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@TheStalwart I can’t wait for the Collateralized Stable Coin Obligation. That’s gonna be LIT on Robinhood. @IndexModel @dearmoonproject Read the website! It’s an amazing idea.
@toddkovalsky 635 workouts. Damn! 💪
@AndySwan @AaronKlein He was one of the first i followed! @Sherroddefense And prob STILL burning calories.Who else is on Peloton? I need more social shaming to keep me motivated. I’m @NicSherrod on Peloton.
@notoriouspaulie It’s terrible. I hope you and your family are doing ok. @notoriouspaulie Be safe, Paulie. This looks terrible. You are in my prayers. @SmithInMN Hahahha! How old is she? My son is 6 and jumps from topic to topic. I love it. @dpinsen @AaronKlein I do ten min arms after a 30 min ride. 💪 I should start doing more non-biking because I’m pay… @SmithInMN I looked at this tweet for 10 minutes not knowing how to respond. How is it that we haven’t evolved mor… @MissSueSays 😂🤣
Me: Rummaging through the 6-year-old’s craft bin looking for glue for my fake eyelashes. Husband: “I’m guessing y… @cmritts Yes. I used that M-W-F. Tues and Thursday is the “World’s Okayest Mom” @NicSherrod Is this your mug?
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @ianrosen @robpas Ha! It is my favorite event! I hope Raznick doesn’t see this. @robpas WILL SPEAK FOR FREE LOUBS.It’s such an honor to be invited to speak at an event because “we need a woman on the panel”. @RealBrianWatt @blb_capital At the stone balloon. 💃🏻 @RealBrianWatt @blb_capital I would have fixed that for you, Brian. Anything for my favorites. @larry_k4ab @caroljsroth @thefuturefile I love this product!Happy birthday to @omahacharts. A great trader and an even better friend. #FF @ReformedBroker @thefuturefile @RampCapitalLLC I’ve never heard of him.
@ReformedBroker @thefuturefile Have you made allowances for who takes over your account? This is important. @jayho79 @thefuturefile She is not superhuman like me.After my near death experience this year, I’ve prioritized sorting my affairs. My friend Kerri will be taking over… @lh_carter She loves you!!!Happy 10th birthday to Madeline Louise Curcio Sherrod! 🐶❤️🎾🍗🥓 #frenchbulldog @AaronKlein Prepare to have your mind blown: 4I considered paying someone $20 to log into my peloton account and put in a solid 30 min ride so I wouldn’t break m…
@ReformedBroker Too big to jail. @mle7under Truth. 😢 @DavidSchawel 🙏 I’ll pray for you. Even though you are inland I know it’s still concerning. @IndexModel I’m cracking up. Best tweet of the day. GO OUT AND FIND YOUR SPAGHETTI MODEL! @DavidSchawel What town are you in? @IndexModel If only we could bet on a specific path. Can we? @mpaulseder I am evacuating Chicago. Vegas looks like the only safe place.These hurricane spaghetti models remind me of some of horrendous technical charts you guys share with 12 competing… @AndySwan @businessinsider You mean 6th? @RealBrianWatt @JoshManMode @ediekollling It is soooo taxing to decorate 8 bedrooms. It’s going to be months befo… @JoshManMode @ediekollling @RealBrianWatt I haven’t taken speed in years, guys. @RealBrianWatt @ediekollling @JoshManMode @RealBrianWatt @JoshManMode I recently cloned myself so I could double my trading effectiveness.
@JoshManMode Please. It’s an etrade print ad. Hahahahha. @JoshManMode Me too, bro. Just chillin in my backyard on my inflatable Swan looking at my fx portfolio. @HinksonAlissa The way you feel about sharks... I feel about hurricanes. @AndySwan I can’t wait for the S-1 to drop ahead of the IPO. @EricGuster Perfection! Congrats, Eric! So happy for you!
@pbaratelli @boringcompany @elonmusk She is a brilliant, accomplished academy award winning actress who is supporti… @Sherroddefense @boringcompany If you were nicer you would have said “Stars! They’re just like us!”Jennifer Lawrence rolling around LA in a @boringcompany hat late last week. I have the same hat. But no one photo…
@TBPInvictus Later today, I will attempt to go to Costco and buy ONLY two things.
@KevinHincks_TDA @_JakeBrown1 Birds of a feather 🦅 @KevinHincks_TDA @_JakeBrown1 💚😂🤣🎤🍀💃🏻🕺🏻 @saltpoint One season of my reality show would cover one project. @_JakeBrown1 Really? Because this coming weekend there is talk of a tv installation....I’m toying with the idea of… @JoshManMode Oh! Is the bubble supposed to go in the MIDDLE of the level???
@DavidSchawel This is phantastic. @CapitalEdgeNY Oh that mirror will be there for another 100 years. But now the husband wants a flat screen tv in t… @JoshManMode Did you see my project this weekend? Is a thread. @JoshManMode Drywall? That’s so easy.I know you have all been waiting for that $0.25 dip to get into $SQ. Now is your chance.
@AaronKlein No. But he left at 6:30am for a long drive. The same tenacity of purpose that I have for projects...he has for golf. @AndySwan 🤣😂🤣💪 @robpas Perhaps I’ll do a reprise in November when I start putting my 6 Christmas trees up. @worldeye6 He could do so much better. 😂I’ve decided I don’t like it. 2 of this 30 minute project. I have the second panel hung. I believe my ladder is too short for the 3rd piece… @SmithInMN Ha. It’s so easy though. They sleep so soundly. If only I could sleep as well as The Senator!
The husband does not want to leave the party. They have Spotted Cow beer. Sooooo.... @erwillia That’s basically a non-chlorinated Petri dish. Not a chance. @BellJoannaL 1 mirror is hung. I have 2 more to go. I am trying to pass off my look as bohemian but really, I jus… Senator is not inclined to want to leave this event anytime soon. The bouncy house has a water feature. It mi…! 💥 1 of 3 pieces is up. Completely level. The combination of my new Dewalt drill bit and my Milwaukee ham… @AaronKlein This is just a typical day in the life.I have sustained my first project related injury on my left cankle. The shoes are by $UAA. Don’t judge. I’m a Ma… husband is now drinking a beer and watching this effort for sport and amusement. @KH_964 @BobDylansHarp Oh I know the old tape trick. You think this is my first rodeo? 😂🤣It’s 58% humidity. Do I even need to bother doing my hair for this party? Also, wouldn’t it be amazing if a handy… pretty level to me. decided to throw caution to the wind and I’ve started drilling into the concrete willy nilly. I should have sta… @vinnybigv Stop mansplaining. 🤣 @lh_carter This is a fool’s errand.Oh it’s this kind of a situation. Zero margin for error. My measurements will been to be precise. F$#%. Back at it. The neighbors are having a party which starts at 3. That means I have exactly 36 minutes to meas… Senator sure was happy about his Happy Meal.🎶 you used to call me on your 📱 🎶 Senator wants Chicken McNuggets. And if I get then for him, I won’t have to make him lunch and I can dedicate… course now my husband has learned of my outing and needs me to run a few more errands. it’s so on True Value Lake Forest. I wonder if anyone will notice my new eyeshadow. will need tunes for the car ride. Hmmmm. Maybe some oasis. Wonderwall? Get it? Hanging a mirror? Wonderwa… don’t have the supplies I need in my workshop. So now I have to put makeup on. You can’t go to the hardware sto… maybe I have the hardware I need in my carefully organized workshop... @AndySwan 😂🤣 you are the one swinging 1 lots.I GET TO GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE!I guess I could read the instructions while I drink my coffee. Oh look! The instructions are for hanging on drywa… @DowdEdward What a silly question. Playing golf is work. It’s business. It’s not recreation. This is what he tells me.Still coffee breaking. Pondering who is going to clean up this gigantic mess? And do I really even like this mir… @DowdEdward I would be waiting forever. 🤣😂Update. It’s been one minute and I’m already on my first coffee break. Going through phone contacts. Trying to re…