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17 ~ Valorant @SequenceSynergy @AspireUnit ~ @CastCarrys @ykinfinity @kuhiro416 🌌

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@jabeeboo here if u needa talk @stellariwnl you can't ask for a carry and then ask me to add u first bozo @stellariwnl im not adding you to carry you that's just not how it works bruh @chaz75 oih she
@CastCarrys @ykInfinity @kuhiro416 Heyo @CastCarrys @kuhiro416 @ykInfinity alr change up boys, infinity on the kj @ykInfinity @kuhiro416 @CastCarrys ???? @kuhiro416 @sadIucas @spoofzera @iamhcu we need one mopre @AeroValorant VouchI’ve decided to try and make my own roster again LF4 for new roster -Need all roles except Sentinel/Viper -IGL exp…
Retweeted by Nighty ☁️I smurf your peak @NotMatcheww No :( we cant this year @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld Idk what the old one was i think it was always the same @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld Ur trolling right @turtlewurdle @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld colleges barely care about ur sats anymore and sometimes even ur grades @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld The past was 2400… @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld You’re thinking about the PSAT bro I’ve taken the SAT twice LMFAO @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld Its out of 1600 g @akusenasu @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld ???? @gunnypriv why bruh @ykInfinity No u @1EDEN_ @yaszuki Corpse Husband Cover by Eden and Yas @dogbackp6ck GOOD SHIT BRO @181RAYS @AspireUnit Earned my retweetCLOSE TO YOU ❤️+♻️ @AspireUnit #parallelrays
Retweeted by Nighty ☁️ @181RAYS @AspireUnit DAY GLOW WOOO @m2sty ywa bro @notokayrosie @homiesrice W @m2sty @wunjii @ctrrlz ratio @gunnypriv Because you’re not even an adult yet. you’re just arguing against me making up excuses for why you’re “u… @Ravers Hey @gunnypriv You’re just taking a pessimistic mindset into everything bro, being off track happens all the time for s… @kanatouu bruh??? @gunnypriv That’s just not you bro dms open if you need to talk but you’re so much more than a valorant player, or… @Mikotoosu @ykInfinity @mistmie I’m considering blocking you bro u got nothing nice to say stfu idgaf about ur osu skills get a grip @1EDEN_ hey lol @lialovesyu gl u got this bro @1wiiree W @1zeooo @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @PaindrianVal im good bro @1zeooo @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @PaindrianVal so u can save them on your phone to use it as a meme nah bro im good fuck off @1zeooo @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @PaindrianVal huh @bnzify But its also a good feeling when a lot of ur viewers stay loyal, ur doing a good job king @aerah_ WW @aerah_ Good or bad? @cloudyerin_ @stellariwnl @PaindrianVal yeah and ur ready 4 this ratio @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @PaindrianVal QUICK COUNTER RATIO + UR HARDSTUCK + UR A BOOMER @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @PaindrianVal quite literally nothing i just like randomly ratioing shit @kilIconfirmed @yslnai Gouch @PaindrianVal @cloudyerin_ Double ratio @qashsav if i stay up any later my body will literally collapse from exhaustion @qashsav bro it’s 2am @qashsav like in a call @cloudyerin_ @Toastedtw the FUCK? @yslnai @AeroValorant @qashsav @1wiiree @1kotaaa lol if only you knew @yslnai @AeroValorant @qashsav @1wiiree @1kotaaa yo why everyone on my ass now @qashsav @AeroValorant @1wiiree @1kotaaa @yslnai yk like keep people on they feet @AeroValorant @qashsav @1wiiree @1kotaaa @yslnai she muted me i was gonna say mommy or something to spice shit up @qashsav @1wiiree @1kotaaa @AeroValorant @yslnai :( @qashsav @1wiiree @1kotaaa @AeroValorant @yslnai this RATIOOOOO aint gonna shut up @AeroValorant @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @veltqt @n0rmaIize @spoofzera @181RAYS im just following in the footsteps of my lover @AeroValorant @iamhcu @cloudyerin_ @veltqt @n0rmaIize @spoofzera @181RAYS yeah with me @1wiiree No fcking way @kuhiro416 @luhvstar LMFAO @srrirachha glad ur okay, don't overdo urself @srrirachha u good bro?> @yourloverluis bruh i can't even get any, can't make a tutorial on something I haven't mastered 💅 @1wiiree carried yo assI FUCKING HIT IMMORTAL ON MY DOGSHIT PC
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@ysk1ng @AeroValorant @fluffyyFPS Oh so fluffys a resort now? Nah bro he my first option fr @1kotaaa bump gas guys get him to 2k pls pls @xvideoscom @Apidaez Wait slide me a follow too bro @yurah that ain’t me bro @yurah I’m a leo what does that even mean @FaZeMewtwo That’s so sick @keaIani Noti whats good bro @1HUNNYU ❤️ @sweetndd 60 maybe? @AeroValorant Wait i lead the team @AeroValorant Vouch @AeroValorant @AspireUnit u gonna like my new tweet or what @AeroValorant @AspireUnit HmmSomeone who likes this tweet is joining Aspire 👀 @Mikotoosu @bobabonk ? @aluvalplayer @deogiwheels @faithfps @momosFPS follow me on twitter thanks guysShould I make a tutorial video on how to improve on Valorant? @imozny @sundownswrld LMAO @playgirllashley @1HUNNYU @wunjii GO GUNNY GO @notevenangela how are ya doing @KushayVLRT WYSI @fishszns Handsome @lunarpr1nc3ss SENSATION STINGER INSTA COP @notevenangela sup yo @wunjii like I’m afraid I’ll conk out and miss the entire periodI be struggling to stay awake in school @ObeyReeko ??? @ameerszn Happy birthday!! @hannval_ @keaIani Nah bruh WHAT @AeroValorant @yslnai @lialovesyu @ysk1ng exclusively on this dick @PaindrianVal W