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On the weekends, I enjoy reading ETN prospectuses.

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@LilMissDiana I’m dying. So great. I love Dennis. Hahahahahhahha @JeffMacke @robpas I had no idea! That is amazing! I thought the music for the play was by Ryan Adams when I firs… @lh_carter Hahaha. It’s playing in Chicago first. Then NYC. Music by Bryan Adams. I’m GIDDY! @JeffMacke @robpas But with music by Bryan Adams.Just bought tickets to Pretty Woman the Broadway Musical. If cameras are allowed, I will livestream my husband’s t…
@jeffberkowitz1 I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t see pictures of my friend’s meals. @jeffberkowitz1 What if Facebook is targeted with increased regulation that makes it more difficult for the housewi… @DRFHegarty @DRFInsidePost The best industry leaders who have invested into track surfaces are seeing major year ov… @IarocciDave How would anyone not know which Friend’s character they most closely identify with? ARE THESE PEOPLE WITH THE TIME TO SIT AROUND TAKING PERSONALITY QUIZZES ON FACEBOOK? I’m too busy busy playing Candy Crush.
@MissSueSays @kumascorner I’m available for week 4.
@DowdEdward STORMY! The calm before the Stormy! ☔️Watch the murky water of the Chicago River turn bright green for #StPatricksDay. Here's how it happens:…
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @mpk62 Please. I’m in Lake Forest with the civilized people. @LilMissDiana It’s my son’s girlfriend! 👫❤️ @omahacharts @MissSueSays 🤣😂🤣😂 @omahacharts @MissSueSays Trent, which SATC girl did you most closely identify with?Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 💚🍀🤮 @omahacharts @MissSueSays 💄👠👗💃🏻👩‍💻🍸💔 @caro_cart 🤣😂 @caro_cart HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. @OphirGottlieb Amazing. This view will lend more perspective. You guys work quickly. I love it.
@OphirGottlieb Love this. ❤️❤️❤️ @ohinx @onepeloton I wish that was true.
@brandonreink @onepeloton 🙏❤️ @riverstonecap @onepeloton Thanks! I really appreciate it. ❤️ @dpinsen @onepeloton Three clots to the lungs. I’m going to be better than ever. Very lucky! 🍀 @Herben31 @onepeloton He is awesome!Getting back into the game after almost being knocked out of it 2 months ago from a pulmonary embolism. Thanks to… @compoundint Awwww. Thank you! 🙏 @AndySwan I AM SO TRIGGERED BY THIS.
@jfahmy Seriously, why did the derivatives exchanges launch bitcoin futures (no one is trading them) when all we wa… @BenzingaEvents @Benzinga @TradeStation Jodi is a STAR! @zerohedge People don’t learn about bitcoin from display ads. They learn about it from their Uber drivers. @jenbenburns 🤣😂🍩
@RMarshSPark More than just hot. It was a great performance.Today I sold /ES and went to see Red Sparrow. This pretty much qualifies me to be a platinum level speaker at a Trader’s Expo.If only Trump could have been this kind in the Tillerson break up tweet.
Retweeted by Nicole SherrodRex Tillerson being fired by a tweet is the modern day sticky note break up. @OriolesAaron Really interesting! Thanks so much for passing along!
@OphirGottlieb This is great. I always wish insider trading data went back at least 2 years. Many insiders have s…
@OriolesAaron I would love to get one at some point even if it’s just a share. @stkbullgod 😂🤣 @jeffberkowitz1 You’ve been watching too many 50 shades movies. 🍿This is a Lego Medieval Mace. The most lethal of all LEGOs to step on with bare feet. Also, how I started my morn… @OriolesAaron Bernie...have you bought a horse yet?
@marcuslemonis @MLGChicago @bobbilemonis One of my favorite places!! 🥗I don’t want to brag but the little guy in the upper right is mine. 🌟 💫
@davidsettle42 @MissSueSays Southside Mary and I. Making LOLs together since 2009. @lh_carter @JanetRiccio @barrirafferty @jendrexler @CarlaEboli @KarenvanBergen @dianalittman @Marinamaher309 @BruceDetterich @MissSueSays Whatever the thing is. Do the thing. Win the points! @MissSueSays That will never get old. SPORTS💁‍♀️.Ice ice baby 🏒 on #InternationalMensDay our waitress said “thank you gentlemen” to my table. 🤷‍♀️
@omahacharts @MissSueSays I don’t know why anyone would follow me in the first place. I only joined to troll… @omahacharts @BoingBoing You kids can’t even take a 5 minute shower without your phones?I feel like this Cohn situation is stealing the thunder from the real story today which is Scaramucci on Dr. Phil. 🤷‍♀️ @MissSueSays read this and then I have something I’d like to discuss with you. @AndySwan I am a crisis trader. I only trade in 1% down moves. @pointsnfigures @AndySwan Good point. 👆 @omahacharts @canuck2usa The lift is not unlike the last 5 min candle. @canuck2usa I’m having the time of my life! /ES
@JaviFusco How are we playing this?!? @AdamSinger That’s great to see!!! @AdamSinger That’s my point. If this tool helps startups to drive awareness and consideration without having to ra… @AdamSinger A lot of startups struggle with marketing and advertising and don’t want to spend into headcount to bui… @omahacharts @allstarcharts Everywhere.Happy Birthday to Tom Sosnoff who was even making markets on my wedding day as to how long the marriage would last.…
Tooth Fairy payments dropped by 11% in 2017 while U.S. equities rose 18%. Adjust your risk exposures accordingly.
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @megadave5000 🤣😂🤣
Mamas & babies 🐴 enjoying some ☀️ #kentucky #horsedoctors #horses
Retweeted by Nicole Sherrod @DrewOden @PointDivinity I didn’t think I stole it! Sorry. I got a text message from my brother with the pic. @TrillRonHubbard If I don’t have children, how could I instruct them not to apply themselves?
@Sherroddefense I have unblocked you. You’re welcome. @AndySwan Blocking is not inclusive and your focus on the bluechecks lacks diversity.
@Irwin_R_Shyster OMG I don’t think Tom would have me back. I’m very high maintenance. @Irwin_R_Shyster Yes. I did.