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Biden almost got half a point with forcing Trump to say the 'stand down and stand by' thing but then Biden fucked i… @phreakery The one meme I've ever made in my life is appropriate to this: Left always have these stupid things designed to trick you, and when it doesn't trick you they carry on as if y… debate was a snapshot of the last 3 plus years , Trump fighting, Biden grinning and lying and Wallace represen…
Retweeted by nihi @LeahR77 @TrumpGirlOnFire Biden stating, "Antifa is an idea, not an organization" loses the debate alone for Biden.…
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I guess I was right. goes all the way to the top, and the top apparently is Hillary above Obama.🚨🚨🚨JUST DECLASSIFIED: The Russia hoax was Hillary’s plan, and the Obama-Biden White House was briefed on it.
Retweeted by nihiThey somehow don't get the point that it's bad if Biden's doing drugs because it shows he's barely alive and needs…"Oh, it really makes me wonder..." INTERESTING deleted their tweet. But your favorite Major got a screen grab
Retweeted by nihi @CorkySwift2 I'm imagining Foghorn Leghorn. "Now hwy ah say hwy is this hyar dictation machine not understandin' hwat it is ah is sayin'?" @unvarnishedvoid @BastardAstro You forgot the other two screens, the random peripherals and the mess of wires everywhere. @BastardAstro Trump's kind of a redemption story. He says he was going through a bunch of stuff in the mid-2000s.… @BastardAstro One guy confronted Obama about this: Obama blames "other forces at work that…
@OrwellNGoode @AhmVaryHungry Ok now do mohammed
Retweeted by nihi @Grazie95486257 @Thelmavrh Devil's advocate: there might be an admin fee to pay for the time of the people administring the test.Video killed the radio star but incredibly radios are still allowed to be manufactured and sold. banning combustion engines is a mistake America didn't go from horses to cars Or from knives to rifl…
Retweeted by nihiMy full disclosure on Q is I don't believe in the Q stuff but I really like all the Q people and am open to being convinced.When you're forcing people who aren't politicians to become politicians you've really fucked up. RT it only because I think the image is hilarious.🦅 If you think most people are not as dumb as a rock..🦅 🕊 RT this Tweet. 🕊 Leave your @ name 🕊 Follow all th…
Retweeted by nihi @phreakery Yeah, as you say, those randomly attacking old people are the same helpless gullible bastards snatching… @phreakery But it doesn't help scientology in the slightest. Q is strongly Christian, for a start. Nobody's makin… @phreakery Like why would scientologists be posting on 4chan? They hate 4chan. Unless Q is a massive raid, but yo… @phreakery While that's interesting, I know both of their worldviews and they're not the same, though L. Ron's is m… @phreakery Yeah, but that applies to a lot more groups. You think Alex Jones is a scientologist? @phreakery That's a slightly crazier concept than Q itself. More likely because scientologists have to have a dece… @jntrnr @sadasant For the memes: @jntrnr @sadasant Do you know every programming language? If not, how do you know there isn't one you don't know that isn't wrong?This looks like an orc in some kind of magical realism TV show. I ever mentioned that I hate the Left? We Have Acquired A Copy Of Joe Biden's Debate Prep Notes
Retweeted by nihi @DrKarlynB Or germophobia. Keep replacing the o in the middle with an a for some reason. @DrKarlynB It's sad how everyone's divided between leftist and non-leftist, everyone's also divided between germaph… @IKantEvenToday Though not sure 2016 counts because of all the cheating the Dems did. But the electoral college sy… how voting by mail is safe and secure. Hahaha. Can we attach the Project Veritas video to that?
Retweeted by nihi @realDonaldTrump @ThoughtCounsel Leftists at @Twitter attaching a false statement about the security and "safety" o…
Retweeted by nihiHuh, just realised every note of the main sample in Dr. Dre's 'Next Episode' is a black note on the piano (E♭ B♭ -…
Retweeted by nihi @sadasant I knew about the ACORN investigation and the selling baby parts stuff in 2009 but didn't know him by name back then.Often with these kinds of tweets where they say something then add a random picture I'm entranced by the picture be… @BrianRathbone Where did you learn that?Maybe a judge would accept the nomination if they were really good at following the law divorced from public opinio… the leftists roll out the Kafkatrap. @sadasant The Constitution was written by radicals. It's an expression of radicalism: radical free speech, radical…, it's a deceptive headline. It's not "return 30% of the UK to the wild", i.e. transform 30% of the UK from not… they'll have to bring back tower blocks, or somehow get rid of a hell of a lot of people. Surely they should… the UK to escape media intrusion...then moved to a paparazzi hotspot & signed a contract with Netflix
Retweeted by nihi @VHSexe I mean he paid money to her and in return she provided goods and services of equivalent value to the money paid.I’m god father to her son. But well tried. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by nihi @king_ranch_cain @andrewdoyle_com @RitaPanahi I don't think there's as much thought as that behind the reflect, eng… @Boston__Sucks @ZubyMusic @andrewdoyle_com If any student puts any effort into learning maths they need to be immediately gulaged. @andrewdoyle_com @RitaPanahi "Visibilize" What fresh hell is this?The biggest bombshell from Trump's taxes is he employed his daughter. Yes, we know, she was on his show.The Left is at its core a deliberate attack on the world's mental health. @LoraAConnor @realDonaldTrump Maybe he was making a joke about how old he is...very odd. Or maybe it's a Freudian… from the hilarious stereotyping of black women here he also admits that he was 'sequestered in his home'. this is GOLD!!! “OH HELL NO” 😂🤣😂
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@AngelWarrior321 @JonesTerrible Drug abuse, alcohol addiction, being given millions of dollars by foreign entities... @BrianRathbone Pretty sure that'd only work in an IT job. @DrKarlynB They define racism weirdly so it's probably true from their stupid definition.In 2020 you can overcount the cases, you can overcount the deaths, you can deliberately overcount the deaths, as an… @willfhamilton @LozzaFox "Credo" means "I believe" in Latin.Been asked 'where are you getting your information from?' since 2015. Theorist: A person who doesn't watch as much TV as you do.
Retweeted by nihi @notS0LUS What they should have done is made you change your bindings. @notS0LUS What if you have two keyboards?
@scsimodem @DaddyWarpig Did you see someone tried to translate it to Japanese? Pretty interesting reading, just to… the Civil War both sides loved George Washington/founding fathers. Both sides claimed Washington as their own. T…
Retweeted by nihi @thehill Two can play at this game Do you admire the Obamas?
Retweeted by nihi @SixDegreesOfBob I don't think so, I think there's a difference between e.g. "Let's get into America so we can have… @cruadin Sure, but I worry what they're doing behind the scenes. Their whole apparatus can't be kept busy looking after Uncle Joe. @cruadin Wonder what they're working on...they must be doing something.The policies of the left can be split into two categories: self-interest and self-hate. The self-interest group ca…'s a possible outreach on the race side: you can definitely portray abortion as genocide of black babies with som… can see abortion definitely plays into a lot of the gender politics, and for the segment of the population (mostl… fascinating theory. was kindergarten tiddly-winks compared to the scope of this plot. It involved multiple agencies, an insan…
Retweeted by nihi @ProfessorF She's religious, the Handmaid's Tale is supposed to be a religious dystopia. Basically Dems are trying… @ProfessorF さあ in that context expresses resigned acceptance. @ProfessorF Means something like. "So that's the way of it? Well, okay." @ProfessorF さあMuseum curator who sparked outrage after tweeting a guide about vandalising 'racist' statues using household items…
Retweeted by nihi"Loud about it" means they'll burn down cities and attack people. @VHSexe Especially the Germans!"the world grieves for the US" "i feel sorry for Americans" what, the same world that undermines us 100% of the t…
Retweeted by nihiJoe Biden trying to take shots at President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ during the first debate on Tuesday September 29 👉😳
Retweeted by nihi @BastardAstro That's definitely a common fetish. @BastardAstro "For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil. But in t… @BastardAstro I mean it's in Proverbs. @angadc What do you think of the (probably very basic to you) idea from Jung that constellations are a record of th… @BastardAstro To be honest the advice should be "have fun." The problem is sex has been weaponised by feminists (a… @BastardAstro Well there's the old idea of treating women as resources, or 'protecting women', but then also having… @BastardAstro Though I suppose that also indicates that radfems consider women full-on autists who need to be prote… @BastardAstro This is close to radical feminism: "All sex with autists is rape." @angadc From my perspective I feel like pointing out three points always make a triangle. @angadc I'm not sure whether this is elevating QAnons to the level of astrologists or lowering astrologists to the level of QAnons.