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@Harry_Styles That’s it
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦Bring back manly men.
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best part of being a marketing student: reviewing ads like this. if this doesn't give you goosebumps... #Porche @Fast72W @standardsofprax @TheLawofWork how perfectly worded. looking at you, uni that goes on strike every 4 years right on cue. @PopCrave we need to do a better job of protecting black trans lives
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦yes..yes...yes @Fast72W @TheLawofWork Agree ^ as a student, it does seem ridiculous that every student’s input is weighted the sam…
things would b different if the US had socialized healthcare-the onus of being healthy wouldn't fall on individual… to McKinsey: "role...had played in driving sales of the addictive painkiller even as public outrage gre…
@Ravinaxxo I can hear the whole song just by the pic 😍
@RevatiKinkar we all have this false hope that all this bad will be left behind with 2020 😩Our small businesses need all the support they can get. That’s why we’re proposing a cap on food delivery fees to s…
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@ambercrollo there are lots of awesome bbq places in the city with responsible owners! I’m a huge fan of @thestockyards
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦I’m incredibly thankful for so much this year. I hope everyone is staying safe and being good to each other. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, H
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦natural selection, do your thing #antimaskers indigenous awareness day! grateful for all of you but not the pilgrims. remember as you eat your thanksgiving…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @NEWSTALK1010 when did science become debatable? #covidiotsadulthood
cannot be the only one who thoughtlessly puts on perfume every morning, then proceeds to stay home for the rest of the day @hudzyourdaddy come back to twitter😩 @Ravinaxxo SO USEFUL
support locally ✊’m going to sound repetitive here, but bear with me - it’s important. We need to get this second wave under contro…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦is there anything sweeter than waking up to the sound of neighbours shovelling their driveway? ❄️⛄️❤️love snowww
how have I been living here my whole life and still get SO excited when it snows every year Ibaka was iconic on and off the court on The Raptors. He’ll be missed, a lot.
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my heaaaaart Toronto and Peel are moving to lockdown on Monday, Premier Ford announces #onpoli
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💜 sex is cool but have you ever seen Harry styles look fine as hell for a Gucci campaign?
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦I think about Harry too much on the regular. my fragile heart cannot handle all this new publicity. damn, he’s perfect.“I don’t know how it’s Thursday again” @DarynJones felt that in my heart dude 😩 #almostDecember @Jas_Kill_It following trump has shown to increase depression, anger, and hypertension. consult with a physician before following.
@dxnidarko The other dude gaslighting Logan paul and saying he was angry and attacking him for his opinion after he…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @Shem LOL why do all brown parents have the same GD handbook for parenting? post-grad and still getting the “where the other 8%”my husband said that he thinks Harry Styles has awesome fashion and honestly its one of the hottest and manliest th…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦can we make jerseys that are flattering on females 😬
😂 @aaron_tabasum *we* need to build a wall at our southern border 😬 Styles is plenty manly, because manly is whatever you want it to be, not what some insecure, toxic, woman-hat…
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@AmyfStuart it$ almo$t a$ if there'$ $ome obviou$ difference between the two, ju$t can't put my finger on it
I hate hearing the way some people talk about homeless people. Most of y’all have NO IDEA what led to their circumstances.
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @gkarpowich @fordnation @celliottability oh yes, totally agree. social distancing is a joke - there's no practica… government confirms public health experts were on mute this whole time #onpoli
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦Are you confident in the province’s strategy handling #COVID19? #Onpoli
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦"We need the cooperation of the people," Ford said, adding that while the province can "throw billions at this prob… make my brain hurt
She’s the best person on Twitter.
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@celliottability You need to do something. Including increasing the number of tests, broadening who can be tested.…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @celliottability Lockdown! The longer we wait, the worse this will get.
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦whoa. numbers are increasing even with the 10 person limit in gyms and restaurants? who would’ve thunk it?…
@KiSS925 @DarynJones he’s...he’s related to my Tom Hanks? I need a DNA test 😩Trudeau urges premiers not to relax COVID-19 restrictions as cases surge
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ok so 2020 won't end so bad afterall <3"91% of black women voted for Biden" 👏 cream cold brew is my new kryptonite @StarbucksCanada @KyleKulinski think you're overestimating the progressive fuel in your country. yes, they're establishment hacks bu… in Canada where we'll appreciate you 🥰 want to speak directly to the Black women in our country. Thank you. You are too often overlooked, and yet are as…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @AmyfStuart so much anxiety re: the upcoming holidays. we need stricter mandates. *cough* @fordnation #punintended @ServiceOntario thanks so much! @jazzyrgarcia aaaand this is why trump's existence makes this world a worse off place. remember when being a d!ck… @ServiceOntario hi, is the onekey site down? getting error 403 since last week @Shem i feel attacked“argue me on that” is my new fav phrase @DamnitMaurie @KiSS925
LOL these are KILLING me❤️ what you want about my generation but we are a progressive group. couldn’t have happened without the youth advo…🇺🇸😂 god it feels like I just took off a weighted blanket, unhooked my bra and taken out my extensions all at once
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦congrats, America! eff it, this is a win for everyone. CONGRATS WORLD 🥳 oh and... @realDonaldTrump YOU’RE FIRED! @Ravinaxxo swear, any other democracy would've barred him from running
why is an impeached president even allowed to run for a secon term? #bidenharis2020no, no one condemned his msg re: wearing poppies. it was the xenophobic msg (which is on brand for Don Cherry) th… Penn is mightier than the sword. I'll see myself out.
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @Dystopian_Rob sit back, grab a snack, and enjoooooyDear @realDonaldTrump, You’re FIRED! Sincerely, America
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦JOE BIDEN NOW LEADS IN PENNSYLVANIA!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
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@elonmusk no one wants to go to the moon. can you make a silent blender first, please?BREAKING: Trump campaign files 71,185,821 lawsuits against every person who voted for Joe Biden
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦Wait, so the 83 people who still own a landline in the US didn’t properly represent all of America in the polls?
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Shout out to the hard work of grassroots organizers who successfully led a wave of marijuana legalization, expungem…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦BIDEN IS KILLING IT
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @Dystopian_Rob as a canadian, your binary options are so confusing.Eric Trump: We have won Pennsylvania Also Eric Trump: THIS IS FRAUD
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦Power can't be taken or asserted, it flows from the people, and it's their will that determines who will be the Pre…
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦We feel good about where we are. We believe we are on track to win this election.
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 time is it? It feels like a million o'clock
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦 @Shem taking a moment of gratitude that we don't *have* to be this invested in our politics (we have a lot of room… @KooL_Side honestly, me too :( if we win, there's going to be a civil war. there's no way his cult followers will take the <3 goes out to our neighbours down south that anxious for their safety because of this election. you deserve better. #Elections2020SAME and we're not even american #Elections2020"trump is doing well with white voters without a college degree..." low. hanging. fruit. #ElectionNightStay in line, folks.
Retweeted by niisha.xo🏒🇨🇦already put up my wreath 🎄