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Nikhil Jois @nikhiljoisr Bengaluru South, India

Product and Growth. 3X founder. 1X Exit. Past: @Techstars Austin 2020, Product @matrimonybazaar. CEO @eventosaur140 & Partner, @fabreachHQ

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@panjamirtham Fair point. I think anyone who sacrifices unsustainable amounts of food, sleep, or time with their fo… take: If you’re working hard and/or smart are easily replaceable you’re doing something very wrong. Work your a… ideas, notes, and stories with smart, motivated, and ambitious people is one of the higher ROI uses of o… Alert! Join us on Sunday, 16th August @ 5.00PM for a session by @PuneetK009 on #NoteTaking101 Sign up her…
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @abhayjani4 If you’re anything like me - first tell yourself that the objective is not to sell. Resist the urge to… @karthiks @sanjayrrao @VahdamTeas I swear. I feel like I spend at least a few thousand rupees a week on stuff I don… @SumneshSalodkar @abhayjani4 Yet to find a logical argument for buying and against renting till one can afford to b… little munchkin made a bit of a tutorial for helping some fellow students in her tabla class. She took to the r…
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @Bhumika14k @Inc42 Congrats and all the best with the next chapter, Bhumika.Looking for a short term rental for 3 months +/- (or a longer term if the place really isgood at good money) for se…
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So excited! @pal_codes Shoot me a DM mate. Always happy to make exceptionsHelp a desperate product guy out, Twitter fam. Beers on me if you join the team or someone you refer does. @vikxlp Dat Chokha tho 💯Accidental @tomsegura @Manu_jain Hahaha thanks sire 🙏🏽❤️Josh Waitzkin might be the most INTERESTING person alive. He doesn't have Twitter. And he barely uses the internet…
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisIt’s time for another twitter 🧵 of some amazing 🧵that we discovered from our #goodreads slack channel A Twitter 🧵of 🧵
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So happy to announce that we hit 300k downloads on @indistract while still building and tinkering around. Long way…
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisWhat a race.... also, @Charles_Leclerc was so badass. 🙏🏽💯 Verstappen showing the world that he is going to be a hilarious grandpa some day 😂🔥 #F170 @nikhiljoisr hosted a meetup with us where he talked about Maximizing our Professional growth. Here is a blog fo…
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Such a deserved win. Long Texas! Long Austin!’s probably the most interesting grid we’ve seen all season. Fun race ahead! #F170#hiring #bengaluru Please RT!
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@keshyperion Least I can do brother. I’m going to donate again if it goes too slow. Also, if someone wants office…
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @keshyperion Least I can do brother. I’m going to donate again if it goes too slow. Also, if someone wants office… created the fundraiser myself. personally verified. please help with what you can
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisOffer A Helping Hand To Support Indhira Devi's Treatment - Ketto via @ketto
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois.@F1 completes 70 years this weekend. 'What do you like about these cars going round and round the same track?'…
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisTaylor Swift as B2B software...a thread
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @jiteshluthra @AnkitLuthra11 @bhatvakash @PriyadeepSinha @anmolm_ @SoorajRajmohan Yo, so thrilled to be part of the… day we will have a world leader who says “Bevarsi Kudka” and it’ll be a good upgrade from just having bevarsi… is one of the kindest friends Twitter has brought into my life. Please consider contributing to this fundrai… @Jason 🇮🇳 @Rahul_J_Mathur @ProductHunt Save PH launch for when you need global users, PR, or a large chunk of users. Use Twit… was able to part with a couple of laptops for this wonderful cause. Meghana made it so easy to co-ordinate. If… Tweet by @nikhiljoisr #golang 🔥🐦
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Understanding competitor products helps B2B Product Managers refine and position their product better. In this post…
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisI’ve lost loved ones to Cancer and have also been fortunate to see some loved ones fight the damn disease and kick… @akshaybd 😂😂😂😂😂Looking for tech leads - 3yrs+ of lead experience: Stack- MERN, GQL, MySQL Remote for now, but should be willing to…
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @carygottheblues Good list and you’ve covered everything important. An important resource I absolutely love ( by… @aghoshal I’d recommend talking to @SparklinGuy and the team at @WeAreSparklin - they have relevant experience beca…, Please do your thing and get me in touch with 🔥 GoLang engineers : 1. 3+ years work ex preferred 2. Vent… equals freedom
@karthiks Haha no one. I was just implying that the GaryVee funda works @bhatvakash @elonmusk More power to him and his team! Let him know that you have a bunch of friends who can try to help them. @shlokafc Saale. Let’s hope they win and I make enough money to buy them when they’re expensive also 😭😂 @surivinam @SunOfGan @PositiveGamma @PeterSchiff Yeah I’ve been lucky to have a brother @bondijois who is equally i… @shlokafc Box tickets and season passes to RCB matches when it happens, dost. Just you wait ...Behind many a wealthy person is a shitty sports team they grew up wanting to own and run properly one day. @amberja_in Did not think of this angle. Thank you so much. Will read up more @prdyt @Nivivacious @abhishekmadan Please post a screenshot of this tweet and let the world know that I called it w… @bhatvakash 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙏🏽🚀 @Manu_jain Bhai... all thanks to your blessings and guidance.😅🙏🏽 Will keep you posted on progress @surivinam @SunOfGan @PositiveGamma Jan is great. I got in from March onwards but mostly via Augmont/Kuvera. Was sk… @anandhsub Yeah - I don’t need this liquidity for next decade. Thanks @SunOfGan This is amazing. Thanks so much. And yes - wanna run my approach by you and get feedbackAny strong data-backed opinions or resources for or against Sovereign Gold Bonds? 🇮🇳 If Gold is part of your port… @divakarhebbar Is there a translation you recommend?PSA: C Rajagopalachari’s version of the Valmiki Ramayana is on sale on Kindle today. Surely, I’m not the only one… @Numb_Skull Yes, this and school teacher - both dreams shall be fulfilled soon.Tourist guide at historic places @satabdi_m @rachnaparmar Yeah - the wet mops are useless unless you have a vacuum. I use a 671 for vacuum and a Bra…
@msuster Temple by Matthew Reilly @abnux Thanks so much brother. Will certainly reach out. @Anuroof Too real brother 😭😂🙏🏽I was really scared that I’d not grow much as a person this year - but thrilled to find out that my favourite sport… too many responses to this. If I haven’t responded to your email or DM, please give me a week or so to respond.… @Keith_Wasserman Yes, meet @homebuyerai @since19ninety Are you saying you might be interested in it? DM if so 🙏🏽 @karthiks Haha he’s forced to invest/save 40% of his stipend @insaneajay Too real @thesatbir 35 as a vegetarian @ProfADK Yo, I’m sure you mean well, but hard to answer “ what drives him” on a Twitter thread. I’m just teaching h… @ProfADK Mechanical engineering @master_of_none7 😂😂😂 @ankitkr0 @pkaura Got some folks in my DMs too, Ankit. Will share deets if you’re game to run a parallel experiment… request: My 19-year-old cousin who is studying engineering is interning with me currently. If we know each ot… @akritidokania Yeah- I’ve typically done this while a founder as part of my hiring pipeline and I’m doing it with m… got a chance to read this wonderful report on SaaS by @nasscom Following are some noteworthy points from the same. A thread 🧵
Retweeted by Nikhil JoisI’ll include a stipend if you want to treat it as an internship or apprenticeship or if you have concerns on the financial front.I’ve been seriously considering running this as an experiment, not at scale but with 1 person to begin with. Doesn’… @reesesandcoke This needs to exist.
@Numb_Skull 😂❤️ Same, asshole.God, I miss and love this sport. @hallidude @bhogleharsha @joybhattacharj You’ll love stuff featuring @VijayRBharadwa1 - comedy + cricket + Kannada 🙏🏽 @SayaniBh Congrats and all the best, Sayani. Excited to see the stuff my namesake @nikhilkumarks , @sahilkini and t… new janivara may be the only new piece of “clothing” I wear for a while. #UpakarmaFounders/0-1 operators who switched to mature saas company in PM capacity, I am looking for your advice - 10 min ca…
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @anirudhbb Come on man, your bio says you've been with Upgrad. You know what is broken with colleges all over the w… @hallidude They’ll figure out a way to scale it globallyBetween coding bootcamps, MOOCs, EdTech Startups, and now ... Google... academia doesn’t stand much of a chance
Good splashdown of Dragon confirmed! Welcome back to Earth, @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug!
Retweeted by Nikhil Jois @bankonbasak @zhr_jafri Indeed! @zhr_jafri and @palakzat are both superb at this😂😂😂😂😂 @since19ninety I swear. What a fun run that was @himanshuchanda Hey Himanshu. I’ve told your colleague already. Any time you need a volunteer for such tasks - I’m…