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@ItzMeenz @AlbertoRavioli That is true I feel terrible for 26 😩 hopefully it isn’t too bad. Always shitty to see th… @AlbertoRavioli Football today was incredible. I’m happy. @IamJovonW Bro there’s no shot that’s the play call, it’s Super Bowl vibes all over again 😂 @Pamaj You buy the UAV and tell Craig to shut his fuckin’ mouth. I do the same thing with Cloak every other morning. @fultronlane @BigBroFly Gimme a little synopsis @MissDeIivery I’d dunk on you tbh @K1 Legend
@NioRooch W @AnnaBarczak :) @benjyfishy you little freak! Well done. @ESPNStatsInfo @GTheTree_ @Michael_Goggans Broooo 🤣😭 @timthetatman LOLLL STOP! I fuckin hate this guy 😭 @GTheTree_ @timthetatman LMAOOOOOO HOLY SHIT @GTheTree_ LOL DUDE @timthetatman BRO @Buccaneers @RaymondJames W @BigBroFly Pops says it’s been 50 years. Sometimes ya gotta throw in the towel 😂 @BigBroFly Bro I’m tellin’ you 😭😭 this dude gonna reach the point where he just laughs ! @revoid There’s examples where it might not matter, sure. But for the most part, it usually does matter. People wan… @austinbarnesbtw @Lions I been telling y’all it’s hilarious 😂 @MFAMCentral 🥺❤️ @DrLupo God I just wanna shove my chin in your little neck 😩 @Trainwreckstv @ajaxIy Somebody who isn’t gonna say “Listen” 47 times in 1 speech! @timthetatman @lukecombs @Panthers Listen here big brotha, @MikeEvans13_ & the boys are goin’ to work. That’s just the way it’s gonna be! @Buccaneers LETS GO MIKE!!!!!! @adamholland143 U sayin’ ur MFAM and I fucks with that 😊 @Kyle_Sev @CouRageJD Right because that’s what I said?? It’s a suggestion, weirdo. Backed by science, proven to hel… @MikeEvans13_ YESSIR BIG MIKE!!! @ajaxIy 🤔 @longtermgreed @CouRageJD Ooo I love that. W @CouRageJD Gym!!!!!! Believe in ya Jackie boy! @shanerg98 Wait I gotta update my shit or somethin this is fire 😍 @swingyplays W @ThnkYuComeAgain @drdisrespect @timthetatman Nah never I’m just always horny it’s weird @Pusha810 @ThnkYuComeAgain @drdisrespect @timthetatman LOL trueeeeeee!!! @drdisrespect @timthetatman Yea, to catch your fuckin’ breath @drdisrespect @timthetatman All I need to see old man. Legs feed the wolf!! @drdisrespect @timthetatman What are you gonna do about it 😂😂😂 stick figure lookin’ ass. Buggin’ out old man! it’s late, go to bed @BrazNathan Bro me G & Uli are fucking crying “I hope Dana gimme fittee Gs” @BrazNathan BRO WTF @ClemFTB @ESTANAUT_ LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
@icy Backstab. That game was incredible. Your boy was top 5 in the world for the Assault class. Never forget those days! @Fizerxp that’s the motto! @AlbertoRavioli No arguing 😂 @Shane_Jones81 W @Chandlarger Bro it’s been such a weird time lmfao she asks me what I think, I tell her, she argues, I say ok let’s… it’s lookin’ slow for the weekend stream. My wedding is in 3 weeks, there’s so much shit to do. And it’s eithe… @InfamousTDizzle @uLeeT @GingeePlays Aye bro chill 😂 @GingeePlays @ESTANAUT_ @uLeeT 💀💀💀💀 @drdisrespect How was the audio in this one? @uLeeT @GingeePlays pops said y’all look like the #10 😂💀 @BeattieZack W @PKHOOD @SypherPK W!!!! @Swagg Aye yo brajol it could just be this green bean.. but lowkey you look like a lil rabbit kinda @Dotta @BrandenBowen @PoppaMercs @OhioStateFB I’ve never loved & hated something so much in my entire life. @BrandenBowen @Dotta @PoppaMercs @OhioStateFB Come on B don’t do this 😂 @lukesp23 Bro Gary killed that one! 👊🏼 @Dotta @PoppaMercs @OhioStateFB Shoulda seen the rough draft to that one 😂😂😂😂💀 @Dotta bro, this is a typical convo on Saturday nowadays 😂 @FBananapants W. You’re a good man. @fultronlane The whole fam on 10 right now, feelsgood @WhoDatMiyagi @delaneyolister bro I’m dumb hyped !! W!!! @stoolpresidente W, congrats brotha. @timthetatman bro @WhoDatMiyagi LETS GO BABY!!!! CONGRATS 🍻
@AlbertoRavioli I know a place @uLeeT @nvidia Can I have intercourse with it ? @AlbertoRavioli bro are u ok @BigBryTV Ay bro wtf is that 😂😂 @themrmustafa 👊🏼❤️ @MFAMCentral 😂😂 @DCite_ Enjoy it brother, you deserve it ☀️ @jordanrcrook 🐐 @Amaranthias Let’s go mama! Sometimes when I’m poppin’ in one area of my life, I try to let that shit roll over to… @JamesCrowder @ClemFTB @DiorFTB bro idek what to say at this point @RIDGEDEMONRC what @OrganicOscarr well, good morning @GamerBaeXOX @Dotta Nah see we make it real cold right like 66, then it’s undies, socks and a T shirt. Big blanket.… @Dotta bro I can’t believe I’m sayin this but I been sleepin with socks on lately and this shits fire @MFAMCentral @cloakzy @_RIPSAW_ HBD! @FaZeClan 💀😂 @Swagg @AlbertoRavioli @Dexerto W
@Ozilly_ grabbin’ coffee, be there soon!Good morning ☀️ Woke up today extra thankful. Lemme tell y’all somethin’ fr, appreciate everyday, man. You just n… @kieron_coote @Gravy1212 why u heff to be mad iz only gam @RIDGEDEMONRC Bro I am dyingggggg !! @fultronlane Aye bro NAH LOL @Cashline34 Today! 🤠 @Gravy1212 HBD!! 🍻 @Devinsisd @DexertoIntel GM papa ☀️ @SiberPlays @DexertoIntel Morning my guy ☀️ @DexertoIntel 🍻👊🏼 @PuffDaddyCLo Soon habibi, soon !! @Big__Blake50