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Back, sorted, and looking glorious! Thanks for the advice, @Chookooloonks and Plant Twitter! 🪴 was ZZ before we left the nursery. Now I need to go back there to get it fixed up again.! Transporting my new coworker (the ZZ Plant) home and it tipped over when I turned the corner and then rolled… @FairlyOddMother Haha!These chil’run are disrespectful. (The font size is plain rude!) @NatashaNicholes Cute on cute on cute! @SheerHubris Like that you have a whole plan. @angelajames Ooh. Going fancy. @MsKhadishaT You said, man, keep that bird. Gimme the stuffing! @PterryMc Adventurous. Nice! @Lindakwert Dig it!
Curious: What’s the main dish at your family gathering for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa? @sbdezilvaw Hahaha!You also already know how many times I’ve watched this.You already know my favorite part! @Chookooloonks (But why is the speaker system aces tho? Hahaha! Every P is poppin, every S is sizzling on this mic.) @AlaiaWilliams Thanks! @robinnelee Ooh. Let me look into that one too. My friend Karen, a wise one, suggested I get a ZZ. Really like the looks of that guy. @HeatherBarmore I know snake but now need to look up ZZ @patesden Do we have to say “kill”? 🥺🥺🥺 I prefer to say it left us unexpectedly. It’s no one’s fault, Pat! 😥 But th… @HeatherBarmore Oh, dear. Caution! Why? @HeatherBarmore Do they grow big and lovely? I want a big baddie for the floor between my two bookcases. @KarmaKBrown @AlaiaWilliams Yep. I went to put it k. The floor between my two bookcasesPlant Twitter: What’s a grand, green, leafy plant for a home office with good natural light? 🪴Mind, my succulent pl… @NatashaNicholes Oh, that anger is fully reasonable. That devil in the White House is set to terrorize us right up until Jan. 21 @NatashaNicholes Go on and shimmy, N! @NatashaNicholes It’s folks out here big mad about every everything and always complaining and tearing off their sh… @NatashaNicholes It’s a Bajan term. Think about how angry a person has to be to tear their shirt off their back. Hahah!
@Mom101 At least be funnyyyyyy!Man. Some of you are so married to being miserable and complaining about something/everything always. Gotta be exha…’s Mark?!
You already know how much I enjoy the end of/best of the year lists. This one covers all bases too. @krs10taylorgang @freeblackgirl Elizabeth. @shittybonmots @Ryan_Ken_Acts Did it and done. @KarmaKBrown Wait. How tall are you again? Thinking waaaaaaay back to Jan. 2020, I think we were eye-to-eye, right? @msheatherwebb @bschillace How tall are you?Still don’t know how gyms have stayed open for as long as they have. I haven’t been to one since mid-March. Still p… @CLLFirestone Ha! Perfect. @msheatherwebb Cool. Thanks! (The character’s dad is super tall.)(For a character)... How tall is TALL for a 13-year-old girl? Listen, I'm 5'1" so I have no context for any of this. @freeblackgirl I just got into this show for the SAME SMOKING ASS PLOT! @vinn_ayy Oh, Becca. You poor chump. @iSmashFizzle For that Aretha impression alone! @carolinetpatti Thanks!O Tannenbaum! Grateful, for real. Our likkle family (Murphy included) decked the halls while jamming to a Pop Xmas…
Reading “A Promised Land” and I’ll tell you whut, if for even a nanosecond you ever doubted that Mitch McConnell is… @Ryan_Ken_Acts Funky. In your Prius. “Worldly.” ENjoyed. RuPaul ✨concert✨ and not a Boaz, if you will! @Ryan_Ken_Acts Look. I’m unable to make it beyond the rasp. Amen. Hahahah!What a gross Monday of a Monday. Dark, pouring rain, windy. Boo.She’s living the dream. She’s living a lie. She’s covering her tracks by any means necessary. HAVE YOU MET NORA? 💃👠… Best. saw a pic of Be Best on that Xmas tree ornament and I started laughing. Hard. Wheezing, to be honest. Because… @RdotSpoon HAHA! So I've seen all I needed to see. Merci. @RdotSpoon That's how I like it: straight, no chaser. Thanks!So far I've successfully ignored all of your tweets about it, but now that's over, I'll come right out and ask: Sho… Recipe for sweetbread? Let me find out my Bajan classic quick bread is up in the mix! 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧They had me from the title alone. BLACK FUTURES. Plus, I'm a huge @jennydeluxe fan. (Aren't we all?) This book revi…
President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris today announced new members of the White House staff who will…
Retweeted by Nicole BladesChristmas Tree, loaded and lovely. George Clooney tells @thattracysmith that he's been cutting his own hair for years - by using the Fl…
Retweeted by Nicole Blades @Mom101 Right?? Or say nothing. I went back to my friend’s post and saw some better comments, but still ugh! People, come on. Do better. @NatashaNicholes Haha! Natasha’s not about your birthday slander. She said: @NatashaNicholes I’m stating the facts that we both know well. @NatashaNicholes Just block people I don’t even follow? Hahah! Yeah, but I hear you tho. Sometimes folks can me so…’s not my birthday! This was a reenactment of how people can be #onhere. A friend asked for bday suggestions and… @TheMandarinMama @JeffHarryPlays I’ll pass this along to my friend. Jeff is great like that. @NatashaNicholes This didn’t happen to me! I saw it happen to a friend and I was like, why do people gotta be people sometimes @CookiePie0402 It’s not my birthday! I was talking about how some people on social can be. If you don’t have a sugg… Suggestions on how to make my 2020 bday special? People on social (POS): Birthdays aren’t important POS:…“I’d say that more than half of the purchases were completely performative, and we could feel the general disintere…
Retweeted by Nicole BladesSIR! 🔥🔥🔥 LISSSSSENNNN! I’m so in. So in. Go on and do it, @loneamorphous! 🔥🔥🔥
Instead of working I watched The Dark Knight Rises (with stinkin commercials) all so I could see that final scene w…
Black Friday is here! Check out this list of 50 + gift ideas for the holiday season! The Ultimate List of Gifts fro…
Retweeted by Nicole BladesI know I'm not alone thinking Abby should've just got with Riley and had a real merry everything. @KatDCaldwell @runslikemud I tuned out, hit fast-fwd, or just scrolled twitter when she was on screen.OK. Happiest Season. Just finished it today. Have you all already discussed Harper's wig?? It's complete "the befor… music season begins! What’s the first album you’re hitting play on? Me, it’s Nat King Cole and, actually, M… said, Monday, ya trippin. And his next Thursday advice tells you he’s so for real.’ve talked a lot about my issues with #emptycup acting in movies and tv shows. My newer gripe is people sleeping/w… @elamin88 Oh, heavy agree here. The leading man was so very charmless. And the whole thing doesn’t even make it into the hallway of GBMs. @Mom101 Haha!Is it Saturday? Maybe Sunday? Or is it Monday again, already? Doesn’t matter. Today is THISday. The day there’s hom… @Chookooloonks @pronounced_ing Saaaaame! @pomeranian99 @emilynussbaum The best part of this is imagining you two tweeting while sitting next to each other and cracking up heartily.
I also broke out the China and silvers for this table for three. Murphy Boy’s Kong toy is loaded with peanut butter… @arnebya Listen. I fell asleep on more than one ep in S2 and fast-forwarded a couple eps in S3 and feel not an ounce of bad about it.I’m happy because all my pies and tarts cut up nicely and the crusts played their part so it’ll be easy to transpor… Scott La Rock is the best there is, he made two turkeys today so that my folks can have their own to carve up as they choose. ❤️We’re packing up turkey dinner and desserts to drop over to my parents. We’ll say grace and gratefuls over FaceTime… finished The Crown S4 and barely made it to the end. Did not enjoy. The one thing I came away with is a new… @angelajames Oh dear. 😯 It’s the dog. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I noticed the sticker to the left. That’s the… @Mom101 One of the single most hilarious episodes ever broadcast on telly. @tayari Ridiculous. It’s a recipe, man! Just a recipe that was probably passed down to you from many others. People can be... people. @GeeDee215 And then Gene kicked over the biggest, leafiest plant and said loudly, and with much vinegar, “You’re go… @NancyJAuthor @Hearst @marieclaire @bch248 Wow! Outstanding. Congratulations!Friday, it begins. You know what I’m talking about. Holiday tunes! IS THE WORRRRRRRST! It’s taking me forever to finish this series. But watching this selfish, horrible man t…