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Retweeted by Nighty ☁️rt his montage and ill choose someone in 24 hours to buy a valorant skin @williustoo I LOVE UR SMILE @BlanKAims u heard me @hwjingyi Right @MatchewVal Thats what im sayin @Annie_Dro @westjett1 im expecting a livestream w facecam soon @kiwiramune Fr @FaZeMewtwo Love you too @1hruki Just not for edaters @pastaonflights @zefiyy @Twitter Thats what im sayin @1hruki I have yakultmy friends playing valorant and im stuck here with no pc playing pokemon mystery dungeon on my nintendo dsi
@Chillswells HI CHILLS :D HRU @SJureee hi sjure im doing aight wbuu @stlla_q hi april! @LaroFPS ur mom
@nhuciferr theres no light @suhniiee <3 @FishTheHusky losing is pain @aey0h check my career rn @_Od26 @matchavalorant @yukofps @Moechillasama then yo clips can sit in ur folder >:D @Moechillasama $20 and u have a deal @Moechillasama moechilla im literally on the verge of uninstalling @kiraiVAL join my discord server vc @sakilvr JOIN BACK IN VC IM MAKING HISTORY @ryswtf bro if anything you made me queue MORE @ryswtf it all went downhill after the one game i palyed against you LMFAOAOAOAanyone wanna duo 🤣 @Asakovl happens LMFAOAOAO @Asakovl not even bro im queuing apart and its like not competent teammatesi must be the best valorant player alive twitter
Retweeted by Nighty ☁️POV: hardstuck ascendant valorant boy goes to night market
Retweeted by Nighty ☁️ @ilykeoni UR JACKET IS SO FUCKING COOL @ikjoshh @yachiiren ok man @Gramp_ Bro same fr 🤣 @wlyrrr @ignovercook @inaahxo man who r u @suhniiee Cosplay megatron @ignovercook @inaahxo W rizz @ignovercook WOW @Klamran holy ur so GOOD @ZCZCZCZC16 ily man take it easy <3
@Bre4ad LMFAO @Fixitfe11xx oh yeah and the sunset/ocean i guess too @Fixitfe11xx HOLY SHIT THE VIEW @Fixitfe11xx sbro @kevsarcade @tatlimley my bae so fine @kevsarcade @tatlimley Bro that lighter is mad close to ur face @Bicklol yes @Kezyyz @BlanKAims tweet out the video u wont @jettdaddy69 Bro if i smurf i literally play like shit @cherrwr Fuck you @h2nnyu @LaroFPS Real @BlanKAims Should i get on and stream after i eatgood morning @cherrwr Ye @1EDEN_ @snowbxllsgf @LightDiff @wlyrrr @shuboxs @Snowbxlls i would too
@mellxo @OvertimeGG congrats! @1EDEN_ @ahad @snowbxllsgf @mangosmxxthie i got one for the summer finally :D @1EDEN_ @snowbxllsgf @mangosmxxthie i dont want drama if u think im a pedo or whatever thats fine man just block me @1EDEN_ @snowbxllsgf @mangosmxxthie im 17 still i turn 18 in august 1 @alviism BROI CHILL @havenily Why r the captions getti ng worse @lolmochiiii @LaroFPS ur damn right @lolmochiiii @LaroFPS please stop flirting in my mentions @lolmochiiii will pay for u to draw pfp @Shliime sorry @minbin_07 Damn straight he shoulda known @havenily Why r we both first @minbin_07 Ur dad is handsome @suhniiee @Cazzyqc @kevsarcade Sorry @Cazzyqc @suhniiee @kevsarcade Sorry i got the premium subscription u gotta pay more i cant leak these @NoHaxsJustAsian @westjett1 you
@suhniiee @kevsarcade toe pics go CRAZY @minbin_07 Me @suhniiee BAHAHAHAHAHAHA @HK4RI No bc u made me uncomfortable by doing absolutely nothing @sheiluvsyu @DXMONIAS wait whats going on @DXMONIAS Everyone knows its not u ur good @suhniiee im subbed to men’s onlyfans i gotta support my homieswe should totally make a “interact” list of people we should interact with reply for an add fr 🤣🔥 @wlyrrr @bIeeder bro does not care @805l6 i was told i got added for being intimidating but this tells me otherwise @805l6 i got exposed @homiesrice HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE ILY @tiffanyhpham @1hruki ^ @Kezyyz @whysaku oh shit vouch @Kezyyz same goes for u bro @999sonderr good shit broi came here to play valorant not relive middle school @minbin_07 @Fixitfe11xx Damn bro fake asf for not knowing me 😔 @9onty WLAPTOP YORU ONETRICK CLUTCH EPIC
Retweeted by Nighty ☁️ @atsupocky HES INSANE @suhniiee Andrew is insane @h2nnyu @iamhcu @wlyrrr check private. @iamhcu @wlyrrr im at the top