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@Gahzrilla_ @LinkMega_ @WayzoftheDozer1 @TheS1Q @MsLizard11 You have a problem @Tas7eTV I love you more taste 😭 @vinssane @R4verLive @vinssane Oh the website is literally down @R4verLive fix your shit plz @vinssane I use for my theatre mode :) @imUnsmart no sub to me @RobSellig @sonuchisan :D Glad you guys like it
@LtRoyalShrimp TIL Slack has video conferences. I no longer see a reason any business should use any other system (… @LtRoyalShrimp Oof. Sounds like Skype though. I hear Microsoft Teams isn't any better... @LtRoyalShrimp Does Skype Business do the same thing Skype Gaming did where every single video source on the call i… @PaetriotMixer This feature is REALLY expensive. Probably won't see a mass downloader for a bit due to costs. @ashventuring VODs you can already download for anyone! Clips will start as partners only, and I want to slowly wor… @MyOwnCreation82 @steinekin You’re a mad lad @Combat_Daddy That is a method! Honestly never even thought that possible as I just went to the API directly for th… @steinekin YOURE ON MIXER ITS UNDER XBOX IT COUNTS BUT IT IS A GOOD TEMPLATE U RIGHT we all know where you saw th… @steinekin Xbox tweeted this meme like 6 hours ago WHERES THE ORIGINAL CONTENT STEIN But also I’m slowly switchin… @TonzyMixer Idk but it kept my morning very fun & entertaning from what would’ve been a very boring graphics filled one I’m into it @Phlog ❤️ @hitstreak @riotgames @PWYFF @strattacaster There’s been so much wild news flying around recently I JUST WANT MOR… @ll_SiPPY_ll @LychiJelly @PapaFinch you know more adult LA then I do @FoeLIVE_ @imUnsmart Last 30 are only displayed on the site :( @P1nkKnight It'll go live later today, still doing some testing to make sure it won't crash and burn everything :D @GFlo_GG <3 @PapaFinch Lookin like a S N A C C now go get some in n out you deserve it @PixelBitsGames @bhinkk @JinkirinGaming @MixerRemAG @IKBunnies I want to stop interaction with this thread but i'm… I don't post this often but this feature(and others) add up the cost of MixerStats. If you use the site and w… @SolseyMixer I'm hoping we see this soon! Clips still need a lot of work, and if i'm honest I would love to see mor… @PixelBitsGames @bhinkk @JinkirinGaming @MixerRemAG @IKBunnies Or just delete every single VOD/Clip ever made on yo… @PixelBitsGames @bhinkk @JinkirinGaming @MixerRemAG @IKBunnies If you're worried about someone utilizing something… @PixelBitsGames @bhinkk @JinkirinGaming @MixerRemAG @IKBunnies You will never be able to stop someone from utilizin… @PixelBitsGames @bhinkk @JinkirinGaming @MixerRemAG @IKBunnies Chiming back in because this thread is WILD. Litera… @steinekin But today is Tuesday.... Should I expect this @CaptainsBrand Gotchu captain @MidnightxQueen BIG MOVES @_TheeDarkness_ It will roll out tonight hopefully and a new column will appear to download/view all clips for a ch… @BanananaPeaches @BobDuckNWeave @jesus you're welcome @travpiper @UCLA I’d like to submit this tweet to be officially included in every class @shortiemixer Glad you’re excited 😄 hope you like it when it rolls out @ForrestCaffray @BobDuckNWeave Hope you like it :) @steinekin If i don't see you running around the office with chiefs helmet on shooting a nerf gun i'm filing a complaint @sickdegenerate Mappa I need to start pushing it more for MixerStats. Over the next 1-2 m… @sickdegenerate Is this the part where we go into a scripted monologue about me trying to get a job there @SoloQJokerr @BobDuckNWeave Hope you enjoy it :D @sickdegenerate More than i'm making now. LETS GO @sickdegenerate TY SICK Plz send me 10% of your next Fortnite winnings ty @BobDuckNWeave Thanks babe See you tonight for dinner @ConcealedBones Nick smol brain @JinkirinGaming @Styleth Twitch literally has a download button on clips for *everyone* Target audiences are thos… @JinkirinGaming @Styleth This is nothing new, and it will never go away. It's part of the job. You just adapt & le… @JinkirinGaming @Styleth And some just straight up steal content and try to claim it as your own. As a creator you… @JinkirinGaming @Styleth Every content creator at some point has to deal with their content being used in various w… @JinkirinGaming @Styleth It's an interesting scenario, downloading clips natively exists on every platform that sup… @ConcealedBones @JinkirinGaming @Styleth @JinkirinGaming <3 luv u dad And he's correct, if you're a streamer and someone steals your content. You… @JinkirinGaming wat @JinkirinGaming @JinkirinGaming That’s already out! This is specifically for downloading clips made natively on the platform @KenWhoTV ty daddy ken @NormRhodes :D Hopefully should go out today assuming I don't find some giant mistake that will cripple it.Oh I also store your clips as long as your VOD lasts, not just your last 30 that Mixer shows on the site. So no ne… hear me out... What if I made it so anyone can download clips from Mixer, not just your channel editors..... B… @bhinkk @JaredFPS @bhinkk I dressed up for our date
@ConnorPeet @R4verLive @gchorba @LeagueOfLegends Little late now Connor Q_Q now we’re stuck with the buggy electron app @Phlog Wanna play EFT @gchorba @R4verLive @LeagueOfLegends Was just catching back up on those, it's been a uh...while since I've used the… @R4verLive @gchorba @LeagueOfLegends Fun project we can stream in free time 😛 CDK is rough tho. Why do you think… @brennadactyl When did Conan leave @gchorba @LeagueOfLegends Ohhhh that’s awesome! @R4verLive wanna duo recreate it for mixer? You design it I’ll pa… @LucaRager Cooking with Luca Creatively. @Kayla_McTear @ACPixel Wait is this not a meme LOL
@alexmonney Sad TSM didn’t make it but their matches were insane. Also going for SSG now @steinekin I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD DAY TOO DAD
@Gahzrilla_ @ChickfilA ❤️ @bhinkk Fuck you you deserved it @_urabus What I do @ACPixel Good work :) @ThatIceRocker @Phlog So what you’re saying is I left an impression
@BackdraftLIVE @drdisrespect I have the same counter top @Hnerskers Confirmed halo on broadway featuring chris Pratt and Oprah thanks man @GhostfromTexas Wtf @TaylorBalbi It even has a crying emoji you know it’s good @Hnerskers LETS GO DUDE GGGGGGG But I also gotta ask what exactly does halo have for their live broadcasts? I tho… @steinekin @Solice Deal be at your house in 10 @steinekin @Solice can I get flown out to pax east ty @ConnorPeet @MichaelBlouin @JtFinlay So this is what I should say during interviews @SteelSeries Hot dog water @theakosin LOL @ThatIceRocker @bhinkk @steinekin P @DopeFrags @CarbonGlitch @SolseyMixer Not quite sure I follow, we have no methods of separating host views from liv… @bhinkk @steinekin This is the twitter content I want @IamPREZSTEVE @steinekin @EthanRothamel @bstategames Oh that’s too good they win Now you need Tarkov merch to counter @steinekin @EthanRothamel @bstategames @IamPREZSTEVE You guys need to do this often so Kieffer can farm more karma @steinekin How many late night talk show gifs are there @steinekin It worked boys let it be know @steinekin Please follow me my channel is dying
@lyndonSG @THEGR8ONE713 @WatchMixer @CarbonGlitch @SolseyMixer @DopeFrags There is no way to remove hosts from views :)Hello developer friends I made a neat little package to control @elgatogaming key lights with Javascript/Node…