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guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting
@huffpuffshelb animal crossing lets us fulfil our wildest dreams 🥺 @deathclonic @JoshuaDav @schapps @gregoryrallen same here. cox is our only option, and the past month it's been waf… @TrevorDikes Mine are always with my grandma's right arm because she doesn't like being in video calls and always s… fucked up and paid off my home loan last night, so I have almost nothing to put into the stalk market, and my tur… @huffpuffshelb THEY BETTERATTN SoCal friends, looking for a new home for my mom’s dogs. Please see images. Thank you.
Retweeted by k @hmaon Hmu if you need an extra body for your fireteam, I'm nightsharks on steam and my profile pic is a shark with human teeth!🍊Happy #NationalVitaminCDay 🍊 We are giving away our Glisten Up Spray and our Vitamin C Elixir to 3 lucky winners!…
Retweeted by kHe's fine, bike needs to be fixed though. Next quarantine project 🤷My brother crashed his bike today bc a family walking towards him wouldn't get out of the way. He swerved off the p…
@nadiaudio I thought the first demos were with temp textures but no, it's really that flat. @sylessae Doing my makeup in different styles every day and trying to catch up on my school backlog!✨ART PRINT GIVEAWAY✨ To bring a little cheer during this crazy time... 🔴 Follow 🔴 Retweet (No quotes!) 🔴 Comment w…
Retweeted by kWhen you have found the pug just retweet ok
Retweeted by ka brush and a dream ✨ @CashApp $nightsharks pls, my dad's hours are getting cut and I'm outta work for now 🙏 @godamnitshannon I associate every glossy red I see with you 😂 @godamnitshannon @3DBeadBee They'll match so well with that Armani lip you love 😍😍😍Reminder that Jeffree Star is racist to black women, groped a man on camera, falsely accused James Charles being a…
Retweeted by k @MichaelWolf95 I keep meaning to redo this Competently but always get sidetracked. Maybe this week...Smelly boy gains 2x volume when blow dried @huffpuffshelb I've been hearing a lot of good things about manic panic recently I think I gotta hop on the train!! @huffpuffshelb you used manic panic over your natural hair right? I'm digging the effect 💯💯💯since we got my dog 7ish years ago, I've always been curious how he would react to earthquakes (bc of stories of do… can't touch these perfect musubi I made
@huffpuffshelb ooh, which one is it?Can we have a moment of KK Silence for all the poor souls who started Animal Crossing during this event and cant bu…
Retweeted by kfree school lunches have been a godsend for my family - my 15yo brother keeps eating the fridge but the free meals… @CashApp $nightsharks 🙏🙏🙏Opinion: Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Must Be About a Nice World Where Nothing Bad Happens
Retweeted by kthe way to address anti-asianness in america isnt for asian-americans to be “more” “american", its for americans to be less anti-asian
Retweeted by k @spacevaluee Casual campus photo! One of the last I got before they closed. @Akimba He's beautiful I love him 😍😍😍 The car box is great! You hook a carbiner clip to their harness and it keeps… @Akimba hypoallergenic was the initial selling point for us! perpetual cuddles was the final nail. @Akimba Bichon Frise! They have soooo much hair but they don't really shed 😁 @postArgus He certainly looks like one, give him a treat for me! @postArgus Amazing
Just sleeping and pouring hot sauce in my mouth
Retweeted by k @postArgus You're right, I was meaning that I'm not a visual artist but thanks for making the distinction for me 😂… @postArgus Not an artist but here's my son after a long hike a few weeks ago!
Retweeted by kThe ultimate expedition searching for one of the most illusive and endangered species on the planet. I can’t believ…
Retweeted by kHe doesn't like the car box but it keeps him safe 🐩 internet service in my apartment was suspiciously easy...just a 5 minute phone call.Come thru come thruuuu
Retweeted by kHey @nbcbayarea @KTVU @abc7newsbayarea a video game sound designer from Crystal Dynamics has been missing since Thu…
Retweeted by k @theintercept damn I hope the government doesn't see my godawful conducting tests @hmaon Scorpions are speedy little fuckers. But if you try and pick them up with chopsticks they'll attack the chop…
We now have a public service announcement from Harry our resident jackdaw... #SelfIsolation #COVID19
Retweeted by k @nadiaudio oof, solidarity 😩 @nadiaudio a lot of nail clippers have a file extension thing, it's good in a pinch! @ColourPopCo☀️Happy First Day of April ☀️ No jokes, just palettes over here! We are giving the palette of your choice to 5 luc…
Retweeted by kHorrendous decorating skills aside, and not really a bread, but this devil's food cake from a @GordonRamsay recipe… @zbogucki You know what you have to do.
@ItsCheebs My favorite use of this piece is in the film Arrival! Richter also has a fun minimalist take on Vivaldi'… @ItsCheebs Max Richter, On the Nature of Daylight dudes get stabbed and be like “Hmm. Bit rude innit.”
Retweeted by kremember you can't be gay if you're dead'm at a Ralph's and everyone is really trying their best to social distance but it's so crowded it's hard 😩 @juanpaudio this!!! I never understood it! @jasminethefifth equal parts ice and milk, between 1 tsp-2tbsp of other flavors like heavy cream, vanilla extract,… I were a game developer I would simply release the remaster first so that people get the best game from the start
Retweeted by kmy socal ass when it's less than 60F outside @zoexrain this is a whole ass mood @ShawnDesign Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm gathering my sources and anecdotes on asymptomatic transmission… birthday cake frappes! Ridiculously easy, never paying for one again
@nadiaudio Constantly terrified of how people will reactthey're moving to japan in early may and he wants to/they need help packingTwitter please talk my dad out of visiting his 80+ year old parents this week, he keeps saying it'll be fine and he doesn't have the Rona 😩british people be like im bri ish
Retweeted by k @mikegrinti adapt, improvise, overcome 😎👉👉 @mikegrinti the cheese slice is a really avant garde touch. enjoy! 😁
tails being cut off, weird reverb choices, noisy lines. i don't recall the other games sounding like this but it's been a few years.Kingdom Hearts III is really fun so far but there's a lot of dialogue quirks that are bothering me so much @izzmythoughts I do my own brows because I'm terrified of someone else doing them for me 😂when u keep peeing on the couch so mom says u can't go on the couch anymore @OfficialPCMR @NVIDIAGeForce @Schubirds :D #RTXONIt's here and it's BREATHTAKING! We have ANOTHER @NVIDIAGeForce RTX 2080 Ti, CyberPunk 2077 Edition to give away!…
Retweeted by k @CashApp $nightsharks pls 🙏 @SantilloJoey @juanpaudio I've taken to nesting and color coding EVERYTHING. On one hand it helps keep things clean… up my own matcha from these fancy tea bags lying around! Not as fine as it could be but wow the flavor is in… @juanpaudio I have a Bichon and our groomer cancelled so my sister took charge did it herself!
@godamnitshannon BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍 @huffpuffshelb I don't, I take daily zyrtec and sometimes they don't work and I just live my life sneezing on every…'ve never screamed so loud #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by k @ValkenPUNCH I saw a guitar pedalboard in the store once!
@ACNH_support @Schubirds🎁 BIG GIVEAWAY 🎁 We are giving out 3 #AnimalCrossing  Nintendo switch bundles To enter: - Follow us…
Retweeted by kI have to do a writeup about a certain opera overture about a magpie and I have a very hard time concealing my feel… @godamnitshannon god when the inside is still super bright and pigmented and moist and UGH I want salmon now we of… @godamnitshannon oh god teriyaki glazed salmon can have my soul its literally heaven I tried making jerky once but… @godamnitshannon what are your ppl's fav ways of preparing salmon 👀👀👀Since everyone is on #CoronaLockdown at the moment, I thought I would surprise a few people! 😆 I’m giving 2 peopl…
Retweeted by k @godamnitshannon i love how specific that is! it's so interesting how cultures have their own Very Specific Terms b… @TrevorDikes The museum is my favorite environment in the game! Moving into the Fossil section especially, really f… @mikegrinti definitely the schmoopy voice. hes not supposed to be on the couch but i can't say no to that FACEdog gives u this look from across the room, wyd @hmaon crumchy