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Nick Nevern @NickNevern London, England

Lad from London... Do a bit of acting now and again.

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New & Noteworthy: RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: THE HEIST (a.k.a Marbella) is available on all major US platforms!…
Retweeted by Nick Nevern @craigfairbrass Nice trailerMe trying to find 5 friends to meet up with.
Retweeted by Nick Nevern @NoelClarke Some fucking people 🤦🏻‍♂️
Rewatching @NickNevern's @HooliganFactory and how did I forget about the first three mins? Genius. Both Pat Tate's…
Retweeted by Nick NevernThis kid is TWELVE!!!!! How amazing is this
Retweeted by Nick Nevern @verbalictor Oh come on Victor. This like sooooo 2018 😂And that’s picture lock on my short film “Let’s Talk About George”. I’ve never had to edit a film remotely b4 but I…
We're finally back !! @jamesmullinger & @pafster take a deep dive into the @FootsoldierFilm franchise, rank the fi…
Retweeted by Nick Nevern @UGNights @jamesmullinger @pafster @FootsoldierFilm Fantastic analysis chaps... really enjoyed that... and oh yes... you can be extras ;) x @TerryStone @Oceanview2892 @dapperlaughs @lizziecundy @unitednationent @alfiebest33 @MissLauraCarter @VC_LondonUK👊🏼💪😍
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Bunch of shit cunts hounding a shit cunt for behaving like a shit cunt when they themselves behave like shit cunts.…
Retweeted by Nick NevernWhoever is practicing the sax in the background do me a favour and shut the fuck up... trying to hear this 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Well just as I thought... didn’t win the lottery. Shit numbers! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Does anyone ever get a lucky dip Lottery Ticket... Look at the numbers you get and go... “yeah like those will EVER come up”? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 @djneenoo We are no where near that stage just yet... we are still writing but I’m sure there will be opportunities later down the lineNothing better when ya hanging then back to back Murder She Wrote on the tele... that Jessica Fletcher... oooh.... SORT!!!! 😍NEVER... DRINKING...AGAIN... EVER!!! Well... till the next time 😉