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@smartgiles Shall I bring red or white? @francesbarber13 @TessaRedig Amazon prime it? @Richard18618097 @GreenPartyMolly @charltonbrooker ? @vickipepperdine I sat in my kitchen all day yesterday watching my kettle and contrary to local wisdom I was able t… warnings of unnecessary deaths because of the ridiculous flirtation with herd immunity strategy are becoming re…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @paulsinha can’t you call Andy @mitchellvii I think this tweet will age badly, I hope it won’t, but I think it will...Anyone in Belfast have an air bnb house they can't use who would be willing to let it to a young woman and her chil…
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👇🏾 exactly @JaneyGodley 😳 @BootstrapCook 😍take care x @BethRigby @NHSuk Keep asking @BethRigby x @GreenPartyMolly I’ve just swapped a 12 pack of cushelle for a small holiday home in the Gower ! @SarahfromBath @dandehussey @thebathgardener What about these limited edition @RobRyan_Art set of four mugs? Need t… @RudyGiuliani @RealCandaceO I expect this will age badly
I loved the clapping & it was especially moving where I live on doorstep of massive hospital but if we really want…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @BenKentish 🤦🏽‍♀️This man is MINT.🥊🥊🥊🥊
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamBBC News - Coronavirus: Gtech designs prototype ventilator @trishtur 😳❤️.@piersmorgan: in your new role as leader of the opposition please can you focus on call centres, which are apparen…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @stephenfry Grow it
😍 @overton66 Name and shame , name and shame @smartgiles Are they doing the Joe Wicks morning workout? I did it with my little one this morning - with a coffee… @RoseUnwin Sending you and your fam a virtual hug x @paulsinha You stay safe @paulsinha I will miss you comeback soon 😘"This is criminal... for goodness sake, stop." That was intensive care specialist Professor Hugh Montgomery's mess…
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamSimple, brilliant solution no?
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamSeriously, is there no citizen effort to buy & ship these in & distribute?? We’ve known about this for 9 days now &…
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamA VERY important message
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To those who refuse to practice social distancing and continue as if nothing is going on. I hope that none of your…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @HildaBaker Is that mic in front of a chalk board or stretched material?👏🏾👏🏾 @JonathanPieNews Instead of “SpringWatch” you could bring us a daily “CuntWatch” public service broadcasting❤️ @dirjordanhogg What doesn’t my mum get about touching her face. She’s in isolation but when I Facetime her I have t… @Richard18618097 @JonMonie @BristolHipp Riverdance @Richard18618097 @JonMonie @BristolHipp 😂 @RomeshRanga Please tell me you are in lockdown with your Mum @JonMonie @thatchrisgrimes posts 😳Ffs @BorisJohnson @MattHancock this is totally unacceptable protect our frontline NHS workers NOW!! I never thought… @drdomthompson Well just seen your thread over the@last couple of days -congratulations- you have a unique take on “honeymoon” 🤣Lockdown should've happened a couple of weeks back.
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @BorisJohnson this is unacceptable
I was privileged to produce a video for the medics in Belfast who are risking all for us in the coming week. Pleas…
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamIt is also the kind of short film @BorisJohnson should be playing at his briefings. Film and graphic are far more p…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam"Stay home. Don't move. This is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus." Italian doctor Sylvia Bignamini…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @richardosman Finally you have a purpose! 😂
@Jiji56601984 @reece_dinsdale They’re on my list too 😉 @reece_dinsdale If the last few years has taught us anything it is we need to invest more in our education system @DianaHarding7 @mbaliaretha @Femi_Sorry You are talking rubbish @peterjukes FFS @BorisJohnson please can you start running TV and radio adverts to tell people to stay the fuck in doors!!!!#savemymum @ruskin147 What did you go for in the end Rory , Zoom, House party? @PhelpsieSarah If you look closely you think I can see the baby Jesus... stay at home, for my mum Peggy, I find her a bit annoying I describe her as a “bit of a character” but every… @ruskin147 My kids have been using house party but it’s a little glitchyMy guess is that Johnson will now sack Cummings imminently. He is a useful scapegoat for the Government’s criminall…
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamCan you please circulate this to any NHS workers you know. The deputy CMO said on Friday this situation was ‘resolv…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @GreenPartyMolly We are an island and had a unique opportunity to really crack down on the transmission of the viru… @ruskin147 Absolutely agree. Panic buying was not solely down to “selfish” people it ensued because the government…
@RepKatiePorter wow what did your parents do to create two such impressive people! This video needs to be shared pe… @Sillyshib And Beaker dear made the mistake of looking at FB last night which always has the unique ability of making me feel isolated at the best of times 😬 @Mucus99052625 @norfolkpainter @GreenPartyMolly Dear Mucus Mucus ....where does that name come from it’s really un…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 just a brilliant explainer, also very moving
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamThis is the best piece I’ve seen on social distancing via @robosborneitv who explains to his mum - who is caring fo…
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamThis made me chuckle
All our food has gone now- we’re trying to cook some more ASAP. Today Wilsons team fed over 50 NHS staff. It’s genu…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @BorisJohnson is this what you meant when you said you were going to keep key workers safe ?!!! FFS @smartgiles Can’t you go all Italian and sing Nessun dorma from the balcony 😍Testing testing, testing-WHO friends Dad is dying alone in a Spanish hospital. She is allowed nowhere near. She’s waiting for the inevitable…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @thebodycoach We started today
Retweeted by Nicole ArumugamThe REALITY that will befall our vulnerable- so all you fuckwits who are still going to pubs and bars cause “I’m yo… on how to get through the next couple of months 😍 listen to Dr Catherine Motherway. We are sorely lacking these voices in Britain. Stark, angry, true
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam😀 PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on my YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV 📺 Please please share this wi…
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@RichardNJames I think that’s something Gail Gordon said to me ..... @realDonaldTrump Another nincompoo!Test test test @WhispersAngel @RebeccaFront @Duxie_Em Oh fucking hell you are a nincompoo. Why don’t you engage your brain before you speak @WhispersAngel @huttersm @RebeccaFront @almurray Medicine and food trips have not been stopped of course you need t… millions of other people, my brother is considered key frontline staff. They have to work. They have to go ou…
Retweeted by Nicole Arumugam @sindhuvfunny is this more to your liking?? 😂 @GreenPartyMolly @BBCr4today I agree @BrexitLondon @GreenPartyMolly Don’t be tight @Dhodgem So do you think your better half have had it but it didn’t show up cause she’d recovered? @Dhodgem That’s really interesting, does the test show if you’ve had it or only if you’ve got it? And how did you g… @MrFront Actor: definition (the way I do it any way 😂) =self isolator. @Dhodgem It would be really helpful to get a day by day diary xx @mikegalsworthy I think the trouble was we didn’t get clear information from the outset you can’t blame people for… @janegarvey1 @charbhardy I’m wondering whether we can make fortunately a daily occurrence...#Coronavirus: Experiment in northern Italian town halts all new infections after trial It was not complicated: it…
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@BorisJohnson But sadly not the intelligence @charlottechurch I think while we are just social distancing then yes but when we get to lockdown then I would say no @RoseUnwin Can you post a daily pic think that smile might be the thing that gets us through next few months 😍