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Hejlo, I'm Nihr. Just a cloud floating around and consume media. Avatar: my friend (does not want to be disclosed) 2D: me

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@Kai_Guy_VTuber Same. Spotify is just one of them xp @Kai_Guy_VTuber Rookie numnumsI won't be really active on Twitter this week since I want to fully rehabilitate my body. I'll be more active next… @Kennasaur_ I don't make the rules. @Kennasaur_ Hm. Now we both look dumb aren't we? @HistoriaLibra Hm. @SaraCastiqueVR Thats not cursed. That's hot. @Kennasaur_ Hm? What? I really dont get it~
Looking for some #Vtubers to play jackbox with!
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Seen this going around always love letting you cuties get to know me so here you go and I put the blank so you cuti…
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@a_yamete Cause you love yourself @Kennasaur_ and @AbasuuVT is still looking for some vtubers and artists interested joining a #Vtuber group! Just shoot me a…
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Also, I'll probably miss a lot of streams. If I have time to drop by and say hi, I'll do that. I apologize and than… much as I like to joke about it, I think my body is at its limit. I've pushed it too much/far and it shows. I'll… @hitomi_hosino I'm... speechless. Wow....Who has been someone special to you that has made this year amazing? (No saying me! You must mention someone else!…
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Nice.💜Vtubers of all Sizes💜 Hewwo! My name is Elara and it is great to see you! If we have not met yet, please feel fre…
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@HitoriNobu Yes.'s a clear picture wow.... I... really don't have a problem. @KayIieI That's mood @H0taruHikari @shirahiko_ What If I don't? @SaraCastiqueVR 😂😂😂NNN(no negativity november) is gone. I can finally depreciate myself as much as I want. @inukaiyo You got a t-shirt? All I got was bloodstain on my hand @Pup_Mango Really? I can't do anything, eh? We'll see about that. @MinaStarVtuber Uh? @shirahiko_ Same. @SaraCastiqueVR I can be as negative as I want @H0taruHikari You boutta lose it @viicccii1 😂😂😂 @irueisama Yessir! @H0taruHikari Hm. @viicccii1 Familee frenlee @a_yamete Workception @CuppyCakiee Ah fuck...... @EverlastingEir Take it easy! If you must rest then restAs of this moment, my laugh can be categorized as: femboy laughs, wheezing, pterodactyl, squeaking, tire screechin…
@HistoriaLibra You. Because you deserve it @bearamisu Hmmmmmmm? @Nishikaze_Mari @Cinder_Pella I'm jealous. @StarryYozzy Mhmmm (human) ribs @Nishikaze_Mari Yes way <3 @bearamisu Ight imma unfollow @errorexella "Don't push your luck." Obama 2069 @CarrotsMister