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17 | valorant is so bad | @nickbackpack_

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@Ino_VAL i play like 1 game on my main account a week LMAOAranked will probably so much less dogshit once school starts. people won’t have enough free time to throw games on… @florscnt @uvsect WTF @weirdoliv @spoofzera @Toastedtw aye bro pull up to the discord general chat it’s going down @tasyiu assist @melxng ok we fighting @tasyiu it is just a little bit from an outside perspective @melxng respectfully i would beat u up in self defense only @melxng u should set it up tmrw so u can post all the dumbass shit u do on twitter 😭 @tasyiu LMFAOOO @melxng no LMAOO i shouldve @melxng no @melxng and that @melxng and this @melxng also clipped this @Toastedtw LMFAO look who rt'd @Toastedtw okwho needs a spike rush carry 👉👈 @ZyroxEdits that’s sick dude u went to LA right? @kolhr_ LMAO all g @kolhr_ genesis#1000 @homiesrice wtf @kolhr_ my presets were ass LMFAO legit just random shit that helped me for some reason @melxng @ecchannaaa @kolhr_ noti @jadenstyl wait fr? fuck all my old presets lmao @ecchannaaa @kolhr_ LMAO no what @kolhr_ all my old presets r for 18 @kolhr_ no clue lmao @ZyroxEdits @qashsav ripp hows ur trip tho? @ZyroxEdits @qashsav yo u got one @melxng @iamhcu noti @fluffyyFPS @ignOvercook @aeroyt @Toastedtw noti @ignOvercook @fluffyyFPS @aeroyt @Toastedtw noti @melxng W @jadenstyl wtf that’s sick @duhloraa bro that shits goes hard @Toastedtw u 2 inches taller bro chill out shaq @Toastedtw aight lil jit @tiffbiggestfan u the goat fr we all proud of u bro @57kasu holy shit @chanelvalorant @HitBox_Hiros vouch insane @LayziVAL @liaaval noti @melxng @xxelitism noti @xxelitism nt bro @xxelitism LOL @181RAYS no way bro @yaszuki ???? @seagdd WWWW @LayziVAL @spoofzera ayo spoof???? @spoofzera
Retweeted by dogbackpack11231 @angeIsanarchy @Nighty10k @ignOvercook ya that was not directed towards anyone either @Nighty10k @homiesrice @Toastedtw @fluffyyFPS @ameerszn @vrofps @etherealVAL_ @ignOvercook @sadIucas i would shit on u ngl @angeIsanarchy @Nighty10k @ignOvercook ya but thats not directed towards anyone yk @Nighty10k @ignOvercook @angeIsanarchy dude yall r different @ignOvercook @angeIsanarchy dude @Toastedtw @fluffyyFPS @ameerszn @vrofps @etherealVAL_ @ignOvercook @sadIucas Ong this shits mad relatable @angeIsanarchy dude what the fuck bro @ignOvercook @notrxchel @wunjiVAL momy @ignOvercook @notrxchel @wunjiVAL I SEE U BROO @seagdd @mistmie 🥺 @melxng @mistmie oh that’s not a bad thing then @seagdd @mistmie ur so hot bro @Nighty10k @mistmie aight lil bro @homiesrice yes !!! @seagdd @mistmie both my parents japanese but like my past 3 generations on both sides r from hawaii so everyone in my family is chill @melxng @mistmie r they mean @mistmie wtf @moonxes frr @ParallelTid that’s a massive W king @mistmie bro what kind of moms y’all be having @trunkZnopants yah how hard is it to be nice @merakidina idk i got none😭 @notrxchel i’m getting flashbacks bro @mistmie LMAO @wunjiVAL if someone does that it’s on sight bro @mistmie nah bro the mf’s in foreign language classes that say “here” in whatever the language is make me wanna kms @melxng @ignOvercook noti @ignOvercook @wunjiVAL not @merakidina nah have some confidence @Ino_VAL i hope they do they gonna be pulling every girl @ignOvercook LMFAOO @Base950R6 @subtoskylerrr WWWWW @39koii u bouta have so many bitches @NyTeqs WWuse these to assert dominance over your classmates: @angeIsanarchy WWWWhow to be popular this school year: - raise your hand to answer every question - read out loud in the character’s… @mistmie ya u found something u enjoy that’s still a glow up @Nanasheesh WWWW @melxng ur mom @Nighty10k that’s still a W @duhloraa fuckkk :/// @wunjiVAL true @mistmie and yk u did get 2000 followers and like 20k on tiktok @subtoskylerrr that’s a W bro @noah_vfx WWW @mistmie still got a bit left before school 💯💯 @duhloraa @LayziVALdid u glow up or glow down during quarantine? @Slxnders @ameerszn @chaz75 @vzrcy @AspireUnit @181RAYS @9zamm @etherealVAL_ @mistmie @yaszuki 1/6 the # of tweets…