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I'm not a top, I'm just a fire sign

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Look i have a big dick and tight foreskin so I can't deal with super tight holesTops time to disc huss04.03.21
Retweeted by NikhilI’m an absolute f4g for Lucid by Rina Sawayama. 😍💕
Retweeted by Nikhil @_wchiv NoAnd a malleable hole 🙏🏼 @localanthony OMWEveryday I thank god for giving me a fat cock 🙏Why is my arm so long
Retweeted by NikhilDon’t forget to stuff your bottoms... 😈 I mean turkeys! 🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 💙
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Retweeted by NikhilThankful for my thick c*ck
Retweeted by NikhilLmao💕🧔🏽👦🏻💕
Retweeted by’s a grammy. she acting like the nation is at risk. lmao. goodbye.
Retweeted by Nikhildo men ever rest ? do they ever take a day off ?
Retweeted by NikhilThe face / The purrr
Retweeted by Nikhil🙂
Retweeted by NikhilThere’s holiday innuendo in there somewhere. White meat, or breast meat, or don’t forget to baste the turkey, or su…
Retweeted by NikhilGobble gobble 🦃
Retweeted by Nikhilhi everyone im new here am i doing this right 😳
Retweeted by NikhilIgnore the invisible bicep and look at my butt! Is this what progress looks like?
Retweeted by Nikhil @XxlSasha @messyalbe I want in 🥵 @PS_Force_1 Omg tumblr iconAh the joys of being gay✨✌🏽
Retweeted by Nikhilpls remember
Retweeted by NikhilSorry I gained a tummy , but at least I gained some confidence
Retweeted by NikhilWatching Sex and the City for the first time and I know it isn’t a game show but Miranda won
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@bulldogprince_ You look so tall 😲 @breakerofbutts 6?You're a strict bottom ? In this economy??We def gotta talk about the hypersexualization and fetishization of Asian men who fit the stereotype of submissive,…
Retweeted by NikhilWhat's Biden’s plans to get rid of strict tops?
Retweeted by Nikhiltwinks after 30
Retweeted by Nikhil @lowkeyadem Whew I would be so embarrassedShoutout to dick and especially cock
Retweeted by Nikhilwould caption this “taking boyfriend applications” if i wanted or needed a man!!!
Retweeted by Nikhil @bulldogprince_ 6'4"All sweaty 💦
Retweeted by Nikhil @bulldogprince_ Its the same for me, it was just something I always knew and accepted43 in quarantine happy birthday to me 🎉🎈
Retweeted by Nikhil @messyalbe Fuck you @mrblackademic I'm already invested @StevenAvocado Fuck me i guess @TROPICALYIFF HOTAlso beer tastes good, you guys are just a bunch of f@ggots 🙄Gays won't drink beer but will drink cum from a stranger 🙄Finally home from work and there’s so much shit to do. No motivation.
Retweeted by NikhilHistorically accurate Diana ⭐ #dianaprince #wonderwoman
Retweeted by Nikhilrina sawaymaya was robbed
Retweeted by Nikhil @itsrru It truly isy’all see the problem?
Retweeted by NikhilThe customer service we all deserve.
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Retweeted by NikhilShe got thicc y’all 🐷😈
Retweeted by NikhilI just don't think we talk about her enough.
Retweeted by NikhilThis is what Hasan Minhaj was talking about
Retweeted by NikhilCATEGORY IS: ROBBED
Retweeted by Nikhil🥺 please and thank you
Retweeted by NikhilNormal people Gay people: reading the reading the Grammy noms Grammy noms
Retweeted by NikhilOne time I licked the cum off someone's stomach and their immediate reaction was "Ew you eat that?"
Retweeted by Nikhil @MusclebearMike 🥵🥵🥵the only correct version
Retweeted by Nikhili’m built like a whole ass dad
Retweeted by Nikhil @_DaddyDoll BOTHEarlier in the week, I addressed @AZRegents, the governing body of the az public universities. I highlighted the sc…
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@jayeNwonderland Good for himwho wants to beat the shit outta me (●´ω`●) 🥊
Retweeted by Nikhil @localkendoll MulanbIn Living Color
Retweeted by NikhilThe British empire exported homophobia all over the world. I know because I grew up under the penal code, like mill…
Retweeted by Nikhil @Peachkid90 You're officially a daddy nowhalloween 2021 mood board
Retweeted by NikhilWho’s Your Daddy ?! #tb
Retweeted by Nikhil @Greg0wen Huh id like the guy in themA good laugh is good for the soul
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Retweeted by Nikhil« però se guardi in alto da 'sto giardino, la luna sembra uno zaffiro perso nel buio, sui tetti la moonlight brilla…
Retweeted by Nikhil @Auriga__ YasssssAre you just as obsessed with dinosaurs as we are? We thought so. Today we'll be hearing from @michaelgreshko, a sc…
Retweeted by Nikhili forget how much i love boredom induced karaoke sessions (especially when miss britney spears is involved)
Retweeted by NikhilI miss the woods (and Speedos) 😩
Retweeted by Nikhilsome super fun commissions i did over the last month and a half
Retweeted by Nikhilmes initiales sur Teams y'a rien de plus vrai
Retweeted by Nikhil @dohantea Hahahaahadisturbing a worker😃
Retweeted by NikhilQueerbait is ok if it entertains me
Retweeted by NikhilI realized this when I found out it’s stores in LA that won’t let you in if you don’t have 30k+ followers
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Retweeted by NikhilWhy can’t you just let me go
Retweeted by Nikhil @mikeybabiii TrueMen ain’t shit Lmaoo ...this guy asked for a nude and I sent one and I was like you next and he blocked me LMAOOO 😗😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nikhil @messyalbe Sir that's dangerous 😭Gay men get three chest hairs and then its “people always tell me I look like a Pixar dad”
Retweeted by NikhilBy everything I mean love and dickMe to people who are mean
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Retweeted by Nikhilsomebody order some tits? 🤲🏼
Retweeted by NikhilY’all want me to accept the idea that Ad*m D*iver is fine but Hasan Minhaj is unattractive? 😂😂
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