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Nico Colaleo @NicoColaleo Los Angeles, California

Creator of OLLIE & SCOOPS, and DreamWorksTV’s TOO LOUD! Currently working at Netflix Animation. LA art gallery curator. Past: Disney TVA, Nickelodeon, Titmouse

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We all moved to this lovely space over the holidays last year (right before the pandemic) and we're super pumped to… @dtoons_news @Animated_Antic We've all been in this space since Dec/Jan, before the pandemic started. This news is… @Redgirl013 @MrStarMan64 @Animated_Antic We have literally 30 things in production right now (that just aren't anno…
@VivziePop Aw thanks Viv. We're just two bi buds! ❤️
An army of Ollies and Scoopses! Hah! @anxiety_bees Love these! Glad to see you're thinking about pitchingIt's yrev very good to see you again, old friend.
That was easily the biggest quake I've felt in 12 years living here. Also the first one since I've had my kitties,…
Use a movie gif from the year you graduated high school. @chaoticcosmos32 From past examples, I don't think Netflix really talks or shows anything about their new originals…
God look how many different expressions and drawings there are in just one second.. Daffy is my favorite really love this early small Daffy with eye mask and shoes out the kitten my sister is rescuing, name of Dinah :) @VivziePop Ooh boy, what now?
@Zeurel @Animatoonings Hot damn that animation is mouth wateringI'm going LIVE in 1 hour with Craig Bartlett, the creator of Hey Arnold! We'll be discussing how to create and buil…
Latest acquisitions for my LT corner baby girl sleeps pretty cool
@potatofarmgirl Pizza is scientifically proven to improve the mood of the human brain, so I say yes, order away!My next stream is this Wednesday at 4pm (PST) and my guest is Craig Bartlett, the creator of Hey Arnold! The topic:…
@philipperales Close! "Lay-oh", not "lee-oh"Regarding my last name: I get people saying "Co-lay-lee-oh" the most. But the REAL pronunciation is "Cola-lay-oh"!… @ncrossanimation Congrats, and welcome to the Big N Team!!!! @chrisprynoski @TitmouseInc It's like I'm really there at the studio!!!!!! @RobRenzetti D'oh, I missed out. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!! I hope you have a great day!
The #OllieAndScoops team and I have been hard at work all summer on Episode 7 but it should be out next week! Then…
2020 @Hug_bees I really love these
@AnimationFan3 @OffBrandLink Yep, specifically the finger pointing up. No idea why it gets me @kaymakesthings Oh yeah, I'm just talkin' shop. For anyone who does these things, it's not stupid or wrong. Just ha… YOU @OffBrandLink for reminding me the name of #1! The "teapot" pose! @OffBrandLink OMG THAT'S RIGHT! I forgot that term! The teapot! That's perfect. (ALSO MISS YOU PHIL) @syndrocrite @DrawnCoyote The "hand wanders/wrist rotates while trying to remember" also drives me nuts. (By NO MEA…
I saw that Tweety and Sylvester Mysteries made it to HBO Max and the HD restoration looks wonderful. I wanna see th… @DylanCartoonell @rwmead Right? I am very confused @potatofarmgirl heeee-heehee!! @EatherStar Ah yes! Let's see.. Definition of a "Scene" Animation: One shot. As soon as we cut to the next shot,… @rwmead If sold to Hulu does that mean it won't be on HBO Max? Are they two different things?Anyone know if any 90s WB animated series will be coming to HBO Max? It'd be amazing to see HD remastered Freakazoid or Tiny Toons!You’ll NEVER see this in one of my cartoons!!!!!!! @EatherStar To get even more anal, doesn't "bipack" technically mean to have two parts of the BG moving at two slig… @crazybobaaddict @ogatodobalaio Whip pan example: @lorovis I get a panel of a character doing this in every single episode of every show I've ever worked on, including my own. INSTANT CUT.2) Whip pans. Like the quick 4-frame long "whoosh" ones. Not to hate on board artists but I see whip pans in almost… things I ALWAYS CUT from storyboards to animation: 1) Characters with eyes closed, finger pointing up while ta… @SarahJSketches Never heard of this but I like it! Yes, cut out ALL the walking/traveling of characters! Who cares… @EatherStar Ahhhh yes bipack I've known for a good while now, I remember learning about it though and being like "w… @mayyde It could be many different lengths! But most commonly I've seen either 8 or 16 framesOh yeah... It took me until just last year (9 years of work!) to learn what "chyron" was. (Simple: text or titles superimposed on-screen) @SarahSerata And you got me on that one, never heard of "chicken at eight". @SarahSerata Whoa, what cartoon is animated on 8s??What are some animation/film terms you had no idea what their definition was until you worked in the industry? Dur… @Cheyenne_Curtis @DisneyTVA Wonderful news!!
My favorite animated show is gone. This is terrible news :( I hope we can get a Season 8 or a proper finale somewa…
2020 @JW_Cartoonist Nah, they for the most part don't knock anything over. And all the very valuable stuff is in places they can't reach
Tryin 2 stay cool @fyrebrand_94 As in @AshMichelleSims?The remaining schedule for Cartoon Crash Course, my CTN streaming show! You can't miss these last 3 eps. Look at th…
Best buds @misterbabadork Would love to see him drawn in your style..!
We're LIVE in 45 minutes! Join me and @VivziePop as we chat and Q&A about creating your OWN cartoon outside the st… this!! crap. I grew up hearing horror stories about Action Park, and now there's finally a documentary about it!! T… @Aspen_Wind @VivziePop Oops- 4pm pst!
Oh my. It's only been a few days, and we're 1/3 out of stock! If you want these Ollie & Scoops vinyl figures, you b… @mexopolis CUTE! #CUTECUTECUTESearch online for as many photos of these walls as you can! It's a vast collection of fun (and usually drunken) ar… is SUCH a bummer. This is where I met so many friends. Where every Monday we'd meet with Adventure Time/Regula… @Zeurel Shalom!
@LRhossard When we're done working on it! I'm hoping no longer than a week or so
@Badlucky_666 When you purchase a ticket, CTN will email you within a couple days before the show with the Zoom roo… @SindaKrif @VivziePop No audience limit @SJHanna3 When’s it’s released yeah. Tends to show up on the CTN site a few weeks after the live show @1jcmaxwell Had no idea about this.. and now I’M excited! Anything new by Kaufman is an instant watch for me. Thanks for spreading the word!Tonight’s backyard screening years ago, a light-hearted comedy like Bill & Ted Face the Music might've just come and gone. But in 2020, ANYTH… this horrible nightmare of an existence we're all living in right now, I love that we can get something comple… @Badlucky_666 All info is in the promo photo. Get your ticket here: @FlowSapphire @Badlucky_666 This is over Zoom, which I believe everyone should have access to regardless of what country they live in. @mrsbruges @VivziePop Buy your ticket for the Vivienne episode here! @SJHanna3 It's live on Zoom, and the recorded episode will be available later on CTN's website as an embedded Vimeo video.
The remaining 4 streams are BIG ones with BIG guests! After @VivziePop on 9/2, we have CRAIG BARTLETT (creator of H…'m so excited to welcome my pal @VivziePop onto the next episode of Cartoon Crash Course, this Wednesday (9/2) at… @Toonforbrains What are you talking about, this year has been amazing!
@Cheyenne_Curtis Yeah, I felt out of sorts.. And would get very emotional over things that don't usually bother me!… @Cheyenne_Curtis Due to being busy, I had to take a few weeks off from therapy recently... and MAN did I feel it. I…
I'm putting together a reel from all the shows I've ever worked on, and it's very.. surreal. Haven't felt something… @colorpulp It also helps that he looks like a Star Trek villain
@gayforgrils Tell her I love this! And thank you!
@GreyDeLisle @alyankovic Love ya and happy birthday!Долгий процесс)
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With the release of Ollie & Scoops VINYL FIGURES, our online store is complete. Visit Mystery Shack now to shop the… @Sgtzima @Harlack ANYthing that’s about tidal waving your chute and I can’t help but click! @_marcpadilla @Olga_Fedotova_ Oh wow, thanks Marc!! @HenriekeDraws @JanaBergevin Loove it. Also some of my favorite animation on Alice herself, in a low budget TV commercial no less @misterbabadork OH yes, same here! FGW is severely underrated @misterbabadork Great Mouse Detective is one of my faves FOR SUREI'm a sucker for cartoon vinyl figures, and now you can purchase Ollie & Scoops!! These are gorgeous! Pre-order at… @misterbabadork ohh wow!