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The RSC should do this for all of Shakespeare's history plays too. This nonsense has gone on far too long.
Retweeted by Nick Walker @mippy Will Ferrell knows how to pick em @MattieJameson Apparently it's gonna have a dog daycare, which is an oddly specific thing to include in a new buildingYou can tell when rich people write movies about being poor, cuz there’s always a scene where a poor person’s credi…
Retweeted by Nick Walkeror they need to subdivide their branding so people can straight away see which films are "we made this to enter a f… add to this, Netflix specifically needs a category "New Releases (excluding films made for Netflix)" @MichaelM238 I loved the absolute chaos of the telephone brokers @swainy626 And for the cash involved, the questions aren't hard enough @OllieGlanvill I've switched it offIt's just seems like a slow celebrity version of vintage ITV quiz show The Vault #TheWheel @adeelamini Not enough questions, I don't understand whether the mechanism of the wheel is meant to be fake or not,… @RyanJL We do need a "cw: bad x factor" on this site @mr_spoon I'm already kinda bored @stevenperkins oh very good!How do we know the wheel isn't rigged? #TheWheel were five spice girls, so you did need to wait for the options, Michael #TheWall @Chris_Ransom Dangerous for BBC One. People need their loo break!They haven't explained the physics of the titular wheel. #TheWheel @kfindlay I'm thinking a launch tactic, especially as I'm a Celeb is on the other sideStraight into The Wheel with no continuity! Like some kind of light entertainment Grandstandevery week I'm amazed this is the same girl who Dotty Cotton threw in a bin. #strictly
Retweeted by Nick Walker @_emilyoram My theory is there's a gas pipe leaking into the studio for the last… four weeksSo many backhanded compliments this week! #StrictlyWhat's the storyline here? Is Amy a ghost? #Strictly @marksiddall84 Truly! What is it for??Why don't they just have Couple's Choice Week instead of putting us through this nonsense? #Strictly @olau I mean, not even that goodHMM, BT SCHL TLNT SHW #Strictly @CroydonQueen ahh, I actually think these are almost too inoffensive given how central they are @CroydonQueen Which ones that? There's quite a few weirdish ones now @himwiththecyst I'm scared @Beige29 🎶 bustin makes me feeeel good 🎶 @PyramidHead76 Oh no!! @CroydonQueen And on any slightly windy day it makes the street below some kind of hurricane alleyWhat's going on up there?? 😨 @thunderstormbun That's exactly what I always think! It's puzzling. Maybe it's meant to look normal when people are insideThat really dark tower block by East Croydon continues to look villainous @joannamont Is this just for the cafe?!Janet Devlin’s TikTok is a good place
Retweeted by Nick WalkerHowling at the recorder versions agree with this, it's a great piece. Ethical bitching would save us all a lot of aggro've got some pennies I need to take to the Coinstar always asks “WHERE are my background singers” but nobody ever asks “HOW are my background singers”
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@RobbieHand It's too late to turn back @adjwilson PLS DON'T CANCEL MEIn their final moments, the other passengers probably heard blub blub blubstep (may they rest in peace) @SteveH1982 Volare by the Gipsy Kings, thank you and good nightChristmas is a time to come together. This year, we’re coming together with @AldiUK @asda @coopuk @IcelandFoods
Retweeted by Nick WalkerPLT selling clothes for 2p and making people grovel for £1k cash prizes just to get a trending topic for the whole… @Popjustice Don't let Kygo hear this @NotRollergirl I got well into cold showers during the heatwave and have kind of stuck with it most days since. The… @jasebyjason Honestly, it's the waste of it I can't get over. Zara etc aren't out here selling stuff that won't sur… @ambignostic Online just can't recreate the experience of seeing something for realSurprised this hasn't been one of the main Hot Take Topics of the Day #OnHere. It's kinda grim tbh @_charlie123 Yes, 100% this. And it extends to almost the whole planet. You can be plopped down on any shopping str… agree with this thread, though I'd even say walking down a street and seeing an expensive artisan nonsense shop i…'m tired of things being centred around the feelings of racists. I don't care if they're upset lol.
Retweeted by Nick Walker @scottcawley Yes! Another great one @adjwilson @RichardJohn I can imagine it was a battle on who would blink first and change their title, but both tit… @adjwilson @RichardJohn Confusingly, and probably a contributing factor for why it didn't survive, it started in th… thinking, as I often do, about how Dates (2013, Channel 4) should have got a second series (and many more) @octojon This sounds like the songs they play in Poundland
The worst Black Friday ads are influencers' Black Friday adsNearly CHOKED laughing at Daisy's fax machine impression #TaskmasterWe asked my nephew what he was thankful for this year and he said “you two” looking at his parents and it was real…
Retweeted by Nick Walker @Supersuth Great song! @stevenperkins This is the new "the adult baby takeover is cancelled" @adebradley HOORAY! @Sam_Cookney Even better, you can call it "a hidden gem"you’ve made a powerful enemy today, NBC.
Retweeted by Nick Walker @adebradley Upload the one about peas @Sam_Cookney Ooh, you'd probably really like Arundel! Really pretty, lots of nice restaurants, they have local spar… @Sam_Cookney The two places I was about to suggest are in Kent 😬 @glowypanda Hahaha, she'd be all over it just like this🙃 lockdown Mark finding the Hyacinth Bucket angle, of course @rhodri You're the second person I've seen praising these this week! I'm stunned because their pork sausages are… not good @amyareyouok @badgallexy It's under offer! Could be about to go @dotsmy I only listened to the album a couple of weeks ago, I'm with youAren't these the places that Kyle Langley sold monorails to?
Retweeted by Nick Walker @Sam_Cookney @badgallexy Must be a nightmare dusting a peacock @joannamont And a unicorn! @NickJWReilly The bed is too made @joannamont I'm actually not sure about the dog :-/ @nickw84 Derren Brown?
Retweeted by Nick Walker @badgallexy BINGO!Is it sad that I knew whose house this is just from the thumbnails? @GregDB2011 Happy ThanksgivingOne of the more underrated Maradona videos is him being mesmerized by Salt Bae
Retweeted by Nick WalkerLaurence Fox is despicable.
Retweeted by Nick WalkerI have some questions...
Retweeted by Nick Walker @lornajaggard I'm Team BranstonIt’s a cold November morning with some light rain yet we’re still seeing a huge uplift in #ActiveTravel in #Dulwich
Retweeted by Nick WalkerNary a froth from one pump? Do they think I'm dumb??A corona conspiracy that I believe is that Carex have been watering down their handwash, because whatever they are selling right now aint it @benininferno It is jarring, especially as there's now one that's on the Crystal Palace triangle @adm_bn It's a strong branch now I think about it. Lacks the external wow factor of a Colliers Wood or a Lower Syde… boyband's 1st single: *is a generic pop love song that becomes a hit because every teenage girl can believe i…
Retweeted by Nick Walker @adm_bn I'm Purley Way now. It has a pizza counter