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What do you say we all take another four days off, huh? @HARDHEADtur Since when? @AGoldmund It’s true
Retweeted by Nick Miller @edzitron WWI is barely taught here @portable_lunch @melip0ne Hello I miss you both @AGoldmund Ok adding this to the spreadsheet thank you @Yelix You Can Still Broth In AmericaHeaters love to sound like something is wrong with them, when in fact, they’re just doing their thing!
Retweeted by Nick Miller @depechejoe Joe Pesci in Goodfellas @AGoldmund Did you freak out when I saw you on my birthday? Trying to keep track of all friend freak outs in a spre… @AGoldmund I freak out every time I look in the mirror brotherIf I saw @NickMillerMusic In real life I’d freak out
Retweeted by Nick MillerHey NFL! Makes the coaches wear helmets too!
Retweeted by Nick Miller @dougbutchy This is Brewtus right? I miss that place so muchBREAKING: rudy giuliani has just gotten stuck in his duvet cover and has just been flailing around in there for a few minutes
Retweeted by Nick Miller @LikeARoad I mainly only switch up for recording cause I don’t plug in my acoustic to record, I just put it up to t… @alexqarbuckle He’s in the doghouse with me @andylevy one I really wanted was sold out so instead of replacing the old one this one will be right next to the old one… @LikeARoad Brand doesn’t usually come into play for me, but for electric I use heavy picks + for acoustic I use med… new artificial Christmas tree has been shipped @aklingus Oh hell yeah @KrystiPryde @curtofranklin I think.... yes I am @curtofranklin @KrystiPryde Can I be on itSince today was Randy Newman’s birthday here’s one of his I really like, “Louisiana 1927”
Retweeted by Nick MillerNov 29th 1983 - H.I. fell for Ed, while she was taking his mugshot #RaisingArizona
Retweeted by Nick MillerAnd you’re quite possibly the Dumbest MFn Clownass on Twitter..
Retweeted by Nick Miller @curtofranklin Different times @DieRobinsonDie Don’t wanna give spoilers but I got legit annoyed with a death on the latest one + said out loud “this is stupid” @DieRobinsonDie Things have ramped up a bit but yeah it’s kinda just boring. They usually excel at having a ton of… don’t like the cop with OCD. Tim Olyphant maybe a little underutilized. Gaetano’s the best character + they… season of Fargo is kinda dumb tbh. Don’t hate it I’ll always be a sucker for the general tone of the show but… @BigGingerAleFan Everyone on it is so good. They’re relatable, while also mostly being monsters!To those of you who still follow the Grinch. Just know I see you
Retweeted by Nick Miller @BigGingerAleFan @BigGingerAleFan Bobby is an angel I love him so muchYou know what, double fuck it. I will give away TWO Pal subscriptions to @defectormedia. Donate $20 to your local f…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @RiggedPig Bad assCongrats to my good friends the Kansas City Chiefs on today’s win @ShanusMcAnus A classic @SimpleSiteman None of my business
@halaakarim You know it @emilywithcurls Did that last night!We should have 4 day weekends every weekend. Working is for the birdsthe real heroes are the nonnas out there, stirring heir sunday gravies...makin a sauce for their little bambinos and bambinas...
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Retweeted by Nick Miller @Papapishu Everlasting vibing....Backflip into the end zone is an inspiring level of cockiness, I love it then you’ll be measured against him this is gonna be kinda crazy— but I have to give it up for the Atlantic Ocean. Not super clear or beautiful…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @pulmyears Thanks Paul. It’s got me sad, but mostly frustratedAnother fun fact: they’re gonna hold an actual regular old funeral for him next week (allegedly masks will be worn)! No lessons learned!Since I saw pictures from the wedding I’ve basically known this would happen so I don’t know I can’t really even sa… was old, he was already on oxygen, he’d had cancer. Despite all this people got really close + took pictures wit… to everyone for the kind words. I feel like I should say that he wasn’t a relative I was particularly close… @MrDQJ Thank you. I can’t say it was a surprise but still a bummerFound out that my great uncle Pat passed away from COVID yesterday. He caught it because his grandson had a wedding… @SimpleSiteman I did that three times @phinnygage Damn that’s dead onBad news everyone: after finally finding my misplaced monolith, I’ve lost it again! 🤦🏻‍♂️ course Players are gonna Coordinate.... That’s mandatory. 💎
Retweeted by Nick MillerJOE ROGAN: Yeah I read a thing about this, there’s a lot of noise around Christmas in Whoville, and it’s a problem…
Retweeted by Nick MillerGraham Nash, who was in The Hollies. David Crosby has literally contributed nothing of value to any genre of musi…
Retweeted by Nick MillerYou want to know what David Crosby was good at? Doing drugs at parties with people who could write songs.
Retweeted by Nick Miller @Sir__Duque @Yelix Thank you Duque @Yelix Raider I hardly know herKate Bush's use of the Fairlight synth on 1980's Never for Ever and 1982's The Dreaming beat Gabriel, Collins, Dolb…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @zoozu WhoaDear Santa: I am the worst boy you have ever seen in your born days. But if you give me a pocket knife I'll try to…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @KiefoNilsson They need orange walls, maybe some shag carpeting @Yelix I watched a lot of it as a kid on Nick at Nite @Yelix Can I be your cohost?You failed, you grifter dumbasses @Yelix Is this from a new Denis Leary special?back in my day, kids went outside and played with sticks. nowadays, they probably play with SELFIE STICKS
Retweeted by Nick MillerWhy do people love to spend tons of money on this terrible color scheme for their basements? Add a little personali…
Retweeted by Nick MillerI’m thrilled to announce my new single, “How Can You Walk Away”, will be released on December 11, 2020, by Wild Hon…
Retweeted by Nick Millerthey gotta put Ray Romano in Super Smash Bros
Retweeted by Nick Miller You know, dad...I’ve got a lot of...bad thoughts in my head. - ...Like Maris?
Retweeted by Nick Miller @andylevy Thank you chef
Retweeted by Nick Miller @andylevy Sometimes I fall for the Alper prompts. I’m sorry Andy. I apologize like hellPF Chang's waiter: "[Recites specials] Stephen A. Smith: (Acts surprised) "To me, that's preposterous. Crab Rangoon, things of that nature."
Retweeted by Nick Miller @buffetbreaker Marone! @buffetbreaker The world is your oyster, hard mike... @buffetbreaker Sauce Sunday......Extending a standing invite to Homie House to PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. He’s always welcome @Cryptoterra Thank you @TheHoshuah Cool. Alright see ya later! @xoxogossipgita Why do they keep including Don Jr in these kinds of things like he matters or has power?the us death toll from covid-19 is currently equivalent to 86 9/11s
Retweeted by Nick MillerWhile I don't ALWAYS try to capture the full moon behind PPG Place in #Pittsburgh, I'd be lying if it wasn't in the…
Retweeted by Nick Miller @TheHoshuah Crouch... is she related to you? @Catt_Mampbell That’s enough @melip0ne Holy cowBREAKING: I am personally forgiving ALL student loan debt! Ball’s in your court, Fannie Mae! #goodguy
Retweeted by Nick Millerbabe are you okay you hardly sang along to the JG Wentworth commercial
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