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High risk, low probability trader.

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@AC_antonella I had to do two of them. It took so long that I’m now a grandmother. @BobDylansHarp She looks WAY more fun than me.
@Sherroddefense I’m decidedly uncool. Enjoy the single life today while I’m at a birthday party in a warehouse in… @thatbillokeefe @dpinsen @NJTRANSIT This is the picture of progress! Because at least he’s not manspreading. @BruniCharting Me: “Wait, do you take me for some sort of wild animal who photographs her food?”When I make a reservation and they tell me to get my Instagram ready, I know I’ll be be the oldest lady in the rest…
Just to be safe, I’m rollin’ with my knight in shining armor today. @RMarshSPark And of course the warranty is only a year. 😔 @RMarshSPark That’s so frustrating. I’m sorry. @RMarshSPark They stop working when you don’t descale. I thought mine was broken. Like you, I only use it on the… descaled the Nespresso. So I’m basically an engineer. @jkim827 @tizgreen @psmith508 @joshdilo @danacz @BrentJensen84 I would love to visit. If you are in Chicago, hit me up! @tizgreen @jkim827 @psmith508 @joshdilo @danacz @BrentJensen84 Say hi to everyone for me! 😘 @BobDylansHarp @jfahmy @canuck2usa @StockCats Yes I was. As I recall, I promptly sold at $320. 😏 @jfahmy @BobDylansHarp @canuck2usa @StockCats Also, couldn’t we just use my yacht instead? @BobDylansHarp My dad and I went to Laurel once. Special times.
Family movie night. 🎥 🍿 Introducing The Senator to Secretariat in the hopes he will want to go to Arlington Racetra… @austinschutz76 @AndySwan Hahahahaha. Sounds like my Webvan investment in the 90’s, right Austin? @tastytradar My family LOVES The Silo! @AndySwan Feels like it’s time to double down. @BobbyAxelrod__ I’m flattered!! @rixstox @BobbyAxelrod__ I’m like the guy that did the commercial for Sprint and then did commercials for Verizon. @BobbyAxelrod__ Don’t get mad. Get e*trade. @sssvenky @hertcapital @AmyAtrade @OMillionaires @MindMakesMatter @mairuzu3030 @meinincubator @MarkNewtonCMT
@AndySwan That’s so awesome! @JeffMacke Right up your alley: “Competing for Shoppers’ Habits” from PWC: @xIsaMariax It amazes me how fast they update!His Wikipedia page has already been updated. 😂 @mothership Interesting. Thanks for sharing. @mothership Was she a stylist? What was her role? I can totally see what you mean. @MalibuInvest Ha. I think they debunked that yesterday. You could see a low tech retailer wanting to buy them for the technology though. @USArmyPilot @VegasRenegade Yes. I mess with crypto and $SQ. Fascinating stuff. @VegasRenegade Lovely. I wonder what the fee sched looks like. So many questions!
“I know her!” Great job Alli representing @WickedSheets
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @omahacharts I’m with you on this one. @Fmtt12 Thank you!!!! @Fmtt12 I have the stock on this one. @jfahmy great job today on 🦊!Late money at the window on $MU. 🐎 @austinschutz76 Still researching. Not long yet. I just hangout and read Harvard Business Review and stuff. @MissSueSays @SteveQuirk_TDA You should still help him! @HerbertRTarlicJ I think one of my shoes is the same cost as 2 months of stitch fixes. @Sassy_SPY Awesome. I love the “How I built this” series! Thanks for sending!Interesting article in HBR on $SFIX use of technology to deliver personalization at scale. #DataScience @harmongreg That’s an aggressive round down. @BobDylansHarp 😂🤣Congrats to @LDrogen on an excellent Estimize column in WSJ !
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @BobDylansHarp Ha! My offering is high risk low probability trading tactics accompanied with the highest manageme… market outlook: trading is showing early signs of a major resurgence. We break it all down in our free "State of…
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This is the emoji for “margin clerk” 🙅🏻‍♂️ (Just incase you need it today.) @JaviFusco @JoshManMode Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! @optstrader They should get a celebrity DJ who sits off to the side and spins relevant songs to attract millennial… playing Beastie Boys “Sabotage” as a lead in to the $TSLA story is awesome.Our gov’t publishes a document which outlines how children should be cared for and clearly states that not providin… @DavidBCollum Exactly!!! @Mrsgoosy Correct. I left about a year ago. @cheesetrader1 It feels like these down moves habitually happen outside of earnings season. @RMarshSPark But the sky is falling! The sky is falling!Morning market outlook: guy just gets me.
@Trendntape I keep telling him that. I don’t think he’s a buyer.Ever book gains early in the day only because you have to go shop for fabrics and wallpaper or is that just me? @JoshManMode I am humbled by your sacrifice. 🙏The candles are all wick and no stick today. #technicalanalysis sure to pick up a pack of my elegant hand calligraphy cards on weighted Crane’s cardstock reminding your party g… @Schweiss_TDA He must have been a great man to have raised you. @MissSueSays If this was a thing, Garret’s would have it. @MissSueSays
@SmithInMN Hahahahaha @SmithInMN A salad plate on a dinner plate on a charger plate. @lh_carter Ha! You helped me choose them! Come visit! @dpinsen Good crystal gives the table the sparkle! @riverstonecap If only I could cook. 🤷‍♀️
Family dinner with #peonies from my garden. @BruceDetterich He never even called me after I left. I thought we were tight. 🤣 @jenbenburns Love you! @howardlindzon @AndySwan @JeffMacke @WickedSheets @landonswan Oh, it works. For all kinds of stuff.YESSSSS! Alli is going to crush it on QVC next week. Big order but I feel a SOLD OUT is on the way!!! Go…
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