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Nicolette 😷 @Nicolet081519 living la vie en rose 🌹

French teacher in Holland. Runs through the woods, terrible bass player, paints a bit.

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@coenesqued @szzrd 😻Je ne m’enfuis pas, je vole all science teachers with drag queens challenge
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @ed_solomon Great, I have my chimney swept soon so the fireplace is clean by then. Blackbird couple is now breeding… @ThatEricAlper Cobain: Montage of Heck and I’m really looking forward to see the Frank Zappa doc by @Winter @ThatEricAlper Year of the Tiger, when everybody was Kung Fu fightingMy assistant her self portraits @hearnesque It’s almost noon here, time for tea ☕️ not at a pub @SaraJBenincasa I carry my ‘emotional and psychological baggage’ on my lower back (mes fesses). Seems to grow with… @elineverburg Passend onderwijs en de bio industrie“I don't give a shit what the world thinks. I was born a bitch, I was born a painter" - Frida Kahlo #womensart G…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷RT als je ook meteen aan Zuid Frankrijk moet denken
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷Lost my job because of Covid, hoping to go freelance, here's what I do, pop culture drawings, digital poster prints…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷
@Winter Things are starting up again here slowly. Theaters have a strict protocol, 1,5 meter distance, tickets onli… live on the edge of small forest and the path I take to get home is sometimes dark. Last night I had a friendly…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @leinoa 😻 @hearnesque @SallyWood ❤️ Appleseed Lake, loved that movie Pete @MMeulblok @sintjohn De huifkar: salade warme geitenkaas s’il vous plaît @ThatEricAlper FAith no More, Kate Bush, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers @PattiFromNYC @ThatEricAlper Favorite band, favorite song❤️ visited his last resting place years ago on Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, on November 1 (day of the dead). Between…“You have to invent life” Agnès Varda Le Bonheur 1965
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @krullenkoppie Oh God, save yourself! Uggs vind ik dan nog beter te pruimen dan Crocs. @zon_op_Mars Ohhh, die had ik gisteren heel erg in m’n hoofd @biancatoeps Enexis (Essent): nee we komen niet langs voor de aansluiting, en de hele administratie ligt ook op z’n… to self: Check to see if Google Translator has a "Gibberish to English" setting.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷JUST IN: The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe and his government have resigned.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷Waar lucht en water elkaar raken.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷When's the wedding? I want this televised.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @zon_op_Mars @Gfycat Het kriebelt wel. Heb nog niet gebeld, ga ik vanmiddag doen denk ik.Job vacancy at a school here in the city. I have huge doubts: will I go back to class or should I just keep tutorin… Kafka was born on this day 3 July 1883 – 3 June 192 Piotr Dumala's 1992 short animated film called…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷It’s all about the mimic 🎸🎼❤️
@magistrabeck So sorry for your loss, take care, deepest sympathy from the Netherlands @kelly_carlin My daughter on the Champs-Èlysées 2 years ago just a day before the Tour arrived, during a heatwave. @Gosserd Ohhh gefeliciteerd, dat belooft straks vast heel veel mooie plaatjesGhislaine Maxwell, rechterhand van Jeffrey Epstein, opgepakt
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷You got a dig, a little deeper In the heart. 🌹 Nicholas Fols
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @PhotoJeanique très jolie!Pardon me, which river?
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷Whoa! Little Bill & Ted have grown up! 🤘🎸⚡️ RT if you’re stoked to see Billie & Thea #FaceTheMusic this Summer, dud…
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Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @Winter Omg, yes!!!!
@sgerrets De chansons, sans doute, maar ook Benny Neyman en Rob de Nijs (mijn moeder was groot fan) en Boudewijn de GrootHappy birthday Debbie Harry...
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @nienerds Oh God, wat een heerlijkheid 😋 @claudiadebreij ❤️ @mwoahgertjeee Ohhh sterkte daar 🕯🙏🏼Paris's most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, has reopened to visitors after more than three months
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷The extreme heatwave continues... But equally worrying is the fact that our societies fail to grasp the full meanin…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @KustawBessems Quel bordel! Viel bijna van m'n chaise." La vie n’est supportable qu’avec une ivresse quelconque . " Gustave Flaubert 🎥 Pepe Soho
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷Could this look anymore like a painting?
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷1 July 1936 | Belgian Jewish boy Andre Hartstein was born in Antwerp. He emigrated with his family to France. In D…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @robreiner My condolences 🌹🕯
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @decluit Bonjour! Mijn toetsenbord staat altijd op Frans, Duits kent ie niet
Even op een bankje zitten voordat de werkdag begint. Gewoon even niks. Naar de vogels luisteren. Deed ik voor Coron…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @bartvandewinkel @makmikdenkt @GVerbaan Met dat jodelsnikje erin... @GVerbaan Ik lig op m’n kussen stil te dromen (nog nachtmerries van) @SaraJBenincasa Vive la France! 🇫🇷 @SaraJBenincasa and was named a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur by General Charles de Gaulle. Such a courageous w… @SaraJBenincasa Visited her home; Chateau des Milandes, few years ago with my family. It’s now a museum (famous ski… @ThatEricAlper Je cours (Stromae) and Running up that hill (Kate Bush) @Fransjevlinder Een prachtexemplaar, mag je best trots op wezen @Miss_Francis1 Lotgenootje hier. Niet bang zijn, voel je gesteund door mensen die hetzelfde meemaken en mee hebben…'t ever forget this: the Malta government's attitude to my mum was so hostile, that even this simple tribute to…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @ed_solomon Images of the Netherlands 🇳🇱 @aestoch13 💙
L'Atalante Dir. Jean Vigo
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷#FrancisFordCoppola, #MelBrooks and #JeanLucGodard (1980)
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @Teetjemineetje Ik snap dat, mijn meisjeskind wordt ook heel vaak overgeslagen en voelt zich buitengesloten. Ik kon… Kiss (Le Baiser) by Auguste Rodin (1901-4) at Tate Modern, London. Photo (detail) by Elliott Erwitt, 1993.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷This is my country now. I may never go back. No joke.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @aestoch13 When I was 16 I had a dream to go to the USA for a year. Collected brochures for student exchange progra… @buffiduberman Precisely, and I need those boots ❤️ they’re on fire 🔥
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷Mademoiselle, vous avez un visage intéressant, j’aimerais faire un portrait de vous .... Pablo Picasso. 1927 .
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @zon_op_Mars ✅ Zijn er minimaal 2 volgers die dit bericht willen kopiëren en opnieuw posten? Ik wil laten zien da… @ThatEricAlper Dutchie here, small country, country members who made it in the USA in the music industry: Golden Ea… Bardot In Almeria, Spain In Saint Tropez, France ____ Photo: Jean Pierre Bonnotte, August 1968
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @Khayat_Fouad Courage et mes condolences 🙏🏼🌹 @MMeulblok Ik dacht “wie is Mona Keijzer?” @WarShark4Eva @AstroKatie @morgan_murphy @AJemaineClement 4 days, 2 days for me. Was a substitute for a teacher sic…'Colored version' A Trip to the Moon(1902) - Georges Méliès
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @hearnesque Girl bullies are the worst. I always give the “Robert-the-Niro-eyes-on-you” look. Maybe that will help,…
Joyeux anniversaire, Isabelle Adjani!
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @SaraJBenincasa Typical cat behavior: she wants to feel your heartbeat and it’s her way to mark her territory (fero… retweet if you think there should be a worldwide ban on Trumps.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷When you find out you can join the Bill & Ted Face the Music email list! 🤘⚡️ Alex @Winter
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷'Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy I've come home, I'm so cold Let me in through your window...' (Pom, hier in de ro…
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @santenkraam De mijne doet dit ook, vaak precies nadat ik de ramen heb gewassen, alsof ze me kopieertHittin the pool this summer with my cute ass quarantine bod.
Retweeted by Nicolette 😷 @Fransjevlinder El 😋 jammieMGM Buys International Markets for ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ – Variety
@BillyBaldwin Often yell to my daughter “In this house we speak Dutch! or French! (which she refuses) She speaks mo… forward to a thunderstorm for some cooling down, have a bon weekend everybody #hitte #heat