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It’s game time baby. No fuckin’ around. We gotta lock it in! Turn me up big bro @MikeEvans13_ you got the whole dam… @timthetatman Please don’t fucking do this. It’s Mike, man.What a game, holy shit. @Buccaneers CMON BOYS! CMON BIG MIKE ! @Le_separatiste @rocket_rickety @thereevesj4 Like it was a literal joke, I was just being corny, there’s no shot th… @MFAMCentral Ay Gary.. again... the fucking game is on bro @Class Bro it’s an incredible experience. It’s loud, it’s fun, it’s bar food & it’s beer. Ultimate vibes with the r… @ClixHimself W - keep grindin’ 🎯 @XrayLenny YESSIR W 💰WE LOVE FOOTBALL 🏈 @timthetatman L @drdisrespect W @stefondiggs won’t lie, thought ya’ll were goin’ down. GL the rest of the way @HawksNStuff Keep it up 👀 @stoolpresidente W @itsTokyoDrift @ufc I parlayed it. But I also had ravens ML on that same parlay so it’s chalked. However, won the G… @Dotta Are you happy? @Work_Eat_Live @timthetatman Yea you shoulda seen all the people saying Rams 😂 win some lose some. @clumserr @timthetatman Yea bro if I had a fkn time machine I’d be a Trillionare @JonathanGraver5 @timthetatman Exactly @timthetatman My ravens bet is $200. And my Packers W bet was 4 racks. IM CHILLIN. But ayyo, I was wrong about this one 😅 @Swagg The NFL playoffs are on right now wtf is wrong with you? @LEGIQN @PatrickMahomes 😂😂😂 @Jesse_Dulaney38 @timthetatman LMAO COULD U IMAGINE @Dotta dumbass. Listen next time. Actually don’t, just keep telling me what you’re gonna do, so I can bet the opposite and cash out. @timthetatman Not even you can ruin this, fatty. Shoulda listened.Aaron Rodgers is the 🐐. I will never bet against the 🐐 again.
This legend @BlessedMMA is an absolute fucking savage. What a performance! LOL I feel lucky to watch this shit. #UFCFightIsland7 @AlbertoRavioli BADDDD MANNNN @BlessedMMA LETS GO BABY GL @juicewyd @timthetatman You know he TIGHT @timthetatman lock that down baby! @MFAMCentral Gary the fucking game is on @BarstoolBigCat @BajheeraWoW Happy birthday again bro, enjoy the family time 🍻 @BaybeeMarky_PSU Cmon now baby, lock it in. @CC_XCII @ufc We can play that game with any team in the playoffs right now. Ravens have the best run game in the N… @CC_XCII @ufc Ravens score pal, idk what team you’re lookin’ at but they fucking score. @darian_escorza @ufc Lamar over the top. Did it last week, and the week before. @Dotta Let the record show #DottaMetrics also bet HEAVY on Ohio State against Alabama & San Fransisco against Green… @eshabamboo @ufc You see me papa Esh! 💎 @CC_XCII @ufc Ravens have a strong defense & can run the ball better than anybody. The bills have one of the best o… @timthetatman @ufc You’re tellin’ me the Browns are stoppin’ this ? @TRLBusinessTime @ufc You’re not takin’ em -10 are you!? @MissDeIivery @ufc STOP LMAO @Fwiz @ufc 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @JimmySlays @ufc Lil afraid for them tbh, but I cant bet against Mike, rather go down with the ship baby @austinbarnesbtw @ufc Honestly though. Fucking @Dotta screwed me there. @BenFitz13266350 @ufc 🤫Football weekend baby! & we got the @UFC fights! After much deliberation, here’s the picks, talk to me. Packers -… @RiotVedius @itshafu @endercasts W @Boss_Lady1988 @GingeePlays Omg... HOW @ramboray Stay up brotha ❤️ @Blazt These demons are evolving Rasim! Be careful out there 😅 @BillyKdxr Hope he fights again but at the same time I kinda feel like he’s being pressed to do it. @PAIN__CM @TheBoiSantana Homie ur header and avi are mufuckin hentai, you could not be any more down bad, don’t tweet me ever again @TheBoiSantana Jesus Christ @UmiNoKaiju1 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @ChiOneAndOnly Lmao nah WILDIN OUT 🐟 @OrganicOscarr @cheeyyennee What happens next @joeydoe954 @LyonKingBro @timthetatman Cause ur guy look like a meatball what 😂 @SHlRAZ @code_abe If u don’t know don’t fkn worry about it u little khata @StarSyde_ GANG @tjones12341 @GriffinAfl @retardreplies @aintnoyuppie360 @JustinTaylor237 @davidm781 Don’t tweet me neck beard @JustinTaylor237 @GriffinAfl @retardreplies @aintnoyuppie360 @davidm781 Bro u whipped out the calculator?? There’s… @code_abe I was really worried bro, thanks Abe yallah Shamuta @ArchyyShow I appreciate that love man, blessings ur way ☀️ @LyonKingBro Chill bro, I stand next to you.. it’s all bad. I stand next to Tim.. it’s all good ☺️ @Jsutt58 @Bwilsonn Roll tide ! 🐘 @THump Shut up dick head - saints are gettin’ railed tomorrow, prepare urself. @cheeyyennee Ok how @ESTANAUT_ Ok deal, how do we do that ? Vacation time? Bora bora? IM IN @kompiSF Awwww gonna really miss ya bud !!! @Beezie22 🍻 @WhoDatMiyagi Yea u ballin’ 💎 @iN4rr0w @Drakean00990191 @pokimanelol I mean I got that thicc thicc @ScooterMcGavin5 @Shane_Jones81 😂😂 @Exoteric21 Bro wtf 3700???? @CHEF_COUCH Mmmm 👑 @Bwilsonn “When you get mad be careful what you say bc your mind gets angry but your heart still cares.” 😴 @SirCamsta85 U got donuts? If u got donuts we can conduct some business. @ysusb3 And you’ll always be right where you are, as long as you have time to post shit like this on a post like that. #lame @GriffinAfl @retardreplies @aintnoyuppie360 @JustinTaylor237 @davidm781 Aye bro, I’ll really block all u lil dicks.… @MetHumet Oh you know me well highkey @_viRt Streaming also wasn’t boomin’ 10 years ago, so I’d say that’s a pretty bold take. But to your point, never r… @Dafknpunisher @marjannnx W @andrew_arche Fuck go blue. But I love that ur workin man, keep it poppin’ 🎯 @o5chriis Pretty soft, I’d have to agree. Must have been defcon alpha, never type, during defcon alpha... Cc @GingeePlays @HMDS_SAINT @timthetatman Solid top 2 tho 🍻 @HeyNansi Eat ur vegetables 🌽 @WintrSoldier48 W @BretHollenbeck @Kyle_Essenberg SHEESH 👑 @Kyle_Essenberg These are my people 😀 @72hrs SLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME RACHEL, IS THAT 72 HOURS? THE FUCK BEEN? @StoneMountain64 Yes @Bodybuildingcom Appreciate the love fellas, I’m on it. @pokimanelol U the goat, dont forget it 🔥 @AvaGG