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Dead ass I gotta act like I don’t care for people to care.
Retweeted by 🥀 @JadarraMarkiera Lmao heavy on the yelling 😂 @JadarraMarkiera You still do 😂😂😂 @YouGene823 You aggy I’ll do it later 😂So mad this nigga eating my food now 😂Don't play wit me I'll leave you right where you standing on my life!
Retweeted by 🥀I went to Walmart & forgot to get a fanImagine trying to make me jealous with a nigga that I was miserable with
Retweeted by 🥀if any bitch can have him then that nigga was never mine🙅🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by 🥀I’m locking in with myself I don’t want nobody !!!
Retweeted by 🥀 @jalikaemony_ Yummy
You don’t know what love is @seanaaa_ Fr? @nidaeyaa Mad good. Get the crab fries too. And ask if Hersh is there, she’s the bomb watress
Retweeted by 🥀 @LadiiGee1 Okay thank youuuI hear you, Show me
Retweeted by 🥀I wanna try hook & reel todaySee we duck off & we fuck off but nobody know that 😏
Retweeted by 🥀Damn they working my legs already in therapy 😂I’m so independent that I pretty much don’t be giving a fuck about shit
Retweeted by 🥀 @JaySoJersey I’m abt to hit youy’all smell that new nigga air?? 🥴
Retweeted by 🥀 @lilantg_ I didBlessed❤️
Retweeted by 🥀 @lilantg_ Ummm stfuWhen you get a gut feeling not to go out...... DON'T GO OUT!
Retweeted by 🥀If you don’t fuck wit me .. stop keeping up wit me, it’s weird
Retweeted by 🥀 @thereal2gz @ccrowndae @TheyCallMeLil Facts 😂😂😂 @ccrowndae @TheyCallMeLil We smoking again lolClaiming It 🙏🏽
Retweeted by 🥀Rule #1: Don’t walk into someone’s house and NOT speak. 🥴
Retweeted by 🥀Word up 😂😂😂 tail self 😂
Retweeted by 🥀You smoking right now got the best porn
Retweeted by 🥀I’m going to sleep early
Just got some great newsHe gave her a warning 😂😂😂😂’t let them trick you out of ya spot
Retweeted by 🥀making 2021 my bitch !
Retweeted by 🥀Me either a simple conversation of motivation can go a long way
Retweeted by 🥀It’s hard to trustI need some great head
Retweeted by 🥀i need some gasss
Retweeted by 🥀I got my brother some food & he didn’t take it BET!‼️😘 in jersey I’ll rather be in Florida 😭Again* got these weak bitches thinking they could even fuck wit me but want a shoot out if a nigga touching me
Retweeted by 🥀Car accident ptsd is real.
Retweeted by 🥀IM NOT EMBARRASSED ABOUT SHIT I BEEN THRU! Yep I struggled, I been hurt,yeah a Mf I loved crossed me, friends betra…
Retweeted by 🥀 @JaySoJersey Yes @JaySoJersey Lmk when!coochie sad she miss her coochie dad
Retweeted by 🥀I really wish I had motivation to workout the way I want and need to😣
Retweeted by 🥀Friends & family to have my own back nobody really came thru
Retweeted by 🥀 @ConceitedLoose 😂😂😂StarvingIf ya nigga don’t change for you ... change niggas. 🧏🏾‍♀️ - LORI HARVEY
Retweeted by 🥀I wanna relax when I go home but I have therapy 😂My phone is not gonna. Last for a hour 🙄I can’t compete with no bitch giving you money... just go be with her 🤣🤣😭🥱🥴
Retweeted by 🥀😂😂 generation REALLY trash
Retweeted by 🥀I really don’t wanna live in jersey & I can’t move any time soonHumble
Crab legs meLEGALIZED IT
Retweeted by 🥀I really don’t give a fuck how anybody feels about me, who likes me, what y’all think of me what y’all say about me…
Retweeted by 🥀I can’t wait to eat some seafood todayBeing ignorant is not cute at allI’m abt to take a napSeriously'm praying for strength for all of my friends going thru a difficult time right now. This is trying time for many…
Retweeted by 🥀IF YOU HAD ANOTHER BITCH YOU COULD’VE JUST SAID THAT 😂 Y’all wanna be so player so bad. You only player if you tel…
Retweeted by 🥀GnI need to chill till this case almost overWhen I go back home if it’s not a vacation I’m not coming outMy foot hurt so bad @Wadd_of_this Nasty nowI’ll take both my dawg forever I couldn’t imagine 🥺I don’t care for lq no more 😭🦋
Retweeted by 🥀I need to be somewhere hot
Retweeted by 🥀I can’t imagine
Retweeted by 🥀These niggas are DISRESPECTFUL as hell 🤮
Retweeted by 🥀Bitches be mad because you come into a nigga life & he love you in 2 weeks & it took them 10 years 🥴 Whomppppp.
Retweeted by 🥀😭 let a lame nigga take me out my Element cut a nigga off he treating bitches like they relevant @3rdAveCvsh Who? @PreetyTeee_ Me to but I really want food 😂🥱I need some good foodPlease keep y’all opinions to yourselves a babygirl just lost her father
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