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I've got my indignation but I'm pure in all my thoughts!

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@Bluemagicboxes Haha I knew you would put out that disclaimer 😂Nothing to add.
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware3 measures for the next 3 months: 💳3.5% credit card fee waived for buying crypto 🛒Groceries shopping up to 10% bac…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @fay_alif @doctorwhothefuc Hahaha the way he says bastard that accent 😂😂 @gajodharwa @shoeab_ @EconomicTimes Kya bol re? @alter_jamie So it's SRK for sure @alter_jamie Macho Man Randy SavageDoctor working in Surat Civil Hospital was harassed by her neighbour who abused her and also physically assaulted.…
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareWe need fire trucks can u help? @TwitterIndia
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @ClaytonMurzello @cricketwallah Hey Clayton is there an archive online we could read such old interviews?
9 PM
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @SrBachchan Ye kheer kha lijye sir
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareStay indoors India, don’t go out on the streets celebrating. World Cup is still some time away 🙏
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @NorthStandGang @azharflicks @StarSportsIndia Thos one right! The crowd had booed him for playing 3 dot balls befor… k mere ye bharam Kachche mere ye karam ♥️
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareChoose your fighter
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware
How on earth do you play these deliveries???? @juniorwaugh349 and @nassercricket absolutely robbed here, Carl Hoop…
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareI agree & realise that what I did to Tejasviji was unequivocally a condemnable act of injustice... He’s not as unin…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @IdiocreLife Waise ho chuka tha political shuru kabb ka back in time. Abhi waapis reentry bol sakta @TheRadiowala @Sporty_Baba The third person Is Jules Verne by whose name there is a restaurant inside Eiffel. @TheRadiowala @Sporty_Baba Iron Lady so the Eiffel Tower made up of iron @Sporty_Baba Thanks man 🙏 @Sporty_Baba Yeah got it later ✌️RT if you are not planning to switch off lights on Sunday 9pm for 9 minutes.
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareHey @Sporty_Baba Stuck at quiz here! Please help 😭 saab wearing PPE while doctors just mask. Indore has 76 cases of corona already. Bureaucracy in a nutshe…
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareWorse must be realising you’re too thick to change the station.
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareJust because I feel like it, a 2 second vid that should auto loop of THAT Punter six, because I love the sound of t…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware#BREAKING: DNC urges Sanders to drop out after new evidence emerges he hasn’t sexually assaulted anyone.
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@fay_alif Simply superb this one!Kya chutiya desh hai.
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @MendesRuel @godoolally government of Maharashtra, BMC and Mpower 1on1 have created a free helpline to support you at this difficult ti…
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareOMG this was my mom when I had no job 😫😫😫😫😫😫
Retweeted by Nikhil DawareI think she does it better than me @ImRo45 @ritssajdeh!I can safely say I am a bigger fan of hers than she is of me…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @godoolally CroquetNotice period for various things - Women's day social media initiative - 5 days. Bang plates - 4 days. Light candle…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @godoolally The Black Eyed Peas @godoolally The Simpsons @godoolally Nicolas Flamel @godoolally Elliot Alderson @fs0c131y @godoolally San Francisco @godoolally Jamtara @godoolally @godoolally Korma @godoolally Tower of London @godoolally Money Heist waalon koGot them candles and diyas! 🕯 @godoolally Edna Mode @godoolally Barbecue Sauce @PriyaG00993462 @VIKRAMPRATAPSIN @narendramodi @PMOIndia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @joglekar_sumant 😂😂😅😂 @vinay1011 @narendramodi Lol remove that Dr title doesn't suit you. The question is what else apart from this is the govt doing?
Social Media Manager: Hey Ravi! There is a fan war going on Twitter about who deserved more credit to win WC final.…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @fay_alif Lol you ask us but keep the account private 😔 @OsmanSamiuddin Thank you for this. I think this guy was the scapegoat of it all. @debayansen @Handle_Rahul 😂😂😂 @thakur_shivangi You know when this all ends you will be needing a new pinned tweet! Best coverage of the entire pa… like this are disgrace to this state! @fay_alif Ranting here doesn't count as talking to you? @_AnupKulkarni @OfficeofUT @PMOIndia LOL yeah that's why that stupid handbag in that tweet 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware+1 you all got GG's point.
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @ArchieTheRave Haha bahot aaye hai 2/3 bhej deta 😂😂 @RahulShanki @Swamy39 @sdr_since_1997 I wish buddy but he just blocked me so morally, this already is a win for me.… @teengaj @Swamy39 @RahulShanki @sdr_since_1997 Well thanks for your efforts but it's like the man ran away, he did… @prakhar0555 @Swamy39 @RahulShanki @sdr_since_1997 Lol really why did he block me then if he is right?
@Swamy39 @RahulShanki @sdr_since_1997 Also if you think that the Lutyens will know then you can send that reference… @Swamy39 @RahulShanki @sdr_since_1997 Lol anything to substantiate your claim? It's a tough world we live in so asking! @ArchieTheRave Hogi Pyaar Ki Geet! @IdiocreLife Hahaha wow much wow! This is being two faced enjoy bro! Good nyt 😅 @IdiocreLife Haha lol don't worry tera jaise ke wajah se mera sleep cycle kharab nai hota. Waise soch raha thoda tw… @IdiocreLife LOL you need to do that buddy! I don't see any where in that tweet where she has defended any one who… @IdiocreLife Lol where is she defending anyone? I don't see that. @IdiocreLife Hahahaha hai naa bhai mereko nafrat haqq se bolta hu! I hate bigotry and I call it out 🙃 @IdiocreLife Lol it's abusing and assaulting covid workers. Did you forget how the word 'And' is supposed to be int… @IdiocreLife Haha guzara bhi karr lenge parr aise chutya jaisa nafrat nai palenge! Shayad mere school mein tere lay… @IdiocreLife Nai chutye bataa toh de kaunsa English sikha hai tu? Aisa kaunsa layki hai tera? @IdiocreLife Bhai yeh dekh le kaunsa word ismein hatred se bhara hai against Covid workers or anyone? @IdiocreLife Arre layki? Bro isliye toh puch raha teri aukaad wale ko dikhta hai kya sirf woh tweet mein uska woh h… @IdiocreLife Hahaha itna ghamand toh Modi bhi nai karta apne aap parr, koi nai theek hai hum idhar hi hai aurr hum dekhenge! @IdiocreLife Lol where is that part? Where did she defend? Does it show separately for bigots? @IdiocreLife Andha toh tu hai chutye! Aurr beta waqt batayega tujhe kaun sahi hai kaun galat! @IdiocreLife And yes I did abuse you because you're necessary trolling her when what she spoke in that tweet is rig… @IdiocreLife I haven't yet labelled you but looking at that I think I should have 🙃I'm saying it again. We as a species do not deserve dogs! ❤️🐶
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @IdiocreLife Seriously looking at that amount of hatred I wonder what went wrong with you though. Modi ko toh tune… @IdiocreLife Hahaha so one who swears by Modi calls me a hypocrite. What irony 🙃Netflix GIVEAWAY! Retweet this Giveaway Tweet & We will Giveaway Netflix Subscription to 4 followers for every 2K…
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @IdiocreLife Bhugg bhosadike @IdiocreLife She did call it out but then that's fine do your thing. What to say 😛 @IdiocreLife Lol such hatredJesus Christ Marie. #BreakingBad
Retweeted by Nikhil Daware @prathmeshmane Choice of words bro choice of words! @prathmeshmane If you're sensible enough you will delete it before fuelling it @prathmeshmane Hahahahaha wow brilliant! Then tell me I am a bigot? 😂Look at this one! She is giving doses of patriotism to a guy who won us a WC battling Cancer! Sigh 😔