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this was great // thx for having me! @NifMuhammad Columbus Gifted Academy PTO (100 W. Fourth St.) will offer parking for $10 that afternoon. You won't g…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibColumbus folks: are dedicated to building a future without police and prisons. The Columbus Freedom Coalition is dedicated to Bl…
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @jasonbcrawford Columbus legends, some of the songs definitely slappedThis is a project I think is really cool and want to see flourish. This campaign was partially funded, and then rel…, thank you for your incredible question -- in a night of really great questions, that was a really fun one to… to 82-0 begins tonight @TimberwolvesPRESS RELEASE: TOMORROW SOUTH CAROLINA PRISONERS HAVE ASKED ORGANIZERS AROUND THE WORLD TO ASSIST THEM IN APPEALING…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibColumbus & Columbus-adjacent folks: this is tomorrow. Please come through, please spread the word far & wide. Anali… @ProjectNard @GeoffTrenchard might be a good resource here, perhaps?Poppa Doc at the end of 8 Mile
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibYeah when he opened with "you've done a lot in your career" I thought he was going with the what nba team parallels… really thought on it and gave an earnest answer which is wild because I genuinely do not fully understand the questionexcuse me did kenny just ask chadwick boseman what nba team...parallels...wakanda?I'm not really even opposed to the lakers in any way, but the lakers jokes always bring out the best in peopleso happy the nba is back @ashakijackson was so good to see you! Sorry we couldn't talk/catch up after -- would love to make some time when I'm next in townbeen four whole months and VanVleet still got the sauce
"It’s unfair to make a book that’s only the dark because we know that’s not how life happens." One of my favorite…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibOut today is @kath3000's GOD SAVE THE QUEENS, the essential and monumental history of hip-hop’s female pioneers and…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibGod Save The Queens, coming October 22nd!
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @leasdef @KvnAndrsn I assumed you meant Herro for MVPGordon Hayward isn't my pick but I think he's a good pick for most improved if he's gotten past the tentativeness t… two more NBA prediction questions before the season tips off Who do you have for MVP and who do you have for most improved player? @BroLoPYH saw the photo and had to close out of it IMMEDIATELYThis is tonight, if LA folks are around and free. is the last day to get 50% off my book on Black women, happiness, and travel. Some good truths about the proc…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibThe Port workers of Concepción, Chile are joining the popular revolt against the government that has “declared war”…
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibI love this mic'd up moment most mic'd up players are out there on that "let's get FIRED UP don't you just LOVE th… szn really jumping off, now we can start really dressing mean I guess this is true in the most literal sense @COOLHAUS @lisaskwon This is so kind, thank you! I've got a pretty hectic few hours before reading tomorrow but I w…
o.....k.....?? guy close on November 1! Send me yr poems 😛😛
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @AriCisco the Fultz breakout season is upon us(don't get me wrong, I don't think the Sixers are bad -- I think the Sixers can be extremely good. I'm just not as… you all like the Sixers A LOT which is understandable, I just feel like I did last year when everyone liked t… the NBA jumps off tomorrow please give me your finals prediction. I will say: Nuggets/Celtics, Nuggets in 6…! @KeeangaYamahtta's brilliant Race For Profit hits bookstores this week. She took time to talk to us about it,…
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @_joseolivarez I think the team looks badmoments before the fantasy draft starts, weighing whether or not to draft tyler herro with my first round pick and…
@rebake12 Will definitely be signing books after the reading!...and then Thursday, I'm back in Columbus to host Analicia Sotelo for the final From The Language Of Ash reading.… that, I'm in Seattle on Wednesday. Would love to see any folks who are free and in the area.'m reading in Los Angeles on Tuesday & would love to see folks if they are free and able to make it out. My apolo…'t shit you can do with a free kick like that whewwww mercy😎😎😎😎😎 man what a bummer of a penalty -- impossibly bad luck, hate to see it, etcI can feel the late Regin FC equalizer coming can feel the late Reign FC winner coming @chasingray @BallouLibrary @Tin_House Hey! I'm glad to send a couple copies to you if you'd like!
Dallas/Seattle BIG spicyI was once listed on a roster as 5'10" which is a pretty egregious fabrication, as anyone who has seen me knows I'… man I get it love that in his photo Klay Thompson looks like someone just told him that he's two inches shorter than he though… book is good and you can buy it here
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @achyguts was good to see you from afar last night! Sorry I couldn't briefly escape to say a proper helloI wrote about the legacy of the Black Panther Party’s free breakfast program on its 50th anniversary
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibOverwhelmed. Grateful. The Hurston Wright Foundation is in the best of our tradition.
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib
Until they bury me I will extol the virtues & sing the highest praise of Digable Planet’s insanely dope sophomore album “Blowout Comb”...
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqibthere's that scene in the park where one character very earnestly says "yo sometimes I feel like this choir gig is… Act 2 is really one of the greatest sequels of all time and I know this because the premise, dialogue, and c… @AScaredWhale @marty_cain Ah! I forgot about this. I think it's one of those songs that's often in the air -- I fee… @trillharris @j_mandres definitely in the "not great, but still relentlessly slaps" hall of fameI actually don't even think Fat Lip is all that good of a song, it's just A Song I Know Every Word To which I guess… was absolutely fat lip, a song I will unfortunately never be able to stop myself from singing along to like a 17… @realtayediggs_ sandra bullock is sending me lmaoooooooTonight at @wcfbook, come see @NifMuhammad,@sheer_awe, & @Paige_M_Lewis in conversation! More information here:…
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqibdamn // hope he gets healthy and this doesn't become a recurring issue'm still not entirely sure if the Daniel Kaluuya Barney movie is a prank of some sort or not because this part rea… spoken dialogue intro to It Wasn't Me has several hilarious parts but my favorite is "I don't know how all of t… Shaggy's lying ass already gave us the playbook, we ain't falling for it tonight I heard Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes read from her collection The Inheritance of Haunting, which came… the new book of poems by @mimosa_montes tonight & already very excited/thankful to have an opportunity t… this is a Tyler Herro stan account
Columbus, we are so lucky! Nicole Sealey is reading at @OSUEnglish tomorrow at 4. Denney 311. Open to everybody!
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib @sefaref22 It does feel extremely likely, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up again @AScaredWhale I love them / I love them on KAT @theshrillest the warriors insisting they didn't get d-lo to flip him definitely has the same energy as me walking… @easymoney_slum That's my exact thought tooI mean the real question is how many of these three will be on the same team by the end of the season because I see… this look at the 2021-2022 Minnesota Timberwolves core energy about Anna
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqiba thing that always breaks my heart a bit is reading this stuff and realizing how generous Little Richard was towar… Rolling Stone first put out their list of 100 greatest artists in '04(? I think?) They had a musician's peer d… many of the interviews -- particularly in the 90s -- end with him attempting to make peace with the ways his leg…'ve been going back and reading a lot of old Little Richard interviews (because I find myself, again, feeling grat… has dropped a couple great dimes out of the pick & roll this game, but this is the pass that made me shake m… have no reason to believe that the US is on the side of oppressed people anywhere.
Retweeted by Hanif AbdurraqibSCALES official video out now! Available via🌹// many, many thanks to @realtayediggs_ for hi…
Retweeted by Hanif Abdurraqib(Only half of this is a joke, tonight's broadcast for real did show a graphic with the date Carter was drafted vs t… Carter checks in) Announcer: oh yes here is Vince Carter and folks HE 👏🏾 IS 👏🏾 NOT 👏🏾 YOUNG he used to dun… I've (weirdly?) watched bits of two hawks preseason games and I'm kind of dreading watching the Hawks this sea… preseason nba is odd because it's not really like the nfl where starters play like 4 minutes and then sit…
damn they just giving away ghosts for free now what about those of us who had to earn our ghosts @__wrkngclssher0 I'll DM you my email -- and thank you for sharing my work with your students. That means a lot to me. @__wrkngclssher0 How many do you need and where do you need them sent to? I'll take care of it.