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Okay so I’m out of the body aches phase with my second moderna shot, but now I’m entering the nausea phase 🥴 yayDid anyone throw up/get really nauseous from the second moderna vax? @k4iley Lucky! @mollytaber I’m about 36 hours in and fuckkkk the body aches still are here
If I took alieve an hour ago and it’s not working, can I take Tylenol? A bitch is hurtinnnnn from the second shot @jaichanellie LmaoHead ache is like my normal migraines that I’m kinda used to unfortunatelynew bikini ❣️🌿✨
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOSo far my symptoms from the second shot are bad head ache and sore af arm! I’ll keep you updated but good so far! No fever currently 🤞🏼🧿🙏🏼Tell me you’re unwell without telling me you’re unwell. I’ll start.
SHE’S FULLY VAXXXED HUNNNY!On our way to get the second vaxxxx #ModernaGang #modernahoe 🧿🙏🏼✨ @princess_taffi LMFAOStop demonizing skincare ingredients that don’t work for you 2021 🙃
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOJust posted a sneak peek of my 4/20 merch shirt!!! It’s on my IG!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHGI had so much fun making this hehehe
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOI uploaded a new tiktok inspired by @jackieaina rating/roasting my handbags scouring the internet for content creators & up and coming artists....😉
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO @Dolphen__ 10000000000% @HereForTheTea2 Oh shit I didn’t even think of the damn tea!!!!! That is very true as well! @jackieaina NICOL
@TaliaMar YESSSSSSAbercrombie jeans try on haul is up on my tiktok if any of ya wanna check it out: hair journey has been such a long one but fuck I’m so happy rn! is why a 4/20 collection is important to me. To break the damn stigma around it! I just posted a little teaser video on my Instagram for 4/20 merch AHHHH IM NERVOUS LOLGet ready 4/20/21 9am pacific #newmerchwhodis @ Los Angeles/Hollywood California
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO🌟 for whoever needs it you’ve done so good bby omg look at what you’ve made it through!!! U live and learn and are…
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO @kenzsh16 Hey babe it’s rare beauty! A combo of “inspire” and “ascend” in their soft matte lippie @TaliaMar I would love that clear bb! @callierules4151 @khloekardashian I’m not talking about hate on the picture, I’m talking about years of people bull… @sflorisa Hot damn girl!!! Okay so I have Advil, alieve and Tylenol readyPSSY TALENTED IT DO CARTWHEELS
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO @savysavannahhh My first dose the only thing I really had was a bad stinging arm @USAshl3y In California it’s open to people who are immunocompromised and Riley and I are! They also are opening it… @sflorisa How high was your fever? @Carlilinares Omggg truethe comments alone are enough to send someone back into a downward spiral!!! The shit you say online no matter how… and I get our second moderna vaccine tomorrow!!!! I’m a little nervous but so excited!!!! How did your second shot go? @KathrynElleese That’s what I got the curvy one!!!!!
Liveeeee on my twitch now bullshittinnnn and playin some games WEDNESDAY LETS GAME @victoriasblog13 It was in store!I got the best jeans from Abercrombie and the best part it, they were on sale for $20!!!!GUYS today i am doing my first ever sponsored IG live today... i’m super nervous about it bc IG is... well IG lmao.…
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOI’m so sad for khloe 🥺 people have called her the ugly one her entire life and now they’re shocked when she panics…
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOI did my first ever curly hair sponsorship on my tiktok 🥺🤍 I can’t believe it! After years of being self conscious… @gabassunta Merch!!!!YALLLL GET READY
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO4/20/21 - 9am pacific - @tiktokcreators help my girl out! anti haul (products I'm not buying) video is now up on my youtube channel! hope y'all like & please consider su… it is taking everything in me not to leak my 4/20 collection lmfaoooooI’m excited to announce that my discount code with colourpop is back!!! It’s code “NICOL” at checkout for 10% off (code is affiliate)
Just tested out the new fenty beauty body sauce (aka their new body makeup) on my tiktok!! says spring time like neon lime greeeen! Wearing @savagexfenty #savagexambassador @ Los Angeles/Hollywood C… @pokimanelol 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Good morning bitches! Let’s kick some fuckin ass today!!! @jessmaettv Just followed you on the Tok!!!! Can’t wait to see! Hope all went well with your move 🤍 @jessmaettv LOL I love this 😆 @TeniPanosian 🧿🙏🏼🙌🏼 @jawsolyn My biggest thing right now is making sure I have enough sunscreen on my face at all times! I recently lea…’s no filter here, taken with front camera on iPhone 11pro max! (I’m trying to work on the sunspots on my lil nose rn)Learning more in depth about skincare has been the best thing for my skin! NEWS FOR THE TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY!!!!!! (the fact that this was almost a possibility however is horrifying)
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOwatching larger creators stealing your ideas and not crediting you is ✨cool✨
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOPart 3 of roasting makeup products I used to love: did a little first impressions of the @rarebeauty new eyeshadow palette on my tiktok:
Why was I not invited to this event?!?!?!?!?!? @itscottmichael Omggg that’s a cute idea I love that @Adrian_beautee I’m feeling kinda shady todayI have no idea what to film for YouTube today 🥴🥴 I’m between cooking, anti haul or spring favoritesToday is the best last day to help me reach my goal of working with Sephora!! If you have a free moment and would…
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOWhy do the weekends go by so fast 🥺there’s a saying that goes “don’t piss on me and say it’s raining” lmao I’m not stupid, don’t try me!
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOyes, i do blame every character flaw on my astrological placements :)
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOEarthquake omg my heart is racing
Yo... I actually low key am a good cook I think???? @tajiareed AWWWWW I LOVE ITCost to consumers: Nike Air Max 270s: $150 Dish Network basic package: $64.99 FedEx "large" box delivery: $20.00…
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOIsabelle, fuck your bunny day!!!!!!! birthday to my Aries king @MannyMua733 he’s always been so kind, sweet and supportive of me since day one!!!!… @calebmykhel_ LmfaoHappy Easter my little bunny rabbits!2004 was one for the books
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIOOkay we back on twitch and Riley is joining me now: everyone! Let’s play drunk games again: posted a little mental health reminder that’s helped me and also is a great reminder on my tiktok!'S READY FOR SOME SATURDAY FUN?!!?!?
I look good today wow 🥺
Retweeted by NICOL CONCILIO @dermangelo Dude I know!!!!!!!God, thank you 🙏🏼 @amrezy I feel like you just smell luxurious and rich @rebeccaseals Dude it was a look I ain’t even gonna lie! Very jersey shore vibesI wore my hair like this everyday from 2009-2011 @Rocioceja_ I really hope so! I would do anything to see them all together one last time 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺Btw we will have sizes small-4X! did it @tajiareed LOVE IT