It’s been a pleasure knowing you these last few years my man, hopefully we’ll see each other at Disneyland again soon 😭 @NyaaSenpai I went from 13 to 21 real quick @GhostfromTexas I can’t wait to relive my roots @Tkahm77 Thanks Ty, one of these days we will Until then Kyles apartment will have to do @ItsOnlyTayTV Thank you this is the dedication I need It can be our secret @ItsOnlyTayTV I feel attacked @samzorz Thanks Sam 👊 @TheDoctor10XD @TheChrisStealth @followdunc Yea Chris you grandpa @BackdraftLIVE I hate love you @MrsLuclin @JustLilethan @JustLilethan turn 21 so we can attend conventions the right way @TheDoctor10XD Don’t tell dunc @TheChrisStealth Thanks grandpa @TheDoctor10XD Thanks, Doc. I regret to inform you I’m now a T1 fan @skeltos214 Thanks papiI am now 21 years of age W @CheeringXBoxer THANK YOU
@LadieAuPair Congrats @TheChrisStealth @drdisrespect Nah Nah Fred works for VSM News. Alex is for Doc Fred fucked up the teleprompter @drdisrespect Fred sucks at his job @GhostfromTexas @BalancedMT Hire me @followdunc @WVRDELL That’s a W @FrostHitsThose @Asmyth_ Fuck off