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I am shocked that Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars to pay the fines of 32,000 criminals in Florida so they…"Boris and his Government are doing as they please without any opposition and we should be very concerned." 📰Read…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageA bit of light-hearted relief. now we know there was no research done and the 10pm pub curfew is arbitrary. This is why we need debate, not rul…
He’s not even pretending to look at the interviewer!
Retweeted by Nigel FarageNigel Farage tells me on a Kent border: “Not only an internal border with Northern Ireland but now Kent too. Is thi…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageHello @usykaa I’ve been ready for you all year #warchisora
Retweeted by Nigel FarageEvery good source I have in Dover says that there were many more boats than 26. I have thought that @ukhomeoffice
Boris and his Government are doing as they please without any opposition and we should be very concerned. PM says we are a “freedom loving country”, but will fine you £10,000 and send the army in if he likes. This is… I predicted on @talkRADIO yesterday, huge numbers into Dover today. If I knew they were coming then why did th… hotels and army camps needed? only is family Christmas cancelled but New Year's Eve parties are too.ONS figures say only 1% of deaths in the week ending September 11th had Covid as a factor. We cannot lock down agai… government is increasingly behaving like an elected dictatorship.
I’m not sure it’s wise of politicians and scientists (and some journalists) to seek to blame the public for whateve…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageThe way Boris is behaving you would have thought Jeremy Corbyn won the last election.
Sleepy Joe is at it again. Can’t wait for the debates. Johnson would be very, very unwise to attempt another national lockdown. Millions of people have lost faith i…
Retweeted by Nigel Farage#SayNoToLockdown lockdown exists to give time to come up with a solution; it is not a solution. We have to live with coronavirus,…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageBarnier says “Farage simply wanted to destroy us” and he’s absolutely right. I believe in independent, democratic…’s great. So why won’t the Conservative Party you belong to actually do something about it? my very latest video update: NO to another lockdown. It would be a complete and utter catastrophe for this country.
The government's test and trace programme has been a total failure, they are useless. Yet now we are threatened w… have said many times that our mobile phone network is broken. With a new model we can have greater connectivity,… shows that he can rise above partisan politics and be presidential. left cannot handle the truth.
So clearly a second lockdown is coming. The cure is now worse than the disease.
Boris Johnson must deliver an ultimatum to France that Britain will return all illegal entrants from January 1st. wonder if @CPhilpOfficial can tell us why the French Navy are still dumping boats in British waters?"It is utterly unrealistic for things to carry on like this. Only an irresponsible government would pretend otherwi…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageGreat reporting by @Telegraph and @JamieoJohnson. want our borders back. can see that Biden would be an anti-British US President. Wake up everyone.
Priti Patel and Home Office say the migrant crisis is being dealt with. The real truth is they have totally given… in the Channel this morning. The boats are still coming — the French behaved appallingly. Film to come late…
Today is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Was it being taught in schools across the country today?… we become like East Germany where children were encouraged to report on their parents?
The withdrawal agreement as it stands is not the Brexit we fought for. Boris misled us but is now trying to make…
Another huge foreign policy win for the Trump administration. He does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. UPDATE I said earlier how busy it was. Well... Coastguard confirm 52 boats in already today. Don't have… is what I said about the withdrawal agreement last year. It must go. to see the deal happen. Switzerland managed this in 2009. Outside the EU trade deals are easier. case the BBC, ITV and Sky don't tell you, total chaos in the Channel this morning. Border Force can't cope, th… Remainers and wreckers see their last chance.
How can this country stand by as Churchill’s statue is defaced again, yet the rest of us will be fined if more than… ‘oven-ready’ deal was always unacceptable. I said this the day after Boris signed it last year. It is time t… year, Barnier walked around the European Parliament carrying the withdrawal agreement telling everyone “this i… is a pity Bailey failed, he was quite right here. Well done Shaun. should get rid of the rotten Withdrawal Agreement and simply tell the EU how it’s going to be on fishing, state…
Social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal in England from Monday. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageAnother promise from the Prime Minister that we will have mass testing. We have heard it all before. We were told o… draconian law that comes in from Monday to allow gatherings of only 6 people will not be respected by protesto…
I hope the Tories hold firm on Brexit. Barnier is in real trouble. lot in the newspapers about the terrible murder of Jacob Billington in Birmingham. West Midlands police refuse to… to hear that the UK negotiating team insist on our independence, the ‘oven-ready’ deal would never have deliv…
The promises made at the election were against the withdrawal agreement, but that is what the country voted for and… do not have a Conservative government, we have a bunch of metro-liberals who are being pushed around by events i… ‘oven-ready’ deal last year was not Brexit and we said so, I am pleased that we are tearing it up.
Why have West Midlands Police not told us who committed the knife attacks last night? I think I know the answer.I am pleased that the government is talking tough on the appalling behaviour of Extinction Rebellion...but talking… to see the UK chief negotiator, David Frost, talking about UK independence. It took a long time but without th…
The row over Tony Abbott's appointment shows that our political and media class won't accept diversity of opinion.… Rebellion do not tolerate any other view than their own. They shout down opponents and now prevent newsp… always cared more about Brussels and the EU project than companies and workers in the member States. His si…
Very pleased that the cancel culture did not succeed with Tony Abbott."What conservative government?" asks @Nigel_Farage. "They have bowed down before the Woke agenda...They look as i…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageDouglas Murray on universities: ‘People are being indoctrinated into a cult-like religion. They’re being told what… has made a very generous fisheries offer, hopefully subject to annual changes. For 40 years the EU fleet has… to believe that with huge government debt and a new zoom meeting culture the HS2 railway project begins today…
‘@Nigel_Farage Speaks Out - With A Message To His Supporters:
Retweeted by Nigel FarageBoris Johnson needs to wake up to the fact Tory voters want strong border controls. He has one more U-turn to do:… Patel met with former Australian PM Tony Abbott as the Channel migrant crisis hit record levels. This is what… Farage says the migrants crossing crisis "was all very predictable," and "unless Boris Johnson has a change o…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageNigel Farage: "When furlough comes to an end and unemployment rockets to 4 million, the idea that legal and illegal…
Retweeted by Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage is pleased with the BBC Proms U-turn: "The woke crowd that wants us to live our lives according to the…
Retweeted by Nigel FarageConfirmed: 409 illegal immigrants landed in Britain today on 27 boats. This will get worse and confidence in the To… only word for today is invasion, which I predicted would happen months ago. A record day, perhaps as high as 40… footage is just in from Shakespeare Beach, Dover. Shocking. like a record day for illegal Channel crossings. See footage of Dover Harbour rammed full and 28 people lan… just shows the power of public pressure and how hopelessly out of touch The BBC are with their own license fee… video of my discussion with @Nigel_Farage is now online here:
Retweeted by Nigel FarageThe @realDonaldTrump campaign is getting stronger, but early mail-in voting is potentially a dark cloud on the hori…
When the Churchill statue and Cenotaph were defaced, this government didn’t say a word. We expect better than tha… in Kent today. The media have stopped talking about the migrant crisis but the invasion continues. See thi… anybody really think this guy is up to the job?
Douglas Murray: "We have a Conservative Party with an 80 seat majority and yet every single day there is an example…
At 5pm today I will post my recent conversation with @DouglasKMurray. Subscribe here to get it first:…
This video is why Trump needs to win. A Biden victory will lead to a total breakdown in law and order.
The silent majority has begun to stand up against this cultural Marxist revolution. wing legal idiots won’t stop until our country is overrun. 2016 we voted to take back control of our borders and this government was elected on that mandate. Conservativ…
The BBC is not fit for purpose. This row over The Proms should lead to a broader debate about the licence fee itsel…
.@HonTonyAbbott is a talented and deeply principled man with a great commitment to Brexit. This is a good appointme… will win in November. woke agenda is to make us ashamed of who we are.Hooray, at last the PM has said something. two fingers up to the BBC and sing Rule, Britannia!