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Competing for dumbest idea of the day. Gun violence reduction policies are incredibly popular. We win intitiatives… @mattyglesias This is an incredibly stupid take. These issues are super popular. They poll in the 70’s.Breaking: Fox News has sent a letter demanding MeidasTouch take down the ‘Looting Loeffler’ ad because it includes…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerLet’s gooooo @SoundersFC !!!!!!!! 💚💙💚💙💚💙
Retweeted by Nick HanauerSix S's to Save the Economy: Stimulus Checks Supplemental UI Schools and Child Care State and Local Aid Small Busi…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerEt tu, Chuck Schumer???
Why Democrats are always in disarray - The Washington Post Biden’s National Security Picks Are the Best in Decades — UPenn Pompeo — Harvard Law Mnuchin — Yale Esper — Harvard Barr — Columbia Ross — Yale + Harvard Acosta — Ha…
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My statement on the presidential election.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThe first of many turkeys to be pardoned by Trump over the next couple months.
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @GiddensBrian @PitchforkEcon Thanks!!What Heidi says. can’t conceptualize the idea of cooperation and teamwork in meeting a shared challenge. choice was America, or Trump. Voters chose America, but @GSAEmily has chosen Trump. Tell Emily it’s time to…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThanks, Neoliberalism. will forever remember Maudie by this life-affirming toast. Words to live by!
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThank you Amb McFaul!!
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @mstrubell No problem. Thanks. @aunder Are you going to marinate it in buttermilk and follow Samin's recipe?"Has become a farce." Imagine thinking the whole thing has just now become of a farce.
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @tedcruz is one of the most awful, corrupt liars in government. you had done your job, America's governors wouldn't have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the…
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@NickHanauer I like it but it's worth remembering that this isn't new. Jackie Robinson wrote this in 1964 to descri…
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That hard truth: falsehoods can be more engaging than the truth. So if a platform's metrics are built around incre…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerSpoken like the true trickle downer that she is!!
Republican Senators are awfully quiet during this ongoing tinpot dictator act but they still think they deserve to…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerSeattle Bank and google. Who would have think it?
@Econ_Marshall If conventional economists hate it, it is probably a good idea.via @NYTOpinion set another record for new COVID cases in a single day today – over 2600. We need everyone doing their part to stop this virus.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerGovernors Call On Gretchen Whitmer To Shut Down Their States So Residents Won’t Get Mad At Them
It took me over ten years to pay back my student loans. I would be thrilled if fewer people had to live with that stress.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerIn four letters: jail
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThe bar is so ridiculously low.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerI think that the word “conservative” has lost its meaning and does not in any way describe the modern Republican Pa… million Americans rely on unemployment to keep a roof over their heads & food on the table. Small businesses cou…
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer1/2 The most important thing I learned from the discussion that @NickHanauer and @GoldyHA had with @RonaldKlain fo…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerGuys... guys... @LindseyGrahamSC did not attempt to commit voter fraud. He attempted felony ELECTION fraud. Get it…
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer“Things were bad for me, so they should stay bad for everyone else” is not a good argument against debt cancellatio…
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@DeanBaker13 @econjared Fucking communists.What with all the talk about potential "backlash" against student debt forgiveness from selfish Boomers and Xers wh…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThis is what it means to be “conservative” in America. You’d literally rather die than accept scientific facts that… are beginning to understand vote-by-mail as the anti-anti-democratic threat it truly is.
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @thisistyson This is like saying we shouldn’t help small business because many people don’t own them and lots of th… can't offer small business aid because it would be unfair to the millions of people who don't own small business…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerJason, that is totally nuts. First, loan forgiveness is exactly the same as giving someone a raise. Second, in a wo… view is medieval, and may have been more true 500 years ago. But the traits that made a society successful hun… is utter nonsense. I love Jason, but he is totally trapped in this make pretend world of neoclassical nonsense… love writing for online publications, but there’s just something about writing for print that adds a little oomph.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerPerdue is chicken. 🐔 🐓
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@bgurley Let’s hope so. But good governance is only possible if you actually believe in governance. And only one po… Reality. Facts. Cooperation. Conservatives will hate it. Ngo is a fascist propagandist. That's how he makes his living. And I know it seems weird, but just because he…
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @JeffMazzella Give me an example of wholesale lefty rejection of facts.If only conservatives were in charge of the government to fix that. Oh, wait..... is the quintessential conservative mind at work. “I hate these facts. Therefore, they do not exist.” So pathe…
The Revolt Of The Buffalo Bills Tailgaters
Retweeted by Nick HanauerDonald Trump has sexually harassed more women than confirmed cases of voter fraud in the election.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerStaggering failure of both governance and culture. Dakota’s Republican governor waited until yesterday to finally issue a mask mandate. It’s murder by ideology.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerGreat news, Georgia! You’re voting again soon! Request your absentee ballot now to get it in time for the holidays.…
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @Nate_Cohn In other words-this!! those who don’t think strained hospitals, exhausted healthcare workers, and the loss of lives are enough to tak…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThis. Shaming bad people is an important pro-social act. A much bigger impact would be to raise the overtime threshold to it’s former high eater mark of about $75,00… @zachdcarter @Econ_Marshall Wrong. A much bigger impact would be to raise the overtime threshold to it’s former hig… on our nine-victory day yesterday in courts around the country. Trump and allies are now 1-20 in court.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThe problem with America is Americans. The high proportion of our citizens who are either too selfish or too stupid… shout out to all the staff @UWVirology - 12,158 tests run yesterday, more than ever before... but cases and po…
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @gtconway3d @hilaryluros Marriage counselorMitch McConnell's net worth: 2009: $19,929,018 2020: $34,000,000 Federal minimum wage: 2009: $7.25/hour 2020: $7.…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerIt is simply unbelievable to me that we live in a country where the conservative mind can politicize physics and ch… birthday to the great @jimmykimmel. He’s the kind of friend who—hypothetically— would make u meatballs & then…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThe moon is the brightest thing in the sky. And you're telling me that it isn't made of cheese??
@Econ_Marshall Had you read my piece?Donald Trump still refuses to concede to anyone but Covid-19.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerI’d be careful big guy. New Yorker’s be fucking you up good. @Econ_Marshall Please spread the word. @Econ_Marshall VIDEO: Corrupt Senator Kelly Loeffler, the richest person in Congress, bought a private jet with our tax money.…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerWe are fully aboard the hype train for Biden's Chief of Staff @RonaldKlain. Why? Because @NickHanauer and @GoldyHA
Retweeted by Nick HanauerIt's very sad when you realize that Fox News viewers are nearly as uninformed as Republican politicians.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerOuch.«canard boiteux à l'orange» ... just perfect 😘
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThis tool is unbelievably cool. COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool listened to Obama Ebola Czar/Biden Chief of Staff @RonaldKlain talk to wealthy progressive @NickHanauer on his…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerProfile of ⁦@Peter_Turchin⁩ and his fascinating work in ⁦@TheAtlantic⁩. His predictions of civil collapse in the U…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThere’s already “Celebrity Jeopardy.” SNL invented “Black Jeopardy.” Why not “Mean Jeopardy,” where the host demean…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThis is incredible. tweet of the day. two political parties are not the same. to hear from new Biden Chief of Staff @RonaldKlain in his own words? On the April 28 episode of @PitchforkEcon
Retweeted by Nick Hanauer @GSAEmily seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you. Trump lost. Biden won. Do you really not care about democracy… I were @GSAEmily I would simply sign the papers allowing the Biden transition to formally begin.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerYou need to threaten to behead at least three people. It's a very clear line.
Retweeted by Nick HanauerThe difference between Mark Zuckerberg & Rupert Murdoch is that one of them has tricked his employees into thinking…
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The 90% effectiveness number for the Pfizer vaccine is probably an underestimate. This statistician thinks the data…
Retweeted by Nick HanauerMy great-grandfather, grandfather, and dad all served this nation to protect our values and freedoms at home and ab…
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