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@kxtieoh Me @divorcexo @kay1an_ @_Od26 Delete this @kay1an_ @_Od26 @divorcexo do u actually have a real sword? or like a prop one @kay1an_ @_Od26 ? @EnvySheesh @KaedenVAL @NasifM_ @kxtieoh this is like me saying i love my dad and you going “do you hate your mom then?” like bro SHUT UP @Douryy WHAT @144hero New val techHey! I'm looking for admins for this server, let me know if you're down!
@jycval r u isaacs friendsecond wave of invites going out in an hour lmkalright who else @monkeyballshcu Okiesfirst round of invites going out! @monkeyballshcu u dont play anymore @lumbogg adorable @TeaganOWO none its casualinvites will be going out later tonight!
yo im making a casual valorant discord server for 10 mans invite only let me know if you want in :)Yo which one of yall has a depop i need ur help @abrotelia @0kazuu1 @1EDEN_ @hrukiii ur a burner account right surely @edendeeznuts114 braindead @sorosys_ East @PiNGCasts @Fossk04 @MakeItAQuote I didnt even get to fix my grammar errorsi need more valorant friends to play with drop your riot ID so i can add u :D @bleu_oasis @Fossk04 LMAO @Fossk04 digital footprint refers to actual problems such criminal activity, hate speech, fraud, whilst posting thi… @lilixbby banger i knowme munching on my homies TOE CHEESE to get that new VALORANT skin @cindur @keup777 That guy is a crazy thirst trapper gyatt like smash broi hate u mfs with crystal clear skin going “my skin is at its worst” ok model
@TimingGC Hmm, good question, I would say depends on how they plan on growing/who they want to influence @OvertimeGG @1nxsh W mans @rxze_xo @_nightAlex LMFAOOO @lucasOblock Dude that guy is a fucking weirdo @kevscade BAHAHAHAHAHA @flexinja Sensation vandal* @westjett1 @flexinja ??? @wendifulz it doesnt rlly matter which ones u get both r good @ScrewFaceVAL @EvilGeniuses W
@kimmybtw @YukiAim W @Decaten_ :( @will1us Hell yea @OdiFps no like u spread ur shots on those kids to defeat them @Bobbert_VALnever duoing with my friend on valorant again @OdiFps bro spreadRAWR XD POGGERS CLIP RUFF MEOW ft @Nighty10k
Retweeted by Nighty @morpiiko @Sug4rcake can we play @zenjttv @kuroromi__ ugly
@kotunara ,LFMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @nuwumy Devouchoh em gee valorant 4k radiant charm reyna clutch 🙀.
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@kotunara Ill shower then rq @kotunara Wanna q one @jkwvn SUPER COOL a lil wide tho @jansarcade JAN CMON @__caseeeey @jansarcade BRO @srrirachha @jansarcade that ain't me
@Newts_val Wdym i got it for 80 @akurohhh Feels good but i suck st osu @Newts_val Huh @PiNGCasts @hotelious @spoofzera recommended it to me and hes the goat so i think hotelious will agree @JACKLEEOW Wanna vc rnNEW MOUSE WOOOOOO @Kylephom Lemme drive da boat @str4wberry @Douryy Bro what is this doury @sevvn Yo u for everyone wtf @JACKLEEOW BROOO @JACKLEEOW My goatGOOD DAYS pls support it <3 +♻️ -JACKLEEOW
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