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in gamedev, there’s certainly a lot more dragging and dropping than in other types of dev and I have NOT optimized for that, ergonomically @jdthamores congrats Judith!!well?
how many tomatoes is this tomato week on disaster report 4 we saved a giant teddy bear, failed to deliver a love letter, proposed to a woman wi…
i feel like i'm nuts every time i look at the zoom interface because it's.....blurry?? why’m streaming twice today! @_@ first is cute robot co-op with @bijanstephen for @IndieCade at 2pm ET:…
Join us for a Twitch steam this Sunday 8/9 at 11am PDT as @bijanstephen & @nicolehe play Biped! Biped is a co-op ac…
Retweeted by Nicole Hewhere can I cop @liquidx noooo @doougle last time i played it we were roommates (and i was just starting to learn how to code) lol @kwuchu i'm streaming Else Heart.Break() now on thursdays at 9pm ET, and another game on sundays at 8pm, so i'll be… many trials and tribulations (and parties) we finally did a tiny bit of coding yesterday (deleting code is c… now! really hope I learn how to code this time 😨
oh also last week i lied about how many sodas i sold and accidentally overdrew my bank account by something like $2… @v21 last week i tried to lie to a computer about how many sodas i sold which was a terrible, terrible mistakecontinuing Else Heart.Break() tonight... last week i sold like 2 sodas and i hadn't yet managed to Learn To Code b… are the types of DMs i like to receive
@emilywithcurls took it on the Hudson line on a Thursday morning and it was basically empty (like 3 people per car)… to imagine ever going back to non-elastic waistbands
@jchmoe yeah fair enough @iltimasdoha @ZeeloolOptical what’s messed up is that when I was trying it I accidentally uploaded a selfie instead… @minimaxir @ZeeloolOptical i dunno maybe? @kobldexe @ZeeloolOptical I hope no one wanted to see what they looked like naked wearing glassesyet another stranger's face that appears when i upload an image, i'm pretty sure these people didn't sign up for ch… i just tried it myself and the same thing happened, when i uploaded an image in the "try on" app, a stranger's… seriously this is so bad, like why are the photos being saved to a server anyway’re trying on glasses in an AR app w unbelievably bad security, and you see the face of your soulmate, but you d… dating sim idea @jkottke i'm sure actually having kids probably changes it (especially if they aren't babies)does anyone else feel old as you get, as much authority as you accrue, you and your pals are still always…’m teaching a graduate course again this fall and i notice that when emailing students i’m more likely to use prop…
@edit_duplicate NoooooooooooooI know I’ve RT’d it more than once but I can’t find it: can someone link me to the tweet of the lizard dancing to a cruel angel’s thesislive now, time to flirt in the apocalypse
streaming Disaster Report 4 again tonight! last week i accidentally threw myself into the sea trying to get a cat… we have moved on from F to pay respects wearing jeans @lazerwalker ☹️
@cubeghost never tried but @sillygwailo uh oh did I pronounce it wrongrecently i misread a username on stream and said “bowser is shot” and was QUICKLY corrected in chat because it was actually “bowser is hot”(tbf handles never went away in gaming culture, so maybe it’s more that streaming/discord is just now bringing thos… thing is that after the facebookification of usernames in the mid 2000s where we went from handles to “real… jarring part of streaming culture I’m still not used to is saying people’s screen names out loud @ziyatong @cubeghost cc @doouglemade the zrazy recipe from @kraykray’s newsletter 😊 review of ghost of tsushima so far: it’s exactly what it is
Retweeted by Nicole Heme, the hero, having a flashback to when my father figure taught my younger and smaller character model how to trac…, the villain, throwing the still alive hero off a tall bridge into a body of water: surely this will do the trick
if your house budget was $1 million, you could buy: A. a one bedroom in manhattan OR B. this 9 bedroom château… @michelmcbride it might be more your framing of this type of not-risk-free conversation with someone on a “first da…
@baricks how did I miss that onei clicked this so fast but unfortunately it's about python @Aseroff my first one....... @i_am_mr_chu yes! it's not all coding, it's also an adventure game, but i think the coding stuff is done in a way t… hope i do better at the coding this time loltonight i'm gonna stream Else Heart.Break(), an adventure game where you hack the world by writing actual code~ i… @martinpi have @martinpi I gave a high score?? but lol yes it’s me @xuhulk im desperate for the mysterious seeds*pointing my sniper rifle at all the books in AAA games so i can zoom in enough to read the titles*
Retweeted by Nicole He @xuhulk yessssss 📨📨📨 @cnqmdi I’m trying..........more importantly I also got this costume for my cat who absolutely refused to wear it, leaving it on the ground lik… think I posted her channel a few months ago when she had like 200 views, but I’m happy that she’s on her way to d… think you’re a gamer? not compared to Food4Dogs
well @boardtobits that’s actually more of what mine is too @dinosaurrparty I never remember that in my dreamsdamn the “didn’t study for the math test” dreams never end, do they
let her relax by @ItaloDisco4evr
Retweeted by Nicole He @tinysubversions happy birthday! i think we first met when we had a coffee when i was in grad school! we went to 2… Medusa's snake hair, you all must work together to make sure her hair looks nice for an upcoming date
Retweeted by Nicole He @pitaru whoa
@unigram somehow i can't imagine that a british snack is actually that flamin' hot @jjvincent are the holes big enough to stick your fingers through @lindtobias these do not look as gooddo people in other countries also eat flamin’ hot cheetoshit with a sudden craving for flamin' hot cheetoswe want your GAME-LIKE ARTWORKS ARTFUL GAMES INTERACTIVE NONSENSE EXPERIENTIAL RIGMAROLE RULE BOUND WHATEVER THE…
Retweeted by Nicole He
@aeneas_nin 😭*my character flawsI need one of my friends to get cast on a reality tv show so that in one episode halfway through their character ar… week on Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories we ✅ stole some clothes ✅ lied about being a konbini clerk ✅ list… @v21 “i wish i implemented a way to do x...oh wait i did”
hot dogs or legs @ok_remi_ok @mcclure111 @EthanRedd 👋🏼 @polyrhythmic upstate
i said this as a joke but apparently this mushroom is actually delicious and now I regret not harvesting it @everestpipkin damn @xuhulk i idea.....wait can you actually eat this I was jokingbig mushie can’t wait to eat it
2020 Central rush hour
today @arnaud_debock said “do you want the game to be teletubbies or rick and morty” which is the worst binary choice I’ve ever heard of @Radstronomical yes, the trashfire that is