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ラブライバーの端くれです。 推しはμ'sだと絵里ちゃん、Aqoursだと果南ちゃんと 花丸ちゃん、ニジガクだとせつ菜ちゃんです。無言フォローするかも。なるべくフォロー返します。

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Ight Ima fuh w u
@cruelbIood @TwitterSupport Submit a BBB complaint.I’m basically Sasuke with sakuraI been so cold to her lately I promise it’s not intentional tho that’s just my personality最近のだけど気に入ってます😌 #縦長表示されるようになったしお気に入りの縦長画像貼ってけ
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Where can i find a queen like this want that Hawke and Sei type of relationship 🤤セイかわいい #seijyonoanime
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜I like shows with really cute innocent girls like sei who are super kawaiiSaint’s Magic got 4th spot on lock tbh. I love this show and sei so muchIght Ima fuh w uあまんちゅ #あまんちゅ完結 完結おめでとうございます! 天野こずえ先生連載お疲れ様でした🌸 個人的なファンアートとしてもこちら描かせて頂きました。 あまんちゅと出会った12年前のあの日から、沢山の事をてこぴかりに教えて貰い、…
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜おは愛莉〜🌷🌷🌷 今日もよろしくね~✨✨✨ おはリプ&いいね&RT待ってます~💓💓💓
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Dawg my mama got me at longhorn with this long ass wait lmao
Desperately waiting on pay day, niggas down atrociously rnMall run in a bit, need more drip @kkazvha2 yooo can you tweet my twitter support thing too? @notinvane Stick to zombiesNiggas ain’t fed they kids but level 200 in Cold War smh @ManUtd @ECavaniOfficial
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜 @ManUtd @ECavaniOfficial Get it in ye @ManUtd @ECavaniOfficial LETS GOOOO🇺🇾 𝐄𝐋 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑 🐂 One more year of @ECavaniOfficial! 🏹 #MUFC #Cavani2022
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜CAVANI EXTENSION LETS GOOONo rape warning in Higehiro today? SusFuck Kyouya all my homies hate KyouyaOf course CR upload Higehiro with no subs lmao(SSR) SEGA Collab
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Wasn’t expecting FedEx to knock on my door at 9:30 but fuck it we moveSalter figure came in today too let’s goooいちかわいいw #恋きも #koikimo
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜I feel so bad for Arie because she bought Ryo a gift not knowing she ran into her rival today. It’s a cold world manメイドさんのひみつのおしごと #メイドの日
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Probably should be in my top 20.Koikimo my fave romcom already tbh.Koikimo time. my fave time of the weekXfinity done went out again, now I gotta sleep in silence. Fuck y’all @XfinityIght but Ima fuh w y’all皆さんおは彼方ちゃん〜🐑🐑🐑🌈🌈🌈 今週もよろ彼方ちゃんです〜(❁´ω`❁)(❁´ω`❁) 今週も健康等に気をつけて(●'д')bファイトです〜✌️✌️✌️ 昨日の虹ちゃんのライブも無事終えられて良かったですね(✌'ω' ✌)…
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Finally got back into reading Mono today, about a quarter of the way done with volume 1. My goal is to finish that…
It’s so nice seeing the Knicks winning. Good for the league to have the NYC clubs balling outLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO’m going to cum 🤤虹ヶ咲2期頑張るぞ! #lovelive
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜【🌈#虹ヶ咲🌈】 「ラブライブ!虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~夢の始まり~」にて公開した虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会の新情報発表映像を公開しました! 動画は…
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜I was expecting the type of animation the boro fight had tbh, but this was still a banger episode. My baby delta snappedNaruto v Delta this week in Boruto, so hypedJust look at that Cavani movement, he's so sexy man
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜 @UTDTrey Has* @UTDTrey Signing him as to be top priorityともりるxせつ菜
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Probably the best combatants will be dispatched ep, fuck agent 6 tho. All my homies love snow @CeoOfTomoe Wait there’s auntie Anne’s in Indonesia?But Ima fuh w uFuck anitwt all my homies in raptwitDamn USC being strict as fuck in terms of what you can bring in the coliseum for graduation.But, Doge to the moon tn, only 3 hours till SNLSaturdays are LONG as fuck man. Already have 6 hours of anime then with the early Mother’s Day brunch and driving I’m exhausted as fuckDefinitely best Eden’s Zero episode so far , really emotionalらくがき
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜
@raptvcom We lost a legend over a watch... I’m sick manWe lost a legend over a watch... I’m sick man @charlieINTEL TerminatorWhy the fuck this nigga got YMW nelly on the album lmaoNah this some real nigga shit fr. Tee still hungry have to wait for Nagatoro and Tokyo Revengers until I leave the restaurant 😔Bad bitch know how to play man icl
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Preview to champions league final today. Chelsea will come out on top there too.This why my sister shouldn’t pick restaurants🐰🐰
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Had no idea I emptied my checking account into Doge lmao almost got overdrawn till I checked. Fuck it. YOLO. To the MOONAnd we going out for an early Mother’s Day brunch so the ep not up in a few minutes I’m on yall ass @FUNimation【カバーイラスト初公開!】 TVアニメ「ラブライブ!虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会」初のオフィシャルBOOKが今夏発売!🎊 カバーイラストは横田拓己氏描き下ろし✨ キャスト&メインスタッフのインタビューをたっぷり掲載予定です…
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Funimation fucking up yet again, Vivy episode still not up. 80 bucks a year and they can’t get this stuff right man.Ughhh I should’ve been there「ラブライブ!虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~夢の始まり~」 DAY.1公演にご参加いただいた皆さま、ありがとうございました!🌈 #lovelive
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜おはようございます
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜 @AniTrendz Lets goooo zeshi time. Praying they don’t CGI this season to death because volumes 11-13 are peak overlord @animetv_jp Movie announcement supposedly on 8th. I imagine Moro arcI love Ameri so much, great episode of Iruma. Definitely been the most slept on show of the past few yearsチャイナ2Bのデザイン大好き
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Slime 300-nen makes me feel so warm @notinvane ight Ima fuh w you soon千歌「急に押し倒すからびっくりしたじゃん!」
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜Real nigga bedtime thoAlright feel good to be back with the normal people. Anitwt is garbage @averyshyboy @4PFvergil @MiserysDeath Birds being birds @MiserysDeath Women so lame @raptvcom Any aimer song. Fuck rap. All my homies stan Jpop @Twitter What about opening your appeals#Doge after hitting a dollar. @elonmusk
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜So Fucking pissed. Wanted my queen today.Yea fuck FedEx. Just hung up on em. Will definitely actively avoid any contact with that shithole of a company.You thought you did som is why UPS and DHL>>>I fucking hate @FedExHelp @FedEx I highly encourage everyone to avoid buying anything with FedEx delivery. They can… joke cryptocurrency has risen more than 26,000% in the last six months, outpacing nearly every other investment.…
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜❄️にこちゃん雪遊び❄️
Retweeted by 優木せつ菜LoveLive!Sunshine!! Aqours 渡辺曜 G’sマガジン衣装 夏を満喫っ🐬º·˚ photo 葵 #コスプレ #cosplay
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