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Nicole Aleman @nicoleybbyy Northridge, Los Angeles

I will do anything for funky beats. Techno. House. 💖 “Use your fork or go to sleep.” -Mo

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@deliasalcido @nicoleybbyy 2 JARS OF VASELINE 😂😂
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @moethyslak🥴🥴 @moethyslak @deliasalcido“BLM” in your bio but you’re homophobic???
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanPeople will go buy a dog just to keep it in a cage or chained all day GIRL BYE @HippoBrand Yes @jecumberledge @STatuumm Job ad: Fresh grad with 100 years of experience 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanWhy are jobs that require 4 year degrees paying $11.00 an hour?
Retweeted by Nicole Alemancumming at the same time is really top tier sex
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanI just cleaned out my list on Netflix I feel so much relief ok byeniggas b like “U wasn’t shy last time” i was on drugs
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanDid you watch 1000 ways to die when you were 7 or are you normal
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @atrak @diplo 😲😲😲 yasss @lamborghiniboys I KNOW @KylieJenner isnt dating this esteban julio ricardo montoya de la rosa ramirez lookin ass guy
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman😭😭🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️ Spears being under a conservatorship is wild. Shit blew my mind when I first heard. #FreeBritney 😭
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I could've did what you did to me to you a few times’m about to beat @moethyslak assi hate arguing through text i wanna hit you
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanSome rocky road ice cream would slap rn @nicoleybbyy Miss you more
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanpeeing after a creampie, call that a baby shower
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanGirls who choke back are elite.🥴 choke him sis.
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Yo girl supposed to be yo princess, yo homie, and yo biggest flex.
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @justinjaymusic @VNSSAofficial This song makes me so happy“Why does my back hurt?”
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman#suckhertoes2020
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanavoidable products you might not know are causing CLIMATE CHANGE A THREAD:
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Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @chrissyteigen For anyone still having trouble it’s listed here: @dinachka82 @chrissyteigen @jonybeat1 @JaimeRoblesJr Not mine 😏😏 @CoastinSince92 @CoastinSince92a mf tragedy
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @dovvon You’re welcome 💘same to you @moethyslak Right bish we got too much hair on our heads @CheddarBearBby Like 😭😭😭😭Do other girls get headaches from wearing their hair in a bun for too long or is it just me??How do people not suck toes?? @jackbeats That’s the spirit... but pay me stilllllll 😂
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @dovvon Our last session we went over distortions. Went over each one and gave me examples of how I may have applie… I die after I pay my rent, sit me on the couch till da 30th
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanTerry after he survived the fireworks
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @xusevol Of course boo 💘 @chrissyteigen Thanks queen 🥺💘I did on Instagram! And replied to as many questions as possible, if you can weed through the seed of pizzagate fuc…
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanwhy do men be sad over relationships they ruined?
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanBlack History v.s. Black History taught in schools
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanI’ve always had a hard time separating my thoughts from my emotions and she taught me how to do that. So fucking revolutionary.Seeing my therapist has really make me stop and think about how I think. Like it sounds so minuscule but I can’t ev… aint sensitive you aint overreacting. if it hurts you it hurts you.
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanIf a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government? Asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @chrissyteigen drop that skincare routine Queen Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix !!!! 🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @nicoleybbyy @moethyslak y’all needa stop making these
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @CoastinSince92 @moethyslak on the bed I fuck him up in the head
@BenYanken 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤Know your crew better than you doDid your past relationship teach you that expressing your emotions was a burden or are you emotionally stable
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanIdk who needs to hear this but “I’m sorry you took offense to it” is not an apology.
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanthiccgurlszn
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My first time outside outside ✨
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanhaving a fine ass girlfriend is not for the weak and insecure
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanBabygirl what you gonna do for this clout @LOLL________
@moethyslak How about you put yo debit card away @moethyslak @moethyslak Ima slap tf out of youRoses are red Fireworks are scary Back up back up, put it in reverse Terry
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanwe not celebrating 4th of july we celebrating put it in reverse terry
Retweeted by Nicole Alemandad bods >>> ab bods don’t @ me
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @balleralert The way kellyanne kept smiling and staring at the camera...😳😳😳😳 @TheChickBri 🥺💘hop in loser we're going off the deep end
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanSo confused by all these public apologies recently. Like you wouldn’t know a sincere apology if it slapped you in the face.✊❤️
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanBassnectar: “I want to take responsibility and accountability” Also Bassnectar: “The rumors you are hearing are un…
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanThat’s my mans'm bisexual, by which I mean I am physically terrified of dating men and emotionally terrified of dating women
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Anthony Bourdain miss youMo just told me she was born in noho...girl byethat bitch put the hot in psychotic
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @MichaelBibi1 what’s your signTitties always out @nicoleybbyy say the dog look likw @SnoopDogg 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nicole Alemanme thinkng about whiteclaws
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman🥺💘I love you
Jada bringing herself to the Red Table is THEE most Virgo shit I have ever seen. Lmao. I’ll be tuned in.
Retweeted by Nicole AlemanSuper bad bitch and I’m lit 🤠 @deliasalcido First of all you gonna be right next to @Frankie_stevn bishThere’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.
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“hope u having fun with ur bitches” me who just woke up from a nap:
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @nicoleybbyy @K8balll @BenYanken @moethyslak @Frankie_stevn Focused !
Retweeted by Nicole Aleman @K8balll @BenYanken @moethyslak @Frankie_stevn @HippoBrand else can proudly say they’ve never purchased anything from jeffree or shane ? 🤩
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