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All workers are entitled to decent wages and working conditions, which is why I stand with the Amazon warehouse wor…
Retweeted by nick falways knew brace could get it done
yinz know what to do
Retweeted by nick fthe four dimensions are up, down, left and right. time isn’t a dimension since it’s just clocks, which are man-made…
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shake it - metro station
Retweeted by nick frasputin - boney m
Retweeted by nick f @loganpeele I Am Going To Arrest the Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Line @loganpeele i am going to become the jokergood morning sunday morning
@HesitantPatriot thank you!! @trevorjtweets i get paid by costco to lose them money on hot dogs it’s pretty dopejamming again 😎 (audio fixed👍) @AnthonyFentanyl a few nights ago i watched the documentary they made about him on youtube, well worth the 4 bucks @AnthonyFentanyl i love the instrumental break and then “batman beat the hell out of me” heads know
Retweeted by nick f @clur_dicucc @Chuck__K charles showed me mini metro on spring break and it almost ruined my lifedisney exec: it’s about a guy who thinks he’s a monkey lol. probably don’t need anything too crazy for the soundtra…
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@PGSittenfeld 👁 @trevorjtweets @DrSimonScience dm if you’re fr! but yes absolutely"We can't afford to pay people to stay at home" Yes you can. just change the numbers in the computer it's fine
Retweeted by nick fPG Sittenfeld
PG still going to win from jail and be the neolib Eugene Debs @PGSittenfeld can i have forty thousand dollarsthe orcas have achieved class consciousness and are militant against capitalist greed. solidarity, brothers
Retweeted by nick fstill the GOAT from beyond the grave. i believe this @bobby_adler @Chuck__K @jakebgold the Fake News ASG Oversight Committee said very bad and very rude things about me… I thought everything the democrats did was socialism I'd also hate socialism.
Retweeted by nick fif i were president i would make this man secretary of agriculture @Chuck__K @jakebgold @bobby_adler Sissy ***** ******* of the Failing College Republicans has a serious problem - hi… @Chuck__K @jakebgold @bobby_adler college democrat parties had record turn out! the most ever! lots of people sayin… i learn Letters first? or choose the path of Numbers? a queston every baby must ask it self
Retweeted by nick f👁 @capittalism today is a holy holidaycincinnati is now 1/3 of the way to having my favorite form of government: arrested! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣👁😂😂soviet painter yuri vasnetsov w/ my winter vibe
Retweeted by nick f @charleskennick did they ever figure out if it’s feasible?
Personally, I think Obama's Playlist is refreshingly honest.
Retweeted by nick fI haven’t been doing much of anything lately but I did string together a bunch of clips where Bernie Sanders thanks…
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@AnthonyFentanyl Lest We Forget to the most wholesome moment of this terrible year and happy birthday to the greatest filmmaker alive, Ma…
Retweeted by nick fbart harley jarvis is the most misunderstood television character of all time
Retweeted by nick f @GovMikeDeWine hey man wanna hang out sometime soon i just want to talk about a couple things with you @GovMikeDeWine can i have one thousand dollars from your personal bank account sirodd!
Retweeted by nick foperation warp speed but for putting seinfeld back on the television with new epsodes
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this is cool as shit. send some more money to his campaign 👍
actually though @Chuck__K @Chuck__K WRONG.Beautiful
Retweeted by nick fhow to use an air fryer??stimulus when??? @herbiehancock hey man wanna hang out some time?good morning sunday morningYou apologise for the TROUBLES???
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@capittalism it’s like LinkedIn but in real life @AnthonyFentanyl lmao hope they’re loving the gaming keyboard @AnthonyFentanyl c’mon, man! @capittalism not bad for rural ohio! @bobby_adler i’m so glad you’re off private
Retweeted by nick f @GirlsLikeUsShow you’re welcome!10 years later i went to my second concert, Weird Al Yancovich livewhen i was 2 years old my mom and step-dad couldn’t find a sitter, so they brought me along to the Steely Dan/Hall… of Trump’s speeches since the election have been like “yeah fine, I guess you’ll just be fine when I fucking k…
Retweeted by nick fEvery time I see this video I have to retweet it. People act as if the Iraq war is a mistake of the past. As if the…
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@Chuck__K this is so sad,, @AdrianRadilla The Sparrow by Maria Doria-Russell it’s right up your alley @TheJonCummins 12 monkeysthis is now a thomas edison hate account
Retweeted by nick fthe galaxy looks like a rug. quit your job and do whatever you want.
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costco food court
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@sanchit_ram been putting on Random Access Memories more and more
Retweeted by nick fLook at the genuine affection that the people of Bolivia, the indigenous and the workers and the poor, have for Evo…
Retweeted by nick fwhen it comes right down to it, every app, website, video game, and every other kind of software you can think of r…
Retweeted by nick fgotta figure out who gets to meet the aliens
i’m crying man
Retweeted by nick fI’m hardly a fan of John Kasich but he needs to be rewarded for helping Biden [squints]... lose Ohio by 8 points
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man i really, really wish Yvette Simpson was the mayor of Cincinnati a vaccine for coronavirus is developed, it should be free.
Retweeted by nick fEvo Morales is back in his country. 11 months of exile due to the US-backed coup, but he is now back as the leader…
Retweeted by nick f @AdrianRadilla i just want to know: what do they think is going to happen?
Ugly stuff. To the cretins covering for Trump and his action in Iran—read this. Sanctions are an act of war.
Retweeted by nick f is nice
my personal favorite moment of this whole wretched election
Retweeted by nick f:): @dhaydendrums he’s going to love it! @trevorjtweets it all comes down to how the party reacts to his nomination. do they make like the RNC in 2016 and w…,, we still want to abolish joe biden!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😎👍😂🤣
@AnthonyFentanyl organized labor is the way forward imo. i would love for there to be a real labor party in the USFLIP, FLIP, FLIPADELPHIA! ☀️🔔
Retweeted by nick f @trevorjtweets BOTTOM TEXTjoe biden is going to be a terrible president. just absolute dog shit candidate all around and the next four years…
Retweeted by nick f @AdrianRadilla oh wait it’s down to 8 vote majority?? that’s the new squad, fuck the progressive caucus! there were 11 bernie-endorsersThis is why CNN had to cut the live feed (audio by @shrimpJAJ)
Retweeted by nick f @AdrianRadilla the progressive caucus is officially bigger than the margin of majority for democrats. they need new… @NintendoDSLubbs @MSNBC it is! we love him