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Nico Colaleo @NicoColaleo Los Angeles, California

Creator of OLLIE & SCOOPS, and TOO LOUD on DreamWorksTV! Currently at Netflix Animation on KID COSMIC. LA art gallery curator. Filmmaker. Past: Disney TVA, NICK

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Evening burp!
@misterbabadork Haha I get that a lot. “My mom thinks you’re hilarious” Thanks! @TheVeronicaT Aw thanks Veronica!!It's here @giordanopacifi1 months of work on #OllieAndScoops "Student of the Month", I video documented the episode's whole production… @misterbabadork Can't w8! @mexopolis hahahaHERE THEY COME you like learning about animation, seeing behind-the-scenes stuff, and watching footage of my face talking, then… @meanwhilestudio Hey @NinoColaleo, meet my good pal Troy, who draws amazing Hunters all the time!Now THIS is what I'm talking about!! @Magpie_Feather That's in April right?
Could show Ollie & Scoops, some Too Loud, maybe even other stuff of mine!Now that there’s about to be 6 episodes of Ollie & Scoops, it’d be a good time to have an LA screening party :) Yay…
@dee_bax The original design would actually work pretty well if the movie took place in the 60s and Roger was worki… @dee_bax Also the original design looks like an 80s/90s design. More detailed final Roger looks more in place with the 1940s @dee_bax I'm the opposite. I find the original design generic and bland. Maybe a Tex-look works better for a 7 minu… @curtislelash So proud!!Woo! KLAUS wins the Annie for Best Feature!! (presented by Christopher Lloyd!) Henry Selick receiving the Winsor McCay Award! From pals @mexopolis and sweet Brookie!! BoJack just won Best General Audience Show! (the category I’m a judge in!) dogg Netflix is DESTROYING it at the Annies tonight! Also Tuca & Bertie just won best writing!At the Annies 2020 - And a very happy birthday to @mexopolis ya big sweet lug!
@ositodraws I'd say BoJack too. But I really love them allGetting ready for the Annies. Rooting for BoJack, Tuca, and Klaus to grab some awards! @mexopolis HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORGE!! You're the best, man. 💕 @Cheyenne_Curtis @pepperfernandez haha yess! @ShackGoblin Yep, we're out in the woods undergroundIn Bugs’ living room...! #BugsBall2020 wabbits!! #BugsBall2020’s up doc? #BugsBall2020 360° Photobooth the Bugs Ball on the WB Lot!
@DaveCapdevielle Youre straight up suffering from panic attacks. Whatever medication you’re taking isn’t the right… scene animated by @johnnygoransson!)Ollie & Scoops Episode 6, "Old Crumplecranks", coming to your eyeballs in mid-February! A giant love letter to Flei… @Cheyenne_Curtis Love ya Chey!! 💕💕💕
HILDA artwork from this weekend's LA gallery show is now AVAILABLE to all on the internet! Browse and buy NOW thro… out a whole photo album of this past weekend's Hilda art show!! Thanks everybody for coming! Photos Here:… @JoTheZette That Babs is the cutest possibly ever! @onemanshowoff @misterbabadork I love the idea but I'd need someone who has time to draw, write and make it
@Hug_bees Omg that BUTT @catpishh Soo lovely! @misterbabadork sweet baby boy! @mattmusic14 PLENTY more surprises on the way too!
@VivziePop Knowing Lancers, you and Brandon were probably the youngest people in the restaurant by a good 50 yearsHey look! A brand new #OllieAndScoops character, debuting later this year for a 2-part episode adventure. Ollie's e…, they could just say no. "An indie internet cartoon? Get lost." It really means a lot.It feels really good that the agents and managers of the actors I'm getting for this year of Ollie & Scoops episode… @little_digits I notice that too. At the end of the Mummy, Jurassic Park and Transformers rides all the employees c…
WOW. Thanks to everyone, artist and visitor, for making #HildaArtShow2020 tonight a BIG SUCCESS! So many pieces sol…
Retweeted by Nico Colaleo @eltonpot Check out this piece by Haskett I saw at a Rocky and Bullwinkle art show back in 2014. Boris and Natasha… @LordFeral2121 @LordFeral2121 @Puppetology @thatlukeperson @creativetalent @TwittyEmily @roboticwilly @sofia_texacity @RobRenzetti @IsaiahPlummer3 lollllThe Hilda art gallery is open to the public until Feb 28th! Plenty of time to visit, and lots of fantastic artwork… Thanks to everyone, artist and visitor, for making #HildaArtShow2020 tonight a BIG SUCCESS! So many pieces sol… @Puppetology Your piece sold Circe! Congrats!!!!
@alice_mation Breathe. Take as long as you need. Don’t need to stress over this! @Puppetology You are so goooodWhoaa check out this timelapse of us hanging artwork! Thanks @ctnanimexpo for filming this! HILDA art show TOMORRO…
@MaraWilson Been re-watching through BoJack and just heard you as Jill Pill! :)I finally got invited to the Bugs Ball!dudes make sure you watch the next Ollie and Scoops, it's gonna be so dope.❤️ here's a wip Rudy
Retweeted by Nico Colaleo @ScarletMature @egoing007 @fishsauce69 @Damienx247 @RealClownfishTV The beautiful thing about opinions is that you can disagree with them @Yeefi @friendly_roach @fishsauce69 @Damienx247 @ScarletMature @RealClownfishTV Well that’s fuckin rude. Your heart is gross. @egoing007 @ScarletMature @fishsauce69 @Damienx247 @RealClownfishTV “Hate” was a strong word. I more meant I didn’t… @egoing007 @fishsauce69 @Damienx247 @ScarletMature @RealClownfishTV Uhhh I don’t work on RoarA quick Ollie and Scoops before bed ^__^
Retweeted by Nico Colaleo @FtK_Artist Omigosh!! What a surprise.. Thank you! @GFallsBelieber @ninjamac He’s in episodes 1 and 3 already, too! :) @jslipchi It'll be up and open for visiting Mon-Fri, 11am-6pm until the end of February!EEEEEEEP!!! <3 art gallery installed and ready for Saturday night! See you then? #HildaArtShow2020
Thanks everyone for the help- I've got tons of options now! @Puppetology Looove!
@TianaCamachoVO Thank you! Have a link to a couple of the FB groups? (Also, you were in Beefcake Boys! My pal Chett's show!) @madelinedorroh that'd be appreciated! @PaperBoxHouse @NeatoTito_ I will buy if the price is rightDoes anyone know a good way to scout out voice actors of specific gender/color? I don't wanna just use white friend… @lynnvwang You da bessst <3 @NeatoTito_ Oh that Simpsons cel rules! @JamesUrbaniak @SFSketchfest @hallublin @MarkGags @MSinter @danasnyder @jacksonpublick Love my Dr. Venture @SerChichester @thatlukeperson It’s open to the public @_jerb_ @VivziePop @ninjamac @Lozoescartoons Nope this is entirely self-funded. That's a very good question and I a… lots of little spooky shivering noises from @VivziePop and @ninjamac for this next #OllieAndScoops episode 😜 An… @DaveCapdevielle ehehehee @jslipchi I think it'll be fine - Highly doubt it'll be uncomfortably packed like NucleusHi! I'm curating a HILDA art show THIS SATURDAY evening in Burbank. There's artwork from 50+ industry artists plus…
@Hug_bees I feel the exact same. Not sure what’s going on - but take all the time you need to feel back in the swin… @SeiberMight @MixxMasterMedia 80% of the time when I’m writing a new episode, I already know who I want to voice th… @TwittyEmily Can't wait to see this in person <3 @SeiberMight @MixxMasterMedia A few days of emailing/paperwork. Not bad. @MixxMasterMedia Regarding reaching out: I either directly contact the voice actor, or their agency if they request…'ve mentioned - voice actors AND MOVIE actors!Gonna start looking through all the submissions now.. Either way, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who commented and is intere…'s been a little while of emailing with agents back and forth... But holy crap, there are so many PHENOMENAL voic… @NeatoTito_ One of my favorite shows of all time. Stick with it. Season 1 is goofy but it gets surprisingly deep an…