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Sometimes we do things just because we're family.

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@RebeccaForstner @nleisten70 We put a wire cooling rack on the cookie sheet for maximum crispiness and usually have… @RebeccaForstner @nleisten70 Cook the bacon in the oven while you griddle the pancakes. Takes almost exactly half the time!Perspective! 🙌
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensWhat everyone thinks their lives will suddenly be like after quarantine
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensI'm barely making it my Zoom meetings on time and one of my students is changing the freaking world one meal at a t… @DrErinB Ooh! This sounds right up my alley! @RBCaesar I mean, Pocahontas ain't no American history either. (I did make Ash google how old she was in real life… in homeschool: American history (Pocahontas on Disney+) Ancient history (Hercules on Disney+) Architecture (f…
Today I Zoomed from 8 am until 3:30 with only a small quesadilla break during which I switched it up and answered e… @thedmorris But we can spell technological. So at least we have that going for us. @thedmorris 😬😭
@JarRobDay @OMoldauer 100% agree. Feels a lot like what it's like to be a US teacher in a deeply red state right now. It's… @DrGitpaws An alarming number have already been relocated to my belly. 😬We're 53 minute in to official school at home. Things are great. Everything's great. (Send help)
@poorlawyer My husband just told me I have nearly made up what I lost in income from my coaching job by not buying iced coffee every day. 😬 @amygym Carrot with maple cream cheese frosting. And chocolate with mocha buttercream. And she delivered to our p… No one touches the cupcakes and we won't have any problems. OKAY? @liza_not_lisa A+ throwback reference can't have pizza bagels for every meal! --Me, to Elliot while I help him open a new package of pizza bagels @hroethgar @Literature_Lady My nieces! Two of them are out of high school now! The youngest still sticks her tongue…
All day yesterday I thought it was Saturday. I woke up thinking today was Sunday. I have never been angrier at hav… @Literature_Lady Liked it but didn't love it. But we were young and broke and had a baby so the budget wasn't much.… 1: Sill undefeated at Just Dance Update 2: Running out of people in this house willing to play Just Dance with mehey, does anyone else have a woman creeping around inside their wallpaper?
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens @TheZPoleZoo @TheBBSituation @hilarytina I've come back to this like five different times today trying to come up with my answer. 😬 @poorlawyer Men's 2016 Trials...Donnell places fourth and doesn't make the team. @TheZPoleZoo @TheBBSituation @hilarytina Biles Dawes Chow Okino Leanne Wong ASaq Based purely on nothing except…
@JaniceWyattRoss Mrs. Hart. She told me I should be a journalist.Today I discovered DogTV is a real channel. And they play doggy relaxation shows at night. So that's a thing that e…
@caitteach Same. On all counts. Hang in there!I've never used a lockdown browser situation before. I'm guessing an extension like, idk, Grammarly wouldn't work i…'s spring break. So I'm social distance grading from my backyard instead of my dining room. So fancy! So exotic! @triciaebarvia Is setting it on fire an appropriate revision strategy? it just me or is anyone else shocked to learn just how many dishes a confined family goes through per day?
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensAsh updated the family calendar for April. 😭
Happy hour vibes. @caitteach Our DISTRICT HR guy once told our new teachers they didn't have to worry about teaching kids because the…
@little_bess11 @mochamomma Welp. This is the thing that made me cry today. I'm keeping the streak alive. Tomorrow will be a week. 🤷🏼‍♀️😭None of us really knows what we’re doing. That’s ok.
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensIn Missouri, it’s easier to force a rape survivor into pregnancy than it is to ask a man to stay home and prevent t…
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens @xbspacebabe Rand Paul would like a word. @mmmcake @babyrabies The most crucial advice!
@USAGym Like the guy in your group project who does nothing all week and tries to take credit at the end by talking… @TheBBSituation Is it even possible for a 2021 gymnast to earn a spot through WC? Probably not, right? Letting 2021… accuracy of this physically hurts. @alysraismans Japan will still hold everyone to their "nope, sorry you weren't healthy in 2019; no Olympics for you" rules. Calling it now. @MeanestTA *former younger brother 😬 @themaddi829 Can confirm. Can also confirm you're gonna be okay.I’ve now been alive in six decades: The 1980s The 1990s The 2000s The 2010s The 2020s March
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens @poorlawyer I just want my tickets to be honored. (And secondly for it to still be in STL because I'm greedy.) @JoriKrulder @ClintSmithIII @DanezSmith23 @JoriKrulder @ClintSmithIII "Dinosaurs in the Hood" by @DanezSmith23 💯 @stumpteacher Codenames! I actually really love playing with my 10 & 14 yo kids. Also good for adult game nights… @EllysiaBanks Thank you for the offer! I will stock up tomorrow when I have to go out to take a kid for a doctor's… @NBCSports No NCAA gymnastics finals this year, but this rivalry still run deep.
@alixabeth Every flavor of premade iced coffee at HyVee. Literally moved produce to a cooler to make room in the fr… @Swilua Relatable. My post-concussion syndrome-d daughter cried when I told her to stop taking it. Then cried again… it did not occur to me to stock up on for this moment: Dishwasher soap Trash bags Unrelatedly: OMG, stop m… @mr_Alsheimer
Coronacation day 4, I think: Made Elliot cry because I wouldn't let him win at Just Dance. @thedmorris I can neither confirm nor deny. is life-giving to anyone who sings made up lyrics to 90s music in their head at all times. in our Coronacation, Elliot demanded we search "dank animal memes" on YouTube for an hour. you can do while social distancing: - Self-reflect - Keep a journal - Study the wallpaper - Creep around -…
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensGas is $.99/gallon, none of my friends want to hang out with me, and all I really want to do is sit and read all my…
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens @TheBabyGuyNYC Welcome! We are many, we meet in large open spaces a safe distance apart in groups of 9, but you got… @CBoom909 @jesstaylorprice It's Big Lotion. They're the silent puppet master here. Sure, soap and sanitizer are tak… @MrTomRad I will die on this hill.
@audreywatters That's...literally probably longer than they'd be in school normally?! Assuming they're not Zooming… at-home AP Exams this year will not include any multiple-choice questions, only free-response questions adapted…
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens @teachisdrunk We've just been blaming our one friend with an Android. That will continue to be who we blame no matt… @egrimsley @leannesbows @collegegymnews_ Broke a rib on a straight jump on beam. Grabbed the beam as a slipped off. 🤷🏼‍♀️Because of the challenges created by COVID-19, we’re developing a new at-home AP Exam option. Students will be able…
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensTo support AP students affected by school closures due to COVID-19, students and schools will have access to live A…
Retweeted by Nicole Clemens
Hey. So funny story. I was so dang worried about all of my students having laptop chargers that I forgot to bring m… Read a book. And when you finish that one, read another one. No reading logs, no book reports. Ju…
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensDay 1: Welcome to Clemens Isolation School, home of the Fighting Darkness. Our school song is "OMG, stop it before… @mrsjjee @psatts3 @foucault_s @thephdstory I did an interview on a live morning show in another country recently. I wore a s… @ashleymartin517 I thought I was handling it okay. Turns out I was lying. I was weepy all day. I hope we all have t… thoughts on the last day at school before we're closed for Covid-19. It sucked. And I cried. And they cried & l… Thanks for being my actual boss, @JacobSirna local news is the only bright part of a sad sad day. He ends live coverage of the presser for the first local Co…
@yogithedog1 It was my Nana's! I love it! Perhaps we can start a chime/recorder band in our home this month...they're playing in the empty toilet paper aisle i'm scREAMING credit to @BonnievonDuyke #ShipsGoingDown
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensI would be HONORED! 😂😍 are 16 people in this photograph
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensHis music teacher sent this home to be ready for our learning at home. We're at Day -1 and I'm already ready to mov…
@collegegymnews_ Yul's mom, Aly, and Rhonda.PROS OF QUARANTINE - you reduce the risk of spreading the virus to those who are more vulnerable to infection CONS…
Retweeted by Nicole ClemensI have a very generous actual late work policy. When kids ask if they can turn in stuff late I always remind them t… #uberdriver people! My parents will probably have to Uber from the airport home to self-quarantine. They are ar… @ShanleySilvey Every adult in CPS when we get asked if we're going online yet: @jswift98 @ShanleySilvey I probably find it more hilarious than I should that o can't even see Shanley's reply. 😂 I'm such a dang rule follower (military brat upbringing and all), but my human warrior response is to rock the… @JoriKrulder I haven't felt as connected to my students this year--even the ones that looped from Lang to Lit with… a while since I participated in an #aplitchat This one is a gut punch of what I need and what I'm struggling… Is. In.Sane.