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illustrator all art and photos by me unless otherwise noted don't repost without permission

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@ianmacewan yeah pretty much the same for me - i love all the crossing, double crossing, triple crossing but yeah J… @_porcelainbones oof yeah.. i like the actual storyline but between Josie's characterization and "Mr. Tojamura" .....when you watch Twin Peaks (og seasons), are you invested in the whole Packard sawmill storyline? it's the only stor… @CaliginousCorba i don't have a storefront cause i can't quite manage maintaining a store but i have a few prints a… @heyjenbartel @raphaellacoste oh wow gorgeous!! looked him up and i'm in love!! @duncanjewett feel like it jumped the shark at the pilot and then they spent the rest of the show doing trick jumps for fun💀 is from the What we do in the shadows show, which i'm really warming up to now, love this cast and set of charactersTrue Blood: @Jason_Gio they're really not even that sexy werewolves on the other hand..all i remember is ryan kwanten being like the ultimate himboevery so often i'm like "oh maybe it's time for a true blood rewatch" and then i'm like no that show can stay in th… @MattTaylorDraws loooll sometimes i'll leave a tiny area kinda messy on my sketch and think "oh i'll figure it out…🎃 one week til spooky times 🎃 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" 18x24" screenprint 2014 know paper/wooden cutlery/straws are better(?) for the environment but boy do they feel horrible on one's tongue @ElektroVojvoda i work on claybord which is a white surface, i fill in with black ink and then scratch out to creat… process t̶̺͖̣̄͆̃̓͊h̷̻̗̪̟̤̖͈̓̋̿͑ȗ̶͚͓̏̊͗̔̇͊͆̀̕m̵̠̣̦̩̤̗̭͚͍̍̾̎́͐b̸̳́n̶̢̥̳̯͇͂͐̔̌̕a̶̢͎̱̝͍̣̼̻̬̽̿̀͋̄̓̈͜͝ǐ̴̥̐̍͐̽̍̾̿̍… @overlysalty she's allowed on the couch.. he's not 😅if bosses get new moves in NG+ or boss rush mode im going to lose itim very into the tengu skinwhat is going on!! why does Geni have new moves!! Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Game of the Year Edition Trailer |… for a surprise)🌝🐶
@eniddin gaaah gorgeous work! just want to dive into those colors @dashiellsilva it's from a department store ad?? @saraarielwong 😅i used to love doing the black crayon over rainbow paint thing indeed! @thenicoleham let me be cradled by a giant faun @Deathsilk im taking that with me i don't want to eat whatever cafeteria food hey have in hell for all eternity! @JennRavenna depends on the definition of amazing place, my dream places to live are mostly very remote and probabl… estate will be a bunch of psds entitled WIP and a collection of notebooks containing nothing but to do lists @kiirotokuroi ah no, today it was about the new animaniacs show 🙃every time i dip a toe into animation twitter i immediately regret it, animation fans are *exhausting*who could've predicted that 2020 would be the year of Miley?? @JenniJabber thanks !😭 @itmememo thank you !! @dashiellsilva ~Branding~ @Deathsilk lmao .. the og influencers @nachtauge_ yeah hopefully! don't think we can count on it being a traveling show either :(((omg plz i want to go .____. @Garretthanna sometimes the playlist ends and I'll work for like 5 hours straight in total silence without noticing
@1SLES love this!!! @portablecity i mean i could do one piece a year lol, it'd be sumptuous @Himmapaan @DreadfulK i think it's also what kind of illustrations they did? there seemed to be a *lot* of money in… @ziqqix yeah! Leyendecker's life doesn't sound all that fun tbh... @twenty_eggs Booth came from a family of farmers, but according to the bio, they didn't sound *poor*.. Leyendecker… yes, what illustrator today doesn't own an island? @johnleedraws yeah thanks for adding a bit of context - their role was definitely very different from what an illustrator's role is now @DreadfulK and if you read about how the Society of Illustrators started it was basically a social elite kinda gent… @DreadfulK i don't know but I honestly wouldn't be surprised! if you read the Leyendecker bio they actually talk a… @JGEichstaedt well $500-1500 still seems par for the course for a newspaper illustration today 🤣 @markhorparkour yeah when i first read that i was like that's ... .. that's what illustration pays today!! 100 years later!!! @imzeferino JC Leyendecker bio is pretty good for that, he came from an (upper?) middle class background and throug…🤔🤔🤔's funny to read about like early (20th) century illustrators getting rich with illustration and like *rich* rich… @Lindakrautz_art thank you ! @nof7ture i've been working with scratchboard for almost 10 years now @kortizart thank you Karla 😊🌞 it started how it's going 😁 @PatRSteiner yesWIP i doing this to try and get the same endorphin rush i used to get as a kid when i spent hours trying to pick the… @lunarinyx here's the recipe! @celineorelse yeah! so i'm looking at this one now >_> gay is so annoying somtimes @celineorelse oh i think i saved it when you shared it actually! good to know!(haven't tried this recipe yet but it looks super tasty)do i spend a bit too much time doing shoddy graphic design work on recipes i print out to put in my cookbook? maybe
@dududu_forever it's only heavy cream, sugar and egg yolks, perfectly healthy! @humanmgnart ooh looks nice i'll check it out thanks! @junk_dino ah yeah! i actually love the second part too, for different reasons, it's got some really fun mechanics… want a game that has the same atmosphere as the first segment of Terranigma process idea > first sketch > final sketch > final art @polradaemon it's an ancient tumblr meme @chromato_mania oh wow this is beautiful! @lanibirdtweets @TiffanyTurrill glad you like it!! i may have some prints >_> @CCCrystalClear_ they can grow big but the white parts of the leaves don't do photosynthesis quite as effectively (… i'm gonna watch the new Rebecca just for Kristin Scott-Thomas @sane_kyle these are so good dude @geeblets ah thanks!! seeing like 2-leaf cuttings for 200€ around so no thanks @JennRavenna i'm lucky i have a small nursery right down the street that sometimes sells "rare" cuttings at normal… @nachtauge_ yeah! they're just like really popular atm so really high demand it's so dumbphilodendron white knight and white wizards are starting to fetch absurd prices too ....lmao gtfo white wave! a cutie! gays.?? buy?? plants?? to??cope???? @dashiellsilva that reminds me this one time at a company dinner (ugh) one of H's colleagues was telling a story ab…
@whereiseileen thanks Eileen!! @JennRavenna im so tempted by the upcoming X-S10!also yeah this is my first movie poster in.... a very long time! hype! @Ezrazzle i picked up a 2 leaf for 20€ at my local nursery a year and half ago... it's 7 leaves now.... could sell it for ... a lot lol @cohendraws yeah definitely - at some point the bubble's gotta burst! @quailtea yeah the thai constellation market is insane... i get that they look pretty on ig but come ontweeting like a 17th century dutch botanistmonstera variegata cutting prices are out of control @Willowstration yup! @xavierTD the instant i sent the tweet i thought damn should've added Kamek voice lolcleanup~'s get HBC her emmy already