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Buy expensive coffee @HeadMasterDFA Have a better relationship with yourself than you do with anyone else.
Retweeted by NickThere's something endlessly romantic about a new stretch of highway. Excited I get to experience that feeling again this afternoon. @MasculineLife You're not wrong... Make Coffee Alcoholic AgainMake Coffee Great Again @itisyou_ilike @joerogan Why notMight fuck around and write in vote for @joerogan @AsawaeOfAsh Type 2 fun at its finest @Rugged_Legacy Get your ice axe and a plane ticket baby girl Let's get frosty"You wanna go climb in a few weeks once the snow gets worse?" 'Yes.'Heading to Telluride this afternoon. Stoke is high. the hard way this is bad news Don't do it boys. Keep that shit with the homies
@ZacSmall_ @TexasDom1 @Rugged_Legacy @EvolvedPhil @jackmurphylive @TheBrometheus @AJA_Cortes 👊Once you climb out of the hole you were stuck in, you have 2 choices: 1) Go live your life, appreciating the freed…
Retweeted by NickThe silver lining that's always there: No matter how bad it gets, once you get through it you can help someone else get through it too.Defund pessimism @Neemwards @lilgator10 Came to say the same thing. There's a bit of poetry in making that move and framing it that way.
lizard people @paik_michael They'll figure themselves out. Steer into the skid. Should ask @Not_Naked_Now for his input on this one @paik_michael Did I fucking stutter @paik_michael Make the same plans with all of them. Have a dinner party and make connections between everyoneYup. Same with BJJ. to your gut, don't be scared to be vulnerable, and for God's sake vocalize your expectations and boundaries.
Throwback to when @ShamanofThe made a video about how he uses his Moka Pot. The Moka Pot is one of my favorite way…
Retweeted by NickI was once on @TheLivingLogos podcast. According to Chance, I'll either light a fire under your ass or I'll light…
Retweeted by NickDrink more coffee and have more sex. Science.
Retweeted by NickBlog Post from @Gileadbays. Get your ass into the hills.
Retweeted by NickI was on @ZubyMusic 's podcast a year or so ago. We recorded this episode just a few months after I quit my day job…
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I sell coffee. There's a lot of really great coffee out there, but I'm 100% confident that ours measures up agains…
Retweeted by NickI hopped on @masculinedesign 's podcast a while back to talk BJJ, concussions, and coffee. Give it a listen. Get…
Retweeted by NickSmoke 'em if you got 'em.
Blog post from @GileadBays Coffee is a damn good preworkout.
Retweeted by NickThe Stockdale Paradox is one of the best mental models I've ever seen for handling dark times.
Retweeted by NickI was @RuggedLegacy 's first podcast guest. I talk about lacrosse, mountains, BJJ, and more. This was one of my f…
Retweeted by Nick"Some people clap on the one and three, Some people clap on the two and four, Some people don't join at all 'caus… can't tell if this is unsettling or enlightening Probably both I roast coffee, and I used to be barista. If you want to know more about brewing your own, I wrote a book…
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Retweeted by NickSure as shit doing everything we can not to, but here we are wondered why the hell we like caffeine so much? Check out this post @GileadBays wrote on the topic. @JohnnyNoblebody @SteelJanz @TheBrometheus I log on to twitter and see this nonsense I'm upset
@HeavyMetalCJ @HeavyMetalCJ who hurt you"I have traveled the world and drank the coffee all the world has to offer, and can tell you hands down you're not…
Retweeted by Nick @TheBrometheus Man fuck ALL that @alonsohernand3z Dude. The absolute best part of the industry.
"The problem with choosing the lesser of two evils is that we so often forget that we are still choosing evil." GO… @ipb_media no doubt in my mindAlways a pleasure my man. @ChroniclesNate
Been to 8 weddings in the past few years. Cried at every single one. The streak continued last nightNick, bad news bro, we gotta pull your funding.
Retweeted by Nick @JohnnyNoblebody shiiiiiiiit so it goesDefund NOT crying at weddings
Defund pompous assholes
@thedulab We need to FUND tomfooleryDefund bad customer servceWhen you lose your sense of humor, you've lost.Defund nonsensical behavior @ChroniclesNate @WesternMastery 😂 I'm messin witchu man - you got a big ol bag headin your way as we speak @ChroniclesNate @WesternMastery What coffee? @ChroniclesNate @WesternMastery Watch yourself there big shooter @ChrstianRicardo People scour properties for months and months trying to find something *that just makes a goddamn… @JDManly18 @Lilblack_heart @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen"Breathe, motherfucker!" @Lilblack_heart @JDManly18 @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen @Lilblack_heart @JDManly18 @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire." @Lilblack_heart @JDManly18 @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen We all need a little bit of ice in our lives @Lilblack_heart @JDManly18 @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen Exactly @ChrstianRicardo As someone who just recently had a call talking about this stuff with a buddy who has a 40 rental… @JDManly18 @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @Lilblack_heart @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen Perfect @Lilblack_heart let… @Roquesupertramp Was last year. This is an old one
Smile moreWork harderGet off your ass @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks My barber just dropped this on me yesterday: Giving something a timeline (i.e. "If thin… stiff blokes just thinking about this. You gotta be able to laugh at everything'm grateful that I get to see my mom tomorrow for the first time since she got diagnosed with breast cancer. She… @Neemwards Hate to see it @Neemwards Ooooof. My dad loves telling a story about when he was in college. Talking to a girl at a party and the… @alonsohernand3z My little bro is. Sent @Lilblack_heart @lookatDworld @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @Lilblack_heart @lookatDworld @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks Gotta make it so damn good that you don't give a fuck @Lilblack_heart @lookatDworld @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks Then I'd say to make sure you get the f… @OpheliaMaddsen @romanopiumtales @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld @Lilblack_heart That one's looooong gone 😔 This one's… @romanopiumtales @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld @Lilblack_heart This one's definitely my favorite. @OpheliaMaddsen @Lilblack_heart @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld And it's a wonderful thing @Lilblack_heart @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld Now we're getting somewhere. @lookatDworld @Lilblack_heart @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks Boom. @Lilblack_heart @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld How would you describe yourself @OpheliaMaddsen @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @Lilblack_heart Perspective @Lilblack_heart @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld Ah, sounds like I'm halfway there Nice girl, but more stabbyIf you're gonna get cuffed, make sure it's not just cuz you're lonely That sucks for everyone involved @lookatDworld @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @Lilblack_heart Wylin is millennial for wilding out which is also millen… @Lilblack_heart @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld Let us not forget @OpheliaMaddsen @lookatDworld @TWayneHicks @Lilblack_heart Steering into the skid I see @TWayneHicks @OpheliaMaddsen @lookatDworld @Lilblack_heart Yeah it is, every other Thursday is wylin day @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks @lookatDworld @Lilblack_heart I appreciate you following the rules ❤️