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@RichardCole_NOW 😆 @DavidBNast @PrinceHits @prince It's weird seeing a Prince conversation where C & D didn't mean Cease and Desist 😄 @MaLumiere The account will be frozen with DM's open. The last two big threads will be left up 😉 @MaLumiere I've basically put what's happening towards the end of this thread 💜 @Seth_Everett 😆 I don't. It's a YouTube Comment. @SheilaEdrummer Truly wish him well. It certainly seems the system is broken in some Countries.You know when you get a question and you almost don't know where to begin so you're speechless? 😏 @AdrianLorio @BrandonComedy @roywoodjr Certainly if your claim is that Prince was copying MJ he didn't copy very we… @___ejp___ @dnaplaya @captain_says @dnaplaya @captain_says Just to clarify, you won't be buying this? @Adriann40783493 Thank you so much for your kind words 💜 I hope you keep well 😉
@Adriann40783493 At the end of the thread I talk about it there 💜 @Adriann40783493 8 is here. This time looking at Around the world in the day the Family and the beginnings of under the cherry…
Retweeted by NightChild Ethereal @Macca17101 @ATruthUntold That's interesting to know. I must admit, I wasn't sure but who actually runs the MJ Esta… Finally, do you feel the Estate is...432For my last couple of days on Twitter I have just one question. What should the Prince Estate focus on? #Thread @Macca17101 @ATruthUntold Believe me the Prince Estate gets plenty of criticism. This SOTT does look amazing and st… @TPeculiarity @pantix @jolenedalez @nicklebystone @ATruthUntold I think you make a good point that works in multipl… @darrenhusted @zchoskins Daily Mirror too put the title of every song Prince is known to have written (courtesy of @PrinceVault) into a word cloud and its…
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@Alien41 @HoarseWisperer The spectrum of... @matae08 @captain_says Saw him in London 2014 for £10. Those were the days. @deejayumb On your first date! 😲😆 @IngridDijkstra Thank you so much! 💜🙏Day 10 a deep & comprehensive personal insight into Letitgo by 1 of our favourites @NightEthereal delivered with ho…
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Amazon UK just increase the SOTT set from £143 to £199 😲 great site which has some amazing Prince Twitter Threads by awesome people (and me 😆) @CandyDhami Have a Beautiful Day 💜 Below is how I always imagine you arriving at a club 😏 @polishedsolid 💜With this thread and the Symposium we are immensely indebted to you. Thank you🙏Simply remarkable Deep Dive into the final song on the Album, truly superb work. Thank you! 💜
@peach_and_black Then delivery time of about 12 months! 😲 @peach_and_black Ahh! Didn't realise that, imagine paying extra to have something delivered within your own Country… @PrincesFriendYT I can get mine delivered in 4-5 days to the UK for a mere $65. Sorry, that's 4-5 days After August… @PaisleyLove7 💜 @Art0fficialAge Bless you! My Twitter DM's will remain open. I'd love to do a Podcast whenever suits you.Just out of curiosity, are UK Prince products often more expensive? The US Amazon price is $299 (£240) but the UK A… September 25, The Prince Estate, in partnership with @WarnerRecords, will reissue Prince’s epochal double albu…
Retweeted by NightChild Ethereal💜 @DCO752 😆I think we can safely say that the Prince Community is clearly the best Marketing tool out there. No Official Annou… news. Right now #SOTTDeluxe is the #1 best selling box set on Amazon UK. (Still no word from the Prince Estate 🤣🤣🤣)
Retweeted by NightChild Ethereal @DCO752 Thank you! I truly appreciate that 💜😉 @RhondaNicole_ 💜Thank you for your tremendous support, friendship and decency 💜🙏 @buttercup1122 Truly appreciated, thank you! I feel very lucky to have experienced what I have here 💜🙏 @Remko_Bak Thank you 😉 @Knight_Phantom 🙏💜 @Knight_Phantom Thank you so much! Huge hugs to you my friend! @AllisonMoore Your comment means the absolute world to me, thank you so much. An incredibly sweet thing to say, I a… @RichardCole_NOW I appreciate that, a big admirer of what you create 💜 @carnalflower Thank you 💜🙏 @darlingnisi Thank you! You are a guiding light in the Prince world and your Quality, Positivity and Power has made my day so many times 💜 @LisaHtown777 Thank you for your Thank you! 💜 @NextForMe2 💜Truly appreciated, thank you! @ehphd Thank you, you make the Prince world a joyful place to be and I appreciate it!💜 @PrinceScrapbook @hoopen_mark Thank you so much! Hearing you have Autism makes it all the more special, your words… @PrinceScrapbook Ahhh it's my Prince room, just a few more items and it'll be complete. My sanctuary 😊 @Purp7eYoda 💜 @danny_tickner I'm incredibly lucky to have met you both! I truly hope one day we will all be there at a Gig togeth… @RichardCole_NOW @deejayumb @EdgarKruize I have to say I love what you do and your energy and passion for Prince's… @redyounglady 💜 @CarLa_Ng26 @deejayumb @EdgarKruize Thank you for your kind words, very appreciated 💜 @DreamyPopLover Thank you so much! You are a truly amazing person and your creativity is amazing, I love the way yo… @flaminghohners There must be more of us 😄 Hopefully it will become something that we can all be more able to talk about in the future.
@MaharryLaura @CaseyRain There are a number of versions of Wally and Susan Rogers has posited the idea of a cassett… back to our #Princetwitterthread. Today we look at LETITGO from the Come album, please check out the truly…
Retweeted by NightChild EtherealThis #PrinceTwitterThread by @NightEthereal hits home on both intellectual and personal level. What a way to Letitg…
Retweeted by NightChild Ethereal @DaysOfWild You've put it absolutely perfectly. Thank you for those amazing words 💜😊 @DCO752 Thank you! 💜😊 @toorusty Thank you so much, always terrified that it will be awful!😬💜🙏 @Princefan046 You'll make me cry 😇 Thank you so much 💜🙏 @hoopen_mark You are one of the most compassionate, inspiring and welcoming people I've ever known. I can't tell yo… @ZuzusPetals3121 Awww That's incredibly sweet of you and you really made my heart smile with your comment. Thank you! 💜 @Henk_Liebeek Thank you 😉💜 @Miss_EThompson You are a true light in the Prince Twitter world. I cannot wait for your book. Thank you 💜 @CamilleRevenge @deejayumb @EdgarKruize 💜Thank you! It means a lot. @Hdub3121 Truly appreciated, I can honestly say everytime I listen to a Bootleg I have your book to hand. You are a true star!An amazing in-depth, personal & heartfelt review of Letitgo by @NightEthereal who will be a huge loss to the Purple…
Retweeted by NightChild EtherealAn epic thread about a wonderfully personal and criminally underrated track from a pivotal moment in Prince’s caree…
Retweeted by NightChild Ethereal @EdgarKruize Thank you! You have been amazing this whole time and its much appreciated.I’ll leave you with a great live version of LETITGO and urge you to check out the other remarkable threads from tru… brave, don’t fear change, follow your own course and most importantly LETITGO you for this chance to put ‘The Nightchild to bed’ (well, partially anyway!), I feel a thousand times lighter… new forever home will be my Youtube Channel which you can find via the link below, I finally feel the freedom to… posting my Autism video, I received truly special message from Susannah Melvoin discussing Starfish and Coff… really brought home to me that one of the key features of Autism is my inability to LETITGO, I obsess, rumi… of this is due to my Autism which I discuss here in this Prince-related video. The average life expectancy for… have had so many wonderful, beautiful experiences from the Prince community, and I am forever indebted to every s… as from today, I will be closing my Instrgram Account, NightChild Reveiws Facebook account, My Personal Facebook…