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nicole @nicoalesence Paige|Viënna|Nino

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@vaeix @NotFamoso Yesss @vaeix @NotFamoso I MIGHT BE TOO TIRED CAUSE I GET HOME AT LIKE 10:30I WANNA GO HOME I DO NOT WANT TO BE AT WORK ANYMORE @balacaveese @KunoReverse @LumiiOW Mole rst @Stummyx4 @d_mplings @Tbefunky Maybe 4700 😳 @d_mplings @Stummyx4 @Tbefunky Rein zarya duo coming to ow soon! @dragonfury735 Yes @NotFamoso Welcome back bestie @NotFamoso No @dragonfury735 In a Vacuum“4700” dps on xbox doing worse than my masters ps4 dps and bitching about me on moira 🥰 FARM ALL OF YOU @f3mcy LMAO I READ THIS AT WORK AND DIDNT GET TO REPLY BUT IM LITERALLY POOPING RN AND JUST REMEMBERED @dragonfury735 @Aidengaming2399 Oh ?
Someone please teach me how to say no @f3mcy @luhvbite PLS THESE VIDS ARE MAKING ME SNORT @f3mcy @luhvbite I mean it might as well be @f3mcy @luhvbite Babe how r u still gm @Tbefunky IM NOT HOME @Tbefunky F you too hoe!Took too long 🤬🤬 @f3mcy Oh right u math geeks @detkneeaf @f3mcy I’d drop kick him first and then those rat kids @f3mcy I guess their best wasn’t good enough if it looks like that you should fail them @Tbefunky @Graffititracer_ @Tbefunky oink oink @f3mcy omg those kids aren’t artistic huh 😹😹 @Tbefunky Im a queen thanks @Tbefunky @kxsskya Hoe* @LolloxReal Mozzarella!! @m7ghty @balacaveese @Pope5Harry Jelly?? @balacaveese @m7ghty @Pope5Harry *slaps ur ass* @balacaveese @m7ghty @Pope5Harry Ur gf slut @m7ghty @balacaveese @Pope5Harry Shes awfulIm not white im Italian! @viollous @Keltcer U could say u got un-hinges HAHAI was lagging @Baybonvonbonbon Ty @d_mplings @__Collinn Bah gull @Baybonvonbonbon Me neither ❤️Cannot girlboss my way through this semester unfortunately
Retweeted by nicole @Graffititracer_ @vaeix Okay and i am? What about it @vaeix Same 💫💫 @Graffititracer_ Probably @Mr_____sex I hope soI am so frustrated with life right now like ugh!! @S0ulDestroyer37 Delete @vaeix LMAO I WAS LIKE OKAY? @vaeix beautiful 🥰💫hi hi <3
Retweeted by nicoleBack when we were the best support duo @vaeix Lets play then 😳 @saturnxyzvii R u @piqment @Tbefunky 😭😭 i opened the door today and went back because all of my teammates went down but i tried to sa… @Viexnna In the kitchen hoe? @Viexnna wya @__Collinn It does
J’taime oui oui baguette @iamAlfiie Let me check ur asshole @iamAlfiie I lost my phone @Tbefunky Kinky 😳Just got funkys IP! Dm if you want it @Lov3pillar I’ll leave it super saturated then teehee while stem stays unsaturated 🤢 @Lov3pillar I mustDo you think he got my message have officially quit stem and i will now be a psychology girl @Tbefunky @FrxstBURN @KevinFromOw True 💀 @V6Kage Yes @Bamboozle____ Hes so uglyyyy @V6Kage Where nino? @Tbefunky Nino > all those losers @NotAllowed0ut BIGGIE @gypsigh Idc about others i just dislike xbox men @Keltcer Cry @NotAllowed0ut BiggieSpecifically men from xbox they are on another level @detkneeaf Exactly @detkneeaf Ugh the play on words for white mustang and why am i staying 😩😩 i love it @bttrflyluver1 Its not more than my bf jeff bezos so hah @bttrflyluver1 Bf @bttrflyluver1 Girl sry jeff bezos my br @bttrflyluver1 2 trillion @bttrflyluver1 girl my savings are way more than u + ur mons @bttrflyluver1 I have $1000 in my bank account + savings what about u cali thot @bttrflyluver1 Joe @bttrflyluver1 Definitely you @nekochanjj Im paying my bbl debt rn sorry @nekochanjj hruGOOD MORNING EVERYONE @d_mplings @Keltcer hehe (evil laugh) ❤️❤️ @Keltcer I never do this right? @d_mplings @d_mplings I WILLIm tired but I dont wanna sleep @Keltcer Id throw if i had u or daisytip @sp00ster @d_mplings @suhfferin 💀💀 @f3mcy bye @Andrew_bnipers What is wrong with uur daydream
Retweeted by nicole @detkneeaf Oh alright @detkneeaf Keep subtweeting me slut!