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@emfroggy more than a band makin me cry to this dayI feel so much better when I drink more than a liter of water a day but holy fuck I do not enjoying going to the ba… @AFC_CWB @64yonny Y'all mfs need to go to sleep or somethingnooooo 😭😭
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Bee movie
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Retweeted by NICKHALDENlove that everybody on my team has the ability to pick up my slack ^_^ ggs to @Veloc1tyyy and co
@Sanityy_CS You need help man
Retweeted by NICKHALDEN @2691514u @Ethexfps 1. progress is not linear 2. we are all our own harshest critics @2691514u @Ethexfps dude at 16 I thought I was gonna be in the fbi busting big name criminals while being out in th… @2691514u @Ethexfps idgi are u trying to go pro or something why do u care what others think about you/your skill?… @2691514u @Ethexfps ur right it’s ur mentality @CSGOSEAN is a real ramen brand in case u thot i was trolling @CSGOSEAN mama @michellelazart why? mcbroom did what he had to do 🤝
If you the richest in the room you need new room 😳
Retweeted by NICKHALDEN @jxyxxp idk why you’re playing on site against an eco but whateva. @jxyxxp .MINECRAFT CUP
post covid vaccine vibes for among us DM me @ryu9zaki zzz @hotelious 2nd vaccine @TRISSYBIG Don’t know u all that well but u seem chill @michellelazart @mellsvo if u die tonight mel n I will plan ur funeral no worries @GavCSGO sup @jxyxxp @tawaAlx LF1 IM, DM me for info. @64yonny Man shit I dont got a sub button but where’s ur merch 👀 that’s right boy put some respect on my name n if… @Ethexfps The gloobiest of the gloobas, u been the homie for a minute now and I’m rootin for u always my brotha @nbgee12 gremlin who brings out the worst in me but helps curb my depressive episodes @GavCSGO Gavin my man I don’t know you too well but from what I’ve heard you got decent gameplay and a bright futur… @PowerTaleCSGO Man I can’t keep up with what game u playing nowadays but keep grinding and u gonna make it in one of em 👊 @dvnny_tv hey danny thanks for always hyping me up whether it be liking my tweets or shootin me a dm to make sure I… @TwitchyTalks The GOAT from the D(M)V when we linkin man? U the homie and I hope u go far in life @JSIXcs Man I met u when we were open noobs and now u own a food truck. Crazy how fast life comes at u LOL but in a… @mesamiduckCS Good eye for the game, hope you guys can figure out whateva and make a run into the playoffs duck @64yonny sup bitch @VipersHusband From CS/Val u got some cracked aim and I hope u find ur irl viper one day, thanks for being a friend… @asheszu ur one of the homies and I’m always a DM/call away if u ever need anything. I appreciate u for helping me… @emfroggy em froggy hey lol ur tweets about boobs make me laugh and though I don’t know you that well u rlly seem d… @hEAFFF One of my fav players to scrim with since it’s been two seasons now where we scrimmed but never made it off… @bologna_eater79 spud man I didn’t even know u that well when we played but shit man I’m glad we’re friends bc ur a… @ProxedCS I enjoy playing with you, you got that mentality of someone always trying to improve and learn n I respect that 🤝 @Waddill_ Can’t wait for you to first round exit or accident your way into Advanced then get mutinied… KEKW. Love u toe knee mah @Evan_Caw Evan my man you help me become a better player mentally because you be testing my patience every time we… @pretzelhugs Open player who actually wants to learn and improve - rare but I hope you guys go deep in playoffs @cornFPS When I hang up the mouse I hope u can help me get my feet set up coach 👀 nah but whether it’s CS/Val I wis… @hotelious Maybe the only guy I don’t have beef with on Team Ace (I think?) but hotel u got a bright future in/out… @c0xenCS Avery ur one of the OG’s man and although we don’t play anymore I’m always down to play whatever the game… @michellelazart @mellsvo Gonna sum it up bc Twitter got a character limit but u one of my best friends and I’m so g… @mellsvo Bestie what u crying for?? So glad we met at mich’s party and u let me uh… hold some of ur chicken tenders… @shadereplaycs u my lil apprentice shadey @tawaAlx every time I die to you in scrims I just think about your view model and damn near snap my keyboard in hal… @bashyCSGO bash don’t forget me when u become all famous n shit… nah but fr we gonna pug sometime or u gonna keep ducking me 👀 @coastalchan one of the OG members of Olympus I remember puggin against. You make every team you’re a part of bette… @paulabiceps PAULAPEEKKKKKKK you da homie fr and imma always have ur back no matter what 😼 @RynoFPS Fuck you for cutting me last season two days before the regular season began Jokes aside I’m glad you gav… @VikingLkw You the homie but what I really wanna know is when you gonna drop them gym routines so I can stop lookin… @eskiBBB welcome back to twitter eskiB, we don’t have many interactions but I think you were on the Peeker Adv Acad… @Random_Randy202 Hello bestie, you my fav pit player and a great teammate. Love that I can always count on you to hype me up @ItsRozooo I got nothin but mad respect for you brotha, last min move up into Main and you guys are grinding to sho… to this tweet and I reply with my brutally honest opinion of you @hotelious 😵‍💫olivia rodrigo fan club who wants in @jxyxxp i love you you all @AFC_CWB @jxyxxp IM GOING UP CAT DONT FIVESEVEN @jxyxxp hi
we fully vaccinated out here n shit 😼 things better or worse the second time around? Can we really do anything more than once? @Random_Randy202 @RynoFPS @EthanolCS @officialRaeda @willrofl pov ur raeda when we lose a 3rd round bc im not talkingi shot back and we won 16-12 🚜🚜 @Dugaid_ using obs studio do you guys ever start your stream and it's live as far as you can tell but you aren't live…
@valvesoftware @oofpezz they heard u @pleco_cs enjoy @Random_Randy202 @officialRaeda LMFAO
@RoundCube_ @ryu9zaki @Benjitora_ @shadereplaycs @jxyxxp @RynoFPS @EthanolCS @daverskiG @AFC_CWB @Random_Randy202 besties, life has been pretty tough the past couple months but I’ve made some really good friends in and out th… @hotelious Very cool hotel, thank you! @brenmonet hey lolWhen you don't know any of the combos, so you just start mashing buttons. #MayweatherPaul
Retweeted by NICKHALDENplayed with my headset on backwards but team let me ride in the backpack. 5-5 on the season with a lot of cs still…
@oofpezz don't be shy :)
EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING @tariannkan hey lolmonthly stream live now @giraffley GIRAFFE FARM @Azirah__ @jxyxxp come on the ranch, u gonna get farmedpfp buff theory debunked, ggs @jxyxxp & co
A final few also rip @crspycs but also welcome back @crspycs
Retweeted by NICKHALDENwhen they type in scrims
Cookin up another giveaway 👀 @razau__ we have olivia now raza it’s okay.Match #8 LIVE | rolling giveaway after @el_jack0 I meant for your roster… @el_jack0 name ur price @brenbrenmonet mood
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