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Tyler @nickystizzy Washington, DC

Actor, Model, Dancer, Stepper, Architect, Professor, Screenwriter | Creator of ‘Perspective’ #FutureDILF

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@Buddie_O @AnotherEchelon_ Nah I could definitely teach it to you 😂Back in my day having a North Face was like having a moncler 😂 y’all don’t even kno 🔥
Retweeted by Tyler @Artofbnfree Aight bet. I’ll get one @Artofbnfree Ohhh yes lemme go get the lil clear one to hold it just in case @Artofbnfree Does the hole heal really fast for you? Mine almost closes over nighti promise y’all black ppl don’t wanna be anything other than black 😭
Retweeted by TylerRyan Destiny serving body 🤍
Retweeted by Tyler @PipeDreamznATL Who’s your team?uber drivers should take a driving test before getting that lil sticker cause17-3. AFC ChampionshipThe Buffalo Bills are not playing this season.“When I Get Home, I’m beating your ass”
Retweeted by TylerWhew that hip transition 😩
Retweeted by Tylernever tell your parents how much money you have
Retweeted by Tylerok jake from state farm 😍
Retweeted by TylerHappy Founder's day SororZ 💙🤍🕊 . #zetaphibetasororityinc #sosweet #1920 #stroll
Retweeted by Tyler @CHASEBLAlSE My bad. Yes they are nfc. I just did all this when I assumed they’d be in the bowl a week ago @DamnYouKakarot 😂 @CHASEBLAlSE Noooo I know that. The game is at 8:15. I’m from Buffalo. I’m saying the final game. Super Bowl. @CHASEBLAlSE You don’t like the Saints?Beyoncé absolutely deserved Dreamgirls. Can’t picture another person playing Deena.Bills vs Saints 🏈 @Roberts_Rules are you looking at?
Retweeted by TylerI watched this on a loop like 10 times and now I wanna make this with my friends
Retweeted by Tyler @_LanceCarter Ohh. Well that’s a reinvestment @_LanceCarter CC as in Adobe?
@alikashots @alikashots this is basic hygiene 😂, I come to you today to request $2,000 stimulus checks for Feb., Mar., and April. They owe us father. In YOUR…
Retweeted by Tyler @WasteOfDick @d_deniro_ 😂😭did I win? #BussItChallenge #BussIt
Retweeted by TylerHow about $4,600 @diettrade With pride @brycelux Happy Birthday 🎈🎉Didn’t I tell y’all to stop bending over to show us your hole if your heels look like cracked concrete? @RVSHVD4K I love it. Entertaininglet’s have that talk
Retweeted by TylerCategory: Black men with grillz 🤎
Retweeted by TylerThe NEW president of the United States 💕
Retweeted by TylerPeople love crediting the toxic shit they do to astrology no bitch you need therapy.
Retweeted by Tylerplease don’t put lil sesame streets kewchie on my tl @DamnYouKakarot FBI agents getting sloppyI hate when barbers get too comfortable and act like the first cut was enough to keep you. This is a relationship.… needs to mind their business. @Artofbnfree So please don’t ask me“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by TylerEveryone is not your friend, be wary.
Retweeted by Tylertiktok’s impact on the music industry is fucking crazy
Retweeted by Tyler @drillnz I really do rewaah anything that’s been sitting too @Arimilan 😢🙏🏽🤍 Thank you Ari!🥴 lemme go to bed101 years of scholarship, service, sisterly love and Finer womanhood 💙🤍🕊
Retweeted by Tylerbecause black men >
Retweeted by TylerI heard my girl Tina Snow trending ❄️
Retweeted by TylerOk soooo I had to repost. How many reviews did they say??? The synergy is real! #OneNightInMiami
Retweeted by Tyler @__LilSuave I did! @_dxtian Don’t spare non neither @_dxtian Back That Ass Up obviously - Lil Wayne version @_dxtian I was about to add that and Rock Yo Hips @_dxtian These feathers flock’t play Pop, Lock & Drop It - Pony - or My Neck, My Back around me please. Cause when the hoe comes out...Why does Cold Stone price the Like It and Love It sizes 10 cents apart?I brought him to my college as the Music Chair... I regret that decision. @vincsmith I used to work at Abercrombie and Hollister so I think it’s me being defiant @vincsmith I am LAZY with my laundry. I must be stopped @maliklamik 😭😭2-4 Business Weeks Approximately @MaccBeChattin 😭😭 @chiddybangy AfSo. Are they all related now?!
Retweeted by Tyler @RealKeanuRushh Shit is pure comedy yo 😂Atlanta tweets be funny as hell 😂 @AyrusOfficial @AuntyTare 😂😭😭😭We want her in .MP3
Retweeted by Tyler @almightyy_rex @TheReal_Conrad @its_onlyace Thank you! @_SubtlePower 😂😂😭😭😭When I’m conducting serious business. Sex is absolutely not on the invoice. Pease respect that I’m really trying to do things correctly. @Iam__Ra Exactly @DeeJayLMS Thank you! 🙏🏽Deleting later follow me on tik tok 😔
Retweeted by TylerIf booty ain’t supposed to be ate, why is it already cut in half?
Retweeted by TylerHappy Founders day and all ......but I ain’t forget
Retweeted by Tyler @iamkidane Incredible!!From stick figures to this .. 🎨🖤
Retweeted by Tyler350 push-ups later
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@imacboyz It’s actually kind of scary and they do the most when you like them just as much @imacboyz ExtremelyOkay I tried, here’s my #bussitchallange 😂😂
Retweeted by Tylerheaven is a place on Earth🍃
Retweeted by Tyler#bigbankchallenge coming soon
Retweeted by Tyler @magicalsd Thank you! 🤍🙏🏽 @_aayomac Thank you! @_ll_cool_l Right! 😂 @ItsChillOvahere @TheReal_Conrad @its_onlyace Thank you!! @ItsTheMelMan Thank you! I’m good at least a year and she always forgets 😂 @blaqueerflow Thank you! 🙏🏽🤍