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Happy little snail robot | Artist/musician/writer for @OneShot_Game | Now workin on @BlessYouRip and Margin | | 中文还可以

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two of them @hldapplee wow!!pile of offerings for penguin
BUT if you put on lip balm and then eat chips, your mouth will simply become salt-rimmed, like a margarita @Yippeleeka HRNGK @kee_fry THIS RULESwanna have a bad time? simply apply lip balm and then immediately kiss your catfitting and slightly ominous ad on tangy's wiki page... @BaddabluCharge my tablet pen, which she steals on a regular basis @NightMargin we love cats....xp
Retweeted by nightmargin 🐌Had to take the couch apart and vaccuum all the hairballs out of the way, look what we found in the back hair collecting under the couch has the exact same texture as cotton candy, did you know that? now you do
Retweeted by nightmargin 🐌 @ClovergrassWang 哇— 😭💕 @ClovergrassWang 非常可爱!!You won't suffer anymore. BUT I'M IN SUFFER😭😭😭😭😭 #HyperLightDrifter
Retweeted by nightmargin 🐌Please I just want some way of tracking a pen location because my cat is a terrible child (mon chat est l’enfant terrible) @AdridaPlagueBoi Depends on the cannon im fired out of @gojiraTimelord I mean, given the opportunity, wouldn’t YOU move to the southern hemisphere to live with the pengui… @AdridaPlagueBoi I’m the world’s fastest snail, babey!! @tcheskamaker @videoChess give them a status effect at the beginning of each battle to make them immune to physics… @MlemosMr_2 SnueOk google how to make tablet pen scream on commandI was asked about my icon recently—and yes! My icon is still a frosty snail 6 months later because it is winter in australia!Really craving a mcdonadls beeschurger right nowBliko has joined the search but I don’t think she knows what we’re looking for (she found a bean) @HumbleVolcano already checked! not thereBliko stole my tablet pen again and i have no idea where she hid it this time and every option of replacing it take…
@samkalensky they don't count as bugs either! where am i supposed to get my 3 foot long horseshoe crab model now??how do i get out of skull basementi found the character everyone was telling me about (get up kid you're famous on-line) @taxiderby you know you had to do it to tem @riibrego back when i lived in louisiana i found 5 large palmetto bugs in my dorm in a single night like, 2 days af… @mehless I already did the fish thing, but I haven't found the party member yet, thanks!! @videoChess i like your cats @nasty_nate11 too late, you'll have to eat the cursed soap cake @samkalensky i'm terrifiedplease take a moment to think about this cool and good character who appeared in exactly 2 seconds of Cat soup single one of us in 2020 @taxiderby @nasty_nate11 😱 😱 😱i saw a youtube comment talk about the metal garden scene in cat soup as "you get a feeling that you aren't suppose…"boomer" 👎 - boring - technically only describes one generation in the western world - means like a million other t… someone please explain the ants in the microwave meme to me @readysetfish hylicsSometimes my dad sends me footage from videogames with realistic graphics and asks me how to tell if they were anim… have no idea what im supposed to do in hylics, all the enemies kill me in 2 hits @thicco_ @elizagamedev! She’s the programmer of Oneshot (along with @GIRakaCHEEZER ) @tuyoki @cametek @tobyfox Oh that’s Epic!!! @thicco_ That part was made by Liz! She made most of the technically advanced things @humunanunga Liz did those! @g3lnana A lot of it is stop-motion!Do you watch the music video for maaya sakamoto’s universe every morning to keep yourself sane or are you normal 1: nasuYume nikki was a technical marvelThe best thing i have ever did in rpgmaker is randomizing the meows for Kelvin’s cats @Okolnir I went back to KS to check again... I think it worked this time! Thanks anyway :Dfirst screen of hylics (i'm already stuck) (the cat has trapped me) are ducks so smootha yume nikki movie in the style of nekojiru-sou is literally everything i ever wanti dont know that much about animation but i like it when they gives characters weighted limbs so they move a certain way @videoChess how many? there's etsy artists that you can commission for single plushies, for batch production i hear… kickstarter being anything weird for anyone else, when i try to click on an email survey it just brings me back… @Okolnir hello! not sure if this is the right place to ask, I am having trouble with responding to the Amongst Us K… this is a pretty big subtweet, but traditional publishers - a year for the writer to write a 200 page graphic no…
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@7H3_R3CK0N1N6 if you water it down so will the flavor @TeddyDief this is where it dawned on me that it is entirely possible to play go with grid paper and chocolate chips @AdridaPlagueBoi ...favorite? @AdridaPlagueBoi slowly?catch me ordering liquid nitrogen to make a ketchup popsicle because the standard household freezer has no effect on ketchup (i tried)in order to get the perfect shot I had to get into the ocean, legit waited like 3 months for this @FurryRap it's a good knife, i use it to cut everything nowa location from one of my stories that I recreated (sort of) #ACNH why can't your villagers swim... i wanna see Lucky on a pool-float... i wanna see Stitches getting saturated wi… i better play this game in the bathtub, huh...i'm glad diving for critters doesn't have a durability meter, god can you imagine... you're in the middle of chasin… water-sloshy sounds in animal crossing makes me nostalgic for summers where you can go outsideWe're happy to announce our Affiliate program! Thank you for all your love and support over the years <3
Retweeted by nightmargin 🐌Bless you Niko... Bliko havent been able to stop thinking about this for a few days now
Retweeted by nightmargin 🐌Currently obsessed with chickory (the flower) thank you google search @paper2224 With my psychic powers @jamtamtamz Omg yes @tuyoki I like the little animation where he opens the clamWith my double guitar powers I can and will start a band but since I stopped having any interest in singing like 20… for each hand)If I can instantly learn any instrument I would learn the acoustic guitar twice @peekaytom No garlic for the vampires they will dieAre vampires poisoned by onion too or do they get at least one delicious vegetable to flavor their meals withOther fun childhood activity with garlic: skewer the cloves with a toothpick and put in a bowl of shallow water, no… I was little I loved picking out cloves of cooked garlic out of stirfrys (meant for seasoning) and eat them as… observe my handsome and adorable cat #blikoposting @Tender_Sugar Yeahh I don’t trust that artstyleIf I were a snail, my single bedroom apartment would feel like a castle, which would make quarantine a lot more interesting @SebastianWolff my fursona is just my icon(i might be biased cuz he's my favorite wolf villager)which animal crossing character looks most like fursona, my money's on Kyle @derrickgoze @tuyoki some people have access to the beta though!so *that's* where hers went #ACNH muffled electric piano noises