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SMACKED & listening to Artpop in my kitchen. A journey. @txnzin_ I miss this show 😭I know that’s right. @DevanTHoward How a TRUE hyuga battles 😍’s kicking in a vers I say “wyd” bc I don’t want you to think you getting coochie. @mynamedeek Bye lolI ate the whole edible... we going on a journey ladies. I have edibles in the fridge. Flew. @Trophyxtx @gay4nonprofit @issameal10 @MrClark_X @creolemaicxn 👁👄👁🕹💦 @Happy_No_Lucky 🌚🌚🌚 @gay4nonprofit @issameal10 @MrClark_X @creolemaicxn And? Buy a bottle bby 🕹🖤NOT THISBSISJDHDHDHDHD
Retweeted by Nico ニコラスIconic you said? I think that’s what I heard. @issameal10 @MrClark_X @creolemaicxn Let’s make this bag! this ain’t me 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @CakezAngry Zkxbxhf PLEASEariana sings about getting fucked all night and you want megan to give a verse about quantum physics? 🤔
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @CakezAngry Zmzbdjdhdhs @CakezAngry You already know bby what you think you’re better than us?!
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @RodcommaThe Unfortunately lol @Sadboirickyy A struggle rapper. She’s drop dead gorgeous though! Stunning truly. you have to be your own bestie and smoke yourself out because you have no friends
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @darrinisland 🥴🥴🥴Me: I should workout... My bestie: I’m outside. Imma smoke you out. Me: Say less. @DwanCoCo_ Right? They are eating him UP in his comments & I’m like “but he’s right?” @SGGuyzMikey 🥺 I only have cashapp and zelle haha @TheMarxxxist @ItsHilaryBuff Here we go lol @arabqueer Caping* @arabqueer Right? She’s homophobic, scammed ppl with her modeling agency, & supports trump? Then said veteran MUA’… One second twitter is “pay ppl their worth for their art” & the next it’s “don’t address her rat” when she’s t… Doll who has scammed multiple ppl before criticizes MUA’s price ranges & then a famous MUA defends their prac… Twitter is the same 30 boys thirsting for each other over and over until everyone dies
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @wilcg83 @SeddieWeddie
Thank you. Chris ain’t never ever, ever going to be on Beyoncé or Michael’s level. He’s been doing the same dance m…
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @Austin_n_Austin Y’all out of pocket Skdhdidhd @Kawaii_4u LMFAOOOO’all are smoking crack cocaine babes's the bounce the made my eyes widened 👀, but the smack that made my jaw drop😮. No one can tell me that Nico do…
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @Glamouroki 🌚🌚🌚We get it. We all want old 90’s styled remixes back, but can y’all stop harassing artists about it & target labels?… tag me in porn clips. Pls & ty. @lilboiiblu3 @hesosexy Nah. They hang too low @BroughtonTalon Quiet you lol @Sorrydoiknowyou I’m SAYING! @OddPercentage OMFFNSKDHDHDD @ThatSunBear Chiiile. I like a good schmedium schmeat with a slightly thick slender frame. My hole has to function,… @TheGoldenAdonis Ion know. They ain’t bad I just think the high hangers have a certain... attractive trait to them lol @jayceintime Kxxjckxhx I’m random 🤪Broooooooooo... we fucking suck 😂.
Retweeted by Nico ニコラスI too wanna know where the doorknocker nuts are 🗣
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @NYFreshMid You get it! @quethemusic_ @quethemusic_ But they’re a healthy fast food option. Ion wanna cook lol @twilitaries Right!?? 😭 @thatDe_mon Ion like working!I’ll say it since everyone’s afraid to. Big dicks are overrated. Where’s the tops with the fat heavy high hanging b… @TheMarxxxist SkdhdjdThe fact that I’m having to cook instead of buying chipotle is so homophobic. Idek how to put it in words. @PlantDadAnts @LILSTUMMY 🥴🥴🥴 @PlantDadAnts Bye 😭i’m screaming not them all gathering each other 😭
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @Rey_X_Reyes Like I’m literally black? My hair wasn’t gonna be bone straight 😂One time a YT gay asked me how I got my hair so curly. And asked if I had permed it. Water babes. I just get my ha… @issameal10 @_DooleyNoted_ Lmao just the two of you? I got this.’s the slap 👋🏽 for me‼️‼️ 😌
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @TreJack_City I saw a few and my daddy ATE @issameal10 So you wanna fight? @ChristineYamat2 El pollo loco 🙄 @Robertvrse 🌚🌚🌚 @jstlivinlfe Tea 🧐 @xPRINCESUPREME I wouldn’t go that far babes @puro_pedge @THEEDeezumaki @totalariana1 Lmfaoooo this made me laugh 😂azaelia banks is a great example of just because you struggle with mental health it doesn’t give you a pass to trea…
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @anteuzi You know wha- @Joey_Chris__ Skdhdidhd you right @anteuzi Skdhdidh wow! Where’s the trust? new Flo Milli track... Ion know... ass slap gave me
Retweeted by Nico ニコラス @TheMarxxxist Lmfaoooo my bad 🤣 @impatientgrowth It was good! I admit Meg wasnt “necessary” on the song sound wise, but she had a nice addition. Her bars as always were 🔥 @TheMarxxxist LMFAOOOO @anteuzi Let my girls eat! Lol from celebrities to mutuals are deleting their “hot takes” on the remix. I know that’s right. #3435REMIX @Euphraxio really be on my phone at 2am everyday singing karaoke. @jandro_venture Lmfaoooo @notshawnorsean I agree 👁 @DrixtonAiko Open ya ears bby lolI been waiting for this since this trend started. Finally. 😍😁
Retweeted by Nico ニコラスHe better than me cause I’m greedy 🥺
Retweeted by Nico ニコラスI’ve infiltrated the app 🌚 @zonabro1923 Lol true remixes on gone bbyThey was y’all dragging my good sis Meg & she still ate & delivered! MY GIRLS! #3435REMIX“This pu$$y good for your health, call it superfood” OK @theestallion YOU BETTER #3435REMIX
Retweeted by Nico ニコラスDOJA & MEG ATE!!! We been knew Doja’s quirky sound was gonna fit on the mix, but then Meg rode that beat... we love… sultry raspy vocals , the constant angelic harmonizing, & finally the intricate layering of each vocal on a sam…🥵
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