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Nighty #ll ☁️ @Nighty10k

☆ valorant movement creator // 🇰🇷 🌌

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@1EDEN_ ur cute @endrynaphobia @scarI2t @yunaphelios @dillbuni @scarI2tt @ionizing CHECK TEXTSmen's mental health is important
Retweeted by Nighty #ll ☁️ @oralcn yoooo @Kytoshi_ You’ll get thru it, dms open if u need to talk abt anything ❤️ @sylvarts DUDE @Acity1k WTF @KawaiiBxby He’s funny @181RAYS @s3xylatin0 happy birthday rays! @team_parallel moi @veltqt then don't take the compliment that's just what I've seen from you... @blurry1k one of my oldest and realest friends ily @meishija you're fun to be around and funny when its not bullying me LFAOAM @veltqt you try hard at everything you do, and keep grinding no matter what. i appreciate u hella for being here <3 @Albaaxo you're always there for ur friends @kumieho you remember the little things people tell you, i think it makes everybody around you happy, at least for me @BazziVAL WWW @anntfkk @chaz75 word @syIv1a @Klashpad ?????? @chaz75 @anntfkk boring @solace6k BANGERNEW SOLACE UPLOAD
Retweeted by Nighty #ll ☁️ @chaz75 @anntfkk U guys r doing it all wrong. She tweets “where is my radiant bf in VALORANT” and you respond with… @ysk1ng Not you too @endrynaphobia @SakraValorant Ryan
@veltqt thats u soon888 7777 @1EDEN_ @tasu87 aint no way tas is 5’9 @zuckrs @ikjoshh I had 30 assists on Leona the other day im cold @die4nat Yes @sznyawn Nighty#1234 on discord lets run it @karxoo who @sznyawn Ye @zuckrs look at my private qrt @daimyoFPS LETS GOO @holyFPS what a surprise!!’ @zekeiVAL whatever the hell she wants @kaiyua2 dont hate on DEEZ clan we’re next up @Supiitch @team_parallel NO not me, not yet @team_parallel wow i wonder who it is WKWKDOFDMWWKSKDOCPVIJERNEMS @Szod_ Real ones remember cross eyed szod @Szod_ LMFOAOO @KaedenVAL @uvsect W @LiIJosie CONGRATS JOSIAH! @ignovercook yes ma’am @ignovercook one of the best games to ever exist @ignovercook fortnite @7drww you’re smart and sexy you deserve better @llysaki ur a chill guy to hang out with, definitely seem like you would fit in everywhere @ykInfinity one of the most fun ppl ive ever played with, dont lose ur personality it’s what makes u stand out @CastCarrys You’re one of the reasons I still have a twitter or am on this platform. You understand the boundaries… @Rayzahs Your work ethic and dedication to be better to succeed is something that inspires me @f8lconz You’re one of the only real people I know in this community i appreciate you a lot and I’m sure a lot of other people do too @7drww @spoofzera drip @Saulsrevenge Miss u @Saulsrevenge SaulValorant @whosmichela Ye @dogbackp6ck LMFAOOOO @SeptFPS you’re very supportive of all your friends and really easy to talk to <3 @bobel__ i think you’re a super nice person who is always trying to be modest and grateful for what they have. i ho… and I’ll tell you what i like about you @spoofzera @bunnyhuhval can you stop @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby ^ @endrynaphobia Who dat @1EDEN_ im proud of you @kumieho chrityif he has many female friends but none of them hold him accountable for what he says or does, run
Retweeted by Nighty #ll ☁️they made a video for valorant players wtf @cqreful @srrirachha its lighting dude relax @florscnt ye @edatercentral the girls love a good samaritan @calicofps Yea @edatercentral Bro is 4’11 waddling over to the trash can @BlackHeartVAL Happy birthday Blackheart!why is it a social norm for men to suppress their emotions in order to remain “masculine” @hopelessval please 🤤 @0915LUCAS @SakraValorant @MoonKiller_VAL @censorablee @maymayVAL slayyyy @SakraValorant @censorablee @AeroValorant im going to block you im deadass @SakraValorant @censorablee @AeroValorant damn @hopelessval bro is handsome asf @cqreful sorry im bad @cqreful fr @atIasxo I rate the clip 9.8/10 no sensation vandal 😕 @SoaRDusa @SoaRGaming @ahadMaking one last group chat with people I trust if you’re gonna be active reply, I added too many “friends” on the last go @syIv1a Early congrats on 1k likes @knnouu Yes
@team_parallel add me up @Potter @team_parallel LETS GO POTTER @snout777 u got it man, i believe in u @cryptXVAL res86 moment @minnieism1n1 minnie got a man @adorbse aight @ykInfinity Bro what @holyFPS the song doe @daimyoFPS let me get home first LMAO @incrimate I have all the old star wars lego ships besides the death starwho wanna see my lego collection