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I know it seems counterintuitive, but conflict is incredibly useful/valuable and generative conflict is one of the…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @MarionGreene I’ll email you my rough recipe 💛 @MarionGreene Sort of? I tend to google things, read 3-4 recipes and average them out. 😂 @ceceliagrace SOUP 🍲 SOUP 🍜 SOUP 🥣Made some moqueca baiana with tilapia that was on sale. IT IS OFFICIALLY SOUP SEASON.I want every mention of the Mpls City Attorney Rowader to remind people he’s a former Target veep and general couns…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her))
@tony_the_scribe WE ARE THE MOST IGNORED GENERATION PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR STORY (singular) @tony_the_scribe YOU SHUT UPOk, I literally love winter so much and I am not mad at this snow at all. My Twitter feed disagrees and so now I'… @katalogued @winnerbowzer That stuff smells REALLY GOOD. I use that on my feet when I want to be fancy.Hey @zeusjones , I convinced a developer to sponsor an EV charger since he won't make the one he's installing in hi… @winnerbowzer My hands get so dry that they can crack, which is very painful. So I prefer to just go straight to th… @brenface I have stacks of framed pieces stashed in every room and yet every part of the wall is covered.😬 won’t st… @winnerbowzer Everyone is so fancy! I use Bag Balm 😬DO NOT LET A BUNCH OF NIMBYs POPULATE THIS COMMITTEE PLEASE THANK YOUPeople for Parks Fund is seeking new members for its Advisory Committee The Fund has been created to advance unde… @ziibiing YES @ziibiing I don’t disagree with that, but also have (as many others have) been saying that for 15 years. But Mpls s… @ziibiing really truly hope the tiny homes initiative is temporary. Yes, we need dignified housing AND It’s almost like sta… need shelter for everyone without a warm, safe, roof over their heads urgently. Please donate to ZACAH at…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @burial__plot @amber_lcarter The laws and process tend to change state to state but you could get in touch with CAW… @Blazer86 @lindsayinMPLS Here’s something that might help:
2020 @brenface @natepentz 4! You don't want it to tip over. @MeredithWestin @andcowlicks Tesla adds challenges because they have a SPECIFIC type of charger. You need to purcha… just scrolled through 46 pages of (20 pp) job postings with minimal filters (area, FT, lowest base salary) and on… @andcowlicks LOL. I know. @thatlevi Struggling to figure out how to translate my skills to other positions (particularly for-profit positions). @andcowlicks Tesla has partnered with Target and are installing super-chargers there. In SLP there's a huge bank. T… not needing to get gas or go into gas stations had allowed us to take some small point A to point B trips that… have not always been supportive of the electric car my partner bought because it requires significantly more plan… on to this so hard as my resentment grows. @massdistraction OOOOOOH IT IS TOTALLY PRETZEL MAKING SEASON. @itsteensy I’m disappointed by these results tbh. Sour patch kids and gummy worms foreverC O O L Worker's Halloween Abolition Bash is next Saturday!!!
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her))Nearly finished with this Netflix film and I hope it’s the kind of thing folks who have aging parents ask them to w… @yoadri_n MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET BANGS!?!?what i wish leftists knew: disability is both a physical experience and an economic status. it announces how well y…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @amber_lcarter Can you let anyone who needs to know that I’d be happy to support them or assist them with applicati…
Went out of town to a place with no screens or service. Read a book. Built several snowfolk. Sat by a fire with mul… @MinnPost Daily Coronavirus Updates have been so important for me to follow the ups, downs, changes, and policy…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @mplsalex Shared google keep checklist? Then you still get the benefit of knowing certain things have been claimed?
Today was my @votefwd big send! I hope TX turns out!
@andreawaves I do! @BuchbergerJm I’m in Whittier, so just South of downtown @nathaneliot OMG yes. DMing you!That's snow right there. @elorraine_ @ynpntc Sorry to hear that. It's not without its serious frustrations. I'm trying to figure out now (… @elorraine_ @ynpntc Welp, I could speak for years about the purpose and damage of nonprofits. But YNPN was create… @elorraine_ The goal of nonprofits or the goal of @ynpntc ?I still edit the blog for YNPN-TC because I love to help folks shape their message and create a strong, unique voic… to be attending the @ynpntc Leadership Breakfast this morning. A scrappy group of us founded this chapter… late to a digital networking event which doesn’t even require me to go anywhere. What is this life?
@littlebrumble That headline made me smileHill House? Whatever the show I didn’t watch is called.Ok, @barbaerella has kind of solved a piece for me, since I didn’t watch House on Haunting Hill I misinterpreted so… @barbaerella Ok! I did not love it but I’m going to dm you a QOk, I don’t actually want anyone to have to watch Bly Manor unless they’re Queer and will enjoy a sweet love story,… @WCCO This is irresponsible... Generally but also considering 45 has literally created concentration camps - separa… day I give a fuck about what Garrison Keillor thinks about women’s rights is a day that doesn’t exist in any space or time.
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her))I just finished the last PB pretzel nugget from this container, just to update all those invested in this journey.…, only Senator to work at Planned Parenthood here. Barrett's views on Roe v. Wade are clear. So I'm making my v…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @barbaerella DMIng! @tony_the_scribe Whatever, quitter. I respect and support your decision. This group has taught me//highlighted for… @Blazer86 @lindsayinMPLS Right, but in true mutual aid that delineation (the concept you’re describing is charity)… to take a brief hiatus from social media. please continue to support my campaign in the meantime. it means ev…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her))It's definitely going to make this afternoon's MPD/911 workgroup call [completely] pale in comparison, though... th… love talking to strangers, but I am so incredibly honored that my first of 50 Coffee Dates was with @thricycles @daniellemkali The algorithm just showed me this and I threw my phone down because I thought it was Thursday and re… @dreadpiratejene Whoa! It looks like popcorn? @ziibiing first coffee date of 50 is this morning and I already have to reschedule my 2nd. 2020. Want to have a virtua… @Blazer86 @lindsayinMPLS To be fair... no they aren’t? Many societies in general were based in mutual aid before pl… @lindsayinMPLS @advicepig @cleverkate @dbrauer @TCMAP_tweets You could also ask @NiquiTina @asmaresists @lindsayinMPLS @advicepig @cleverkate @dbrauer @TCMAP_tweets I’ll ask around but most folks I work with actively trying to stay off radar.what is #GrowSomethingBeautiful all about..
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @JessicaCapelle Yes, late 30s
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @purenoumena @e_lana @maggiekb1 It’ll be painful either way 🤷🏻‍♀️ @_omgigi_ I will never forget doing a walk-in somewhere and LITERALLY THREE PEOPLE came in to do a MN outline while… @maggiekb1 I scheduled a tattoo for election night @bigskybabs Pelvic exams when I was uninsured. @KimSVanderwall That would have been so appropriate! 😉 @thatlevi @meeterica To be clear, the coffee is with me, not @meeterica Still want to do it? 😂Considering taking up @meeterica's 50 Coffee meetup project. Want to have coffee in our respective spaces and tal… @caerickson @zeusjones Congrats! That’s great! @elliquinn This stuff is good. All the coops have it I think more than 20% of the force has coordinated to file for disability due to protests and another ~12% are consideri…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her))I can report from my window it appears that Zettas//YeahYeah have extended their hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a mar… you there!
@KellyC819 @KSTP Yeahhhhh, and who pays for the ongoing trauma treatment of folks harassed, unlawfully detained, be… absolutely want a handout. I want the same handouts that have been given out to major corporations and banks. I’v…
Retweeted by nico/le w. ((she/her)) @KSTP Which will save the city millions in brutality settlements. This is a fiscally sound move overall.