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My two favorites in one interview and some solid perspective on interest rates. @jfahmy @CGasparino ❤️ @vinnybigv The shading on the red numbers is vibrant!The new theme on the Power E*TRADE app will make your trading losses look sexier. @philatrades Yeah but it’s finance. So there’s never a line to the ladies room! 💁‍♀️Current front runner for the holiday card. @austinschutz76 No, no, no. Your order filled immediately. It’s just that the confirmation was delayed from the market maker. @austinschutz76 I’ll remind you that based on the terms of service which you signed when you opened your account, w… @austinschutz76 I’m going to have to transfer you to tech support. They can walk you through a procedure called ‘shut down and reboot’. @austinschutz76 Perhaps you have disabled pop up blockers? @austinschutz76 We are unable to replicate this on our side. @austinschutz76 Sir, the issues seem to be with your internet service provider. @austinschutz76 Intermittent access issues for a limited number of clients.
@RMarshSPark Wow that’s bold. Those are the two firms competing for the price sensitive trader. I would love to s… @RMarshSPark Which one? Send me a link. I like the one with the two bros fly fishing and discussing their portfolios. @HFBondsTrader “We have decided to refund your commissions.”. @IvanTheK see a lot of you lost money today because Robinhood locked up your account while they tried to resolve a tech iss… @rileyjr2011 I would love to. We shall see! @BobDylansHarp Landshark? @IarocciDave Good eye! I am also out of the whitening strips. @rileyjr2011 😂😆👏🏻 @rileyjr2011 Does your mom still do elf on the shelf for you?I found a use for the #CVSreceipt. #elfontheshelf $CVS
100% of my use cases for Pinterest are stupid Elf on the Shelf ideas. @MissSueSays Meghan Markle is to personal secretaries as Nicole Sherrod is to summer interns. 😂🤣
The Santa Claus Rally is now the Heat Miser Rally. map of the S&P 500.
Me watching the futures open. @MissSueSays I can cut one jumbo potato into 6 fries. @MaralynBurstein I’ve done the Spring meet many times. It’s one of my favorite places. So beautiful. @MaralynBurstein Someday I’ll go.All I want for Christmas is my very own thoroughbred racehorse. @Speedee19 @TDAmeritrade I’m shocked my acting career didn’t take off after that.
@OriolesAaron So regal.My new requirement is that if my kid wants to download a new app, she has to write a one page report on the founder…
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @JeffMacke @jedimarkus77 Same. The unreads are largely amazon delivery notifications. I can’t keep up with that… @JeffMacke @jedimarkus77 Same. I respond to those almost immediately. @JeffMacke @jedimarkus77 Backed up on email is a sign of a high performance individual. @pimathman Yes. @pimathman Right? I mean she’s a stunning dog.Working on my holiday card. It will be difficult to top the year I blurred out the baby and made the dog the prima… @Josh_PlainTalk F’ing elves. I’m totally doing this.
Last night at my favorite charity event of the year for Laurie Children’s Hospital. ❤️👶🏼
I just started doing Instagram stories. This will be an exciting new medium for embarrassing my family.
What about my pillow preference data? Did they get that too?!
@MissSueSays I dipped mine in truffle mayo. @MissSueSays Don’t read this. submit this for best stock photo in a finance article for 2018. A sad fat finger (possibly a thumb) enveloped in…
Recapturing @etrade's "irreverent, challenger-brand swagger" lands Lea Stendahl on the @Adweek 50 list of indispens…
Retweeted by Nicole SherrodCongrats to my good friend Lea Stendahl at @etrade who made AdWeek 50 this year. Such a well deserved honor for a…
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m thankful to be sharing it with my family in Maryland. @JaviFusco @QBtrades @JoshManMode @HFBondsTrader I’m thankful for you too, Javi! Happy thanksgiving!
@JoshManMode Also, great video this week. I cried I laughed so hard. @JoshManMode Only 100% of the time. @JoshManMode He evaluates them based on their aesthetic appearance and the caliber of the treats offered. @T_OConnell It’s all been confusing because he only knows how to count forwards and the numbers have been going backwards. @T_OConnell He’s happy they have tv. He’s currently watching ‘What’d You Miss’ on Bloomberg. @MissSueSays Quite the opposite! He is friendly to all his fellow travelers. @justinisreal Carry on. Always. @inloworbit Water. No ice. He’s rationing his calories for the upcoming feast. @MissSueSays He likes Biscoff on Delta. He feels too few airlines appreciate the calming effects of fresh baked co… @CapitalEdgeNY He prefers international first class and finds domestic business to be pedestrian. He was displease… Senator will be happy to take your questions on the Airline Industry for the remainder of his flight to Grandmu… @HerbertRTarlicJ @big7x7 That will make 6 trees in a family of 3. How much more can I do?! @big7x7 I still have one more to go.Somewhere out there, an editor is telling her staff to resume production of Santa Claus Rally personal finance content. @ryanshanks @AndySwan The Senator is a big fan of Andy’s. They recently took down some New York Strip steaks together. @Sherroddefense Does this commercial trigger you? Your brother-in-law and I will see you in a few hours! side hustle is securing babysitters.
@jeffberkowitz1 That would be a bad trade. @pointsnfigures Cease it. Hang a poster on the drywall.The market has entered “cease all home improvement projects” territory. @HaiderSF Oh I have the losses in 2018. 😂🤣Capital gains.
@VegasRenegade Thank you. Scary. 🙏End zone trolling. 🐻 🛶
@kmc_416 Or I don’t even put a sports tree up. I just tell him it’s in the laundry room. He will never know. @AaronKlein 🤣😂 ok next weekend I’m all over it. Just for you! @blenderking Gold paint. @JXD23 I go away for thanksgiving. So it’s always nice to return home ready to enjoy as opposed to work. @AaronKlein I agree. But next weekend is outdoor decor so that will introduce a lot more chaos and chicanery. @Bmanfield They are always in the same place. The back of the tree.I worked all weekend to decorate four elegant trees and all my husband wants to know is where his stupid sports orn…
@SmithInMN In addition, I propose a large tax on people who claim an outdoor table at Carmine’s, Maple and Ash, Gib… @SteveQuirk_TDA You will be offered the position of Secretary of the Treasury and we will outfit Air Force One with… @jayho79 😂🤣They are taxing amusement in Chicago. Thankfully the sadness we all feel about crime and gun violence is still tax… @JeffMacke Great call, Jeff! @MarginCalled80 Or couples holding hands in side by side bathtubs.Lou Malnatis’ pizza will be sold tax free under my administration as a dietary requirement. @LouMalnatis tax on high end luxury retail shoes and handbags will be eliminated. If you worked hard enough to buy a Bir… @BruniCharting You will be the Secretary of Treasury replacing Steve Mnuchin. @jayho79 I accept your terms. This tweet serves as a binding contract.Tax free income generation on all option strategies. Ice Cream for all Americans on some Fridays.How am I to win this election with 3k followers? Remember when I had 25k? @jayho79 Clearly this is the kind of thinking I will need in my cabinet.This will also include Boom chicka pop popcorn.Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, or any item from the Itos food group will be tax free under my administration.Dividends: tax free