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Nii Apa @niiapa London, England

Developer Consultant. Occasional YouTuber... @offthetopgh x @couchCritics_

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@_ohemaa Ku mi
Man I missed Captain Disillusion @baiibii_vee You go dey alright. Just make sure you always carry spices in your bag. It's dangerous in these streets. @baiibii_vee Your people aren't on here eh? @azeaa_a We are waiting @jadoremarii You're killing the rest of us @jadoremarii Mari please. We still have several months to go. @omithehomie Everyone's bored at homeIn Your Eyes πŸŒ™
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Retweeted by Nii Apa @jeffwellz @ciciyeboah waiting for this for so long @mreazi @Yo__Qwick what's goodSO NOT ONE BULLET HIT THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!
@jadoremarii High how you are? @Ammaa__ @Ammaa__ @effthedj spoil derr. In the words of @Firstwives_ : "Transition mu King Kong" πŸ˜‚ @naelarh Me ho fi? O enha me enha me kraa @effthedj we beg the heartbreak music. We dey house.
Retweeted by Nii Apa @naelarh @joseph_nti @naelarh @fauxdenzel Stay - Branchez RemixPure flamezzzzz
Retweeted by Nii Apa @naelarh Ah nah he restartedNah if you're not on this you're missing premium jams! Yoo!! much ass her first name should be Samuel because Etoo nie! Gaddamn. @baiibii_vee E over me @niiapa And fufu and chicken 🀝
Retweeted by Nii Apa @Ammaa__ By this time? SleepThis quarantine has juts been fine girls, depression, and ass.Running hits from the queens, Rihanna and BeyoncΓ© tomorrow night on IG Live ( from 9 PM GMT…
Retweeted by Nii ApaGoing on in 30!
Retweeted by Nii ApaBooty Flakes with Milk? @korrkorkotey For the Rome there? @delmiyaa Milk First Gang repping @delmiyaa @Raffmeister23 I'm sure you pour cereal first. Heretic. @delmiyaa @Raffmeister23 Why do you want your stew on the side? It's a longer distance to accumulate both. Just put it on top.Long gone. ✌️🏾Acccrrraaaa. Trying times :(. First 5 people to reply to this get 10 cedis credit. Go.Loosing? It's gone... cases today in the UK. Stay home.I want to take pictures cos the sun's out but so are my pimples 😭When she started: Twitter help me report this account pls πŸ™πŸΎ
Retweeted by Nii Apa @Oi_Penelope @nuratuuu Why you fool like this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Nii ApaMakes you wonder how many lies he's told in someone's name but if I talk..
So we close?Chale what dix? Me b3 twi twi ah wo si "alone in life is better than.." fififiifi. sound fokop almost 5 mins after I tweet this. Oh. this be the motive, by the time we fini, this guy booze passNah the sound from @iamtheiphonedj's live... @korrkorkotey @Saka_Stic Hm. Korkor.Remember the Christmas Plot 7 opened? Cars parked almost all the way to Purple? Crazy times.Yeah we really need to come out of lockdown 3.8k cases in the UK today 🀞🏾 Hope it's not an outlier. Stay home.
For all you #5G fanatics out there... @FoluOyefeso I couldn't. Did a shapeup as a last resort @stepphaanie__ Issalova for themHealth workers risking their lives. Mad respect. Give them their cash now and after too.I don't like the UK numbers. I wanna go out :(No water bills. People will be people and hoard as much as they can :/❀️ doing shots with the squad at Ace after this fuckery.
Retweeted by Nii ApaHe wants you back... And he brought you extra responsibilities. chwest’ll never forget the trauma this caused me the first time i watched had the whole theatre screaming and crying lik…
Retweeted by Nii Apa @korrkorkotey You think a threat on my life is a JOKE?!!?! @marilynohemaa No I said stop!’t mind them . Rest my sweetheart πŸ’™
Retweeted by Nii Apa @marilynohemaa Doesn't mean they can't do private FaceTime. Stop being a haterHerh @_shorshor I'm dying over here herh πŸ˜‚IS. IT. CRACK?! too received 2 international calls threatening me and warning me that just because you post something on the inte… fuck it. Imma cut my own damn hair. @fauxdenzel @madjetey It's like some people really can't see past their own ass @Ammaa__ @DrWellx @DrWellx you can join in if you want @__aello By this time?DO YOU KNOW HOW VACCINE'S WORK?!?
Retweeted by Nii Apa @madjetey I'm fucking dead πŸ’€ @azeaa_a Don't mind him okay? @azeaa_a Ah why? Them take do you fresh? @azeaa_a Women 🀝 Playing with niggas hearts @azeaa_a We're bored Antoinette. Leave usQuarantitties I had known the last time I went to Twist might actually have been the last time... your kids ask you about 2020
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Retweeted by Nii Apa @Ammaa__ @dylanSRL Sorry man. My condolences.β€œYou have African American rappers saying N word this and N word that but a Caucasian can’t?” β€œSo say it” P for P…
Retweeted by Nii Apagee can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and spend another day alone with my fucking thoughts
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