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Drama King , enjoy the Championship 😂 @NYboateng She ma Sweetheart and there’s nothing you can do about it 🤝❤️❤️❤️ is strength #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Cantona's greatest dream under His feet
Retweeted by Fizzy ™So when Nigeria go dey inside chart ? a single Black person in this country would refer to themselves as “colored”.
Retweeted by Fizzy ™ @cccyydneyyy Lana Del Reycist
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Houston Police Chief @ArtAcevedo: “These little white guys with their skateboards are the ones starting all the…
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apologize to @Kaepernick7 or fuck all the way off with this
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Peter Tosh was way ahead of his time Equal Rights and justice ✊🏾✊
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Eih Onukpa Sancho #GeorgeFloydMike Epps' "Don't take it Personal" will forever be funnyWe all know Shatta is the king of hits in Ghana.💚💚
Retweeted by Fizzy ™You’re always dividing the people Wey foolish news network dis? Ah
Retweeted by Fizzy ™This yo daddy?
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Anytime there’s banter between Nigeria and other African countries your best jokes are about how black their people…
Retweeted by Fizzy ™😂😂😂😂😂 @KwekuDankyi Hin naaa that oh6 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by Wale Music is like a PORN, Everybody Enjoys It, But Deny It in Public! 😝😝😆 Nyame hw3 Mo Nyinaaa!! 😂🤣🤣
Retweeted by Fizzy ™ @Cas4d_dude The TL dey kill me😂😂😂😂😂 @kelous_ Learn to be happy for peopleJim Reeves // Where We'll Never Grow Old
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Stellenbosch 🔥🔥🔥 @quojoclaude Togo Liberia Sierra LeoneMahama paper Dancehall king Biegya Hosana Ayoo Kill dem wif prayer Freedom Enter the net Only one man Them no rais…
Retweeted by Fizzy ™ @Kwame_Domani 😂😂😂 @_ster_ling 🤝😂😂😂😂😂 @_ster_ling No Size !!!😂😂😂😂😂, Mahama Paper, Hol It, Dancehall King, One Man, Everybody like my ting, Chop Kiss, Ayoo, Shatta City, Obordorbidi ??????? C'mon.
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Y’all should report that Flair Radio account 😂What is this Rubbish ??
Retweeted by Fizzy ™😂😂😂😂😂 Flair Radio get agenda.
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Ibi planned thing , forget them children are not born to hate. ♥️ #SayNoToRacism
Retweeted by Fizzy ™ @asantedehye3 them be guy ruff... i love that country, plus Belgium too @ekow_savage Beans @Manuel_Forson1 Let’s wait and see what happens @Manuel_Forson1 Of course they’ll score 😀 @s04_en is a dead teamYesssss!!! Big big win #Werder 🎊🎊 you Hertha and Werder Bremen I just need a goal from Düsseldorf and I go buy land for East Legon 😎Osako should have buried that #Werder @Leo_Tornelli @Botafogo I'd be gratefulLos gehts #Werder 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Kanye Really made great albums
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Monni talent baako sei , tueh 🤮’m tipping @werderbremen_en to beat @s04_en this weekend , Cos they’re a dead team now #Bundesliga @werderbremen_en 3 points or nothing #Werder @JonathanAdamso3 @LivEchoLFC To warm the bench ? @noturpriority__ @LivEchoLFC Don’t think so, all focus on Werner @Botafogo can have him Wale – Am An Eagle (Audio Slide) via @YouTubeShatta Wale – Starboy ( Prod by Da Maker) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Prove You Wrong (Official Video) via @YouTubeShatta Wale – Skin Pain (Prod By Willisbeatz) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Miami Heights via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Mahama Paper (Audio Slide) via @YouTubenobody is touching shatta wale. Fixed it. You welcome
Retweeted by Fizzy ™#BlackLivesMatter ✊🏼
Retweeted by Fizzy ™The hits “songs” machine in Ghana is SHATTA WALE no doubt about it... 3y3 yapcn!!!
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Tik Tok for ban Ghanaians @only_goodvibe Didn’t say I was craving something 😤Shatta Wale - Life Be Time ft. Tinny (Audio Slide) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Reality (Official Video) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Mechanism (Official Video) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Rapture (Official Video) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Pull Wi Down (Official Video) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Nun A Gwan (Audio Slide) via @YouTubeShatta Wale - Life Changer (Official Video) via @YouTubeNo one can tell me that Ghanaians aren’t lit wtf
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Down-cut Aboye Dark skinned Beautiful Use me Ohemaa 😍 @Surnmai Obuu Ohe kwraaa
@NamelezzSnr ajeeeeeeeeeeeeei 😂😂My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album though @You_Sey_WaT kw3 kw3, yaaa s33 @Cas4d_dude All i get now be ice cream @Cas4d_dude 😂😂😂Love Jah work hard and make money Spend money but save money
Retweeted by Fizzy ™I dey hung passThis skit will always be funny😂😂😂 @kimberleyxlfc 💔george floyd was not resisting arrest. this video got taken down, please spread it
Retweeted by Fizzy ™New GM Digital, Media General. 😉 Make some noise!!! Cc: @OtiAdjei @theyawofosu @hughes_onair @julietbawuah
Retweeted by Fizzy ™Working with food vendors on here who know how to package their food well is so blissful & God bless you
Retweeted by Fizzy ™The president just threatened to kill his own citizens. Write that in the fucking history books.
Retweeted by Fizzy ™“Honable” @NYboateng Wedi gorb3 saaaa , s3 sa mu kakra @kelous_ @NYboateng LORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDTTT!!! @NYboateng ɔtweala !!!You coached @AFCAjax_EN ffs! Louis @nicky_fizzy Chale ebi serious oo. The level of stupidity for here de over me sometimes. Setting the little girl up for abuse. Smh.
Retweeted by Fizzy ™ @ed_nyagy @sarkodie has a whole bunch of idiots following him as fans , he should watch out ... if someone can set… wrong with some of you guys? you want people to attack and say horrible things to this innocent kid?