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@machelrillman Jesus CHRIST Rachel. I’m sorry that’s ughhhh just awful
Retweeted by Nick Miller @sassyblackdiva I want everyone to know “it’s okay to be 29 + look kinda like you’re in your mid-30s! It happens! D…
@AutoAmes Holy shit @strongbadegirl Too soon.... @sassyblackdiva Got my dad’s genes, lost my hair @AllieGoertz They were fighting over shirts, I HAD to go inWent to outlet mall today, got some VERY complicated shirts from Dan Flashesordering these, then announcing they're "for the table" when they arrive, to create anxiety about how i expect the…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @steelydante Low key soulful badass @littlehag6 I love joking off with my boys @steelydante I have a copy + unfortunately it is @curtofranklin @Yelix So he was right @MannFacts I believe a year ago this weekend I watched Heavy Metal, but didn’t have Letterboxd then so I can’t say for sure @aanand @alexmercuri Kush got me feeling like the white Piplup BapeWithout an accurate map of the exact landing time in the future, it would be too easy to arrive inside a structure…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @SimpleSiteman It’s time for me to impersonate you now???i've got triples of this baby now, triples make it safe, triples is best
Retweeted by Nick Miller @CraigSJ We’ve all been lied to once again @dennisbhooper @hypercubexl This is almost like when I found out Paul Walter Hauser played the Juggalo kid from tha… @dennisbhooper @hypercubexl Holy shitevery time I get an email
Retweeted by Nick Miller @dennisbhooper The THIRD, my dear boyVictor McLaglen??
Retweeted by Nick MillerBought some white jeans today.... #TheSummerOfNick"vaccination is an individual choice" is stupid bullshit for idiots
Retweeted by Nick Miller @sydbricks The Killing @SimpleSiteman Never bet against Nick Miller @SimpleSiteman Nice going palbruce springsteen: ADAM RAISED A CAIN! silvio from the sopranos: YEAH!
Retweeted by Nick Miller @SimpleSiteman Glad to hear it. My day is alright tooUtterly betrayed by the Nike factory outlet today.... I’m gonna be sick... @depechejoe This can’t be trueBuying these to show I’m an ally @thom_weights Don’t worry it’s okay @aanand Cmon nowOh baby.... Bros lunch.....Finally, representation.... year later i think it’s safe to say “mr make matters worse” was what ultimately dealt a final death blow to the t…
Retweeted by Nick MillerThis is a trailer for a trailer. We need to stop this nonsense whose Tinder profile is nothing but photos of him at the Rally to Restore Sanity
Retweeted by Nick Miller @Yelix Couldn’t be easierEveryone was probably nasty to me on this day @GoodPostReilly RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM RAMtheres exactly 1 minute at 5pm when the day changes to night and in that moment you can drink either coffee (the da…
Retweeted by Nick MillerCassavetes talking about a young Scorsese in the recently rediscovered documentary "Movies Are My Life: A Profile o…
Retweeted by Nick MillerFlipped through the channel guide. All these channels not a single movie I wanted to put on. I’m really not missing… am I supposed to do w this information
Retweeted by Nick Miller @HowellDawdy Hell yeah Howell @tubbbutter It’ll be me. It has to be @tubbbutter I would have no choice but to defeat this horse
Retweeted by Nick Millerpersonally if I had a harrowing tale of abuse and addiction I would want, if not the whole cover, at least more spa…
Retweeted by Nick MillerOne day I’ll wanna make a music video again + I will pull all strings necessary to get @PaulWHauser in it @tubbbutter Ok, I am kinda good at impressions @PtakTestKitchen Who do you think brokered the deal for those remasters? @TonyDConti Of course of coursethey should let trump host the oscars in exchange for not running for president again. let the biggest names in tin…
Retweeted by Nick Millerchiseling a bedframe fit for royalty out of the most immaculate marble to impress girls
Retweeted by Nick Miller @MostCrucified Unbelievable @MostCrucified Who is disrespecting you? I’ll have a word with themthere’s too much fucking shit on me i can’t breath
Retweeted by Nick Miller @MostCrucified Thank you brother... @MostCrucified Wish they’d book me..... @chanseywells feeling bad for ripping off Perry.... @LevNovak Sort of yeahgamers of the night roll call Conversation With Donald Fagen: DF: See, I write songs about gentlemen losers. Me: 🙂 DF: You, you're just a regular loser. Me: 🙂
Retweeted by Nick Millermen really do be working in the lab late one night
Retweeted by Nick Miller @AlexFirer ..... I need to go to Barnes & Noble... @AlexFirer I have a bed frame + a lot of criterion blu rays.... hoping this makes me a catch(Isaac Hayes writing the theme to Old) 🎶What’s that really creepy place that makes you age at rapid pace🎶 🗣 OLD Ya…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @LanceStLaurent Maybe we don’t need a time machine, Lance. Maybe this is the project that brings that genre back @coopercooperco Wow @TonyDConti dinner from the keg tonight
@CBSNews Nobody in the replies has used the word carpool
Retweeted by Nick MillerFound a guy @tasteinfilm_bad Oh hell yes @guydebort Okay, sorry. @guydebort Cheers, S! Hope your Sunday is wild + wonderful! - NMFrank Sinatra’s real name was Fred Cilantro
Retweeted by Nick MillerToday’s the anniversary of a stone-cold classic album High Life: The Champagne of Beers :: Nick Miller: The Champagne of Dudes
Retweeted by Nick Miller @reindeereks Many people are saying this @reindeereks .... Miller time??? men over 35 love ruining parties by insulting people's record collections and demanding gazpacho and stuffing t…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @ItsPhetz Do betterSomebody please give me $1,600 @ItsPhetz @Drew4484 Wow. Classy! @Drew4484 I loved my Zune more than I’ve loved any iPod @davidgross_man PA being a 3 is insane @aanand @Yelix Alex doesn’t like music by old people he wouldn’t like it @canticonti I think we’re getting The Keg for dinner. Alert TonySeen this last week, I’ll improve my bedframe situation when ya fix this problem
Retweeted by Nick Miller @bIoach Lmao @sleepydisease Exactly! It’s very valuable storage space! @sleepydisease Kind of in the same spot. I do want a new one but the size of my current bedroom is kinda running th… @sleepydisease Thank you so much