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Nikki @nikkiponpon Middle of nowhere, USA

Nikki || 24 || she/her || digital artist who draws a lot of fanart || Indigenous gurl || Commissions CLOSED || Etsy OPEN

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You Failed... #KingdomHearts
Retweeted by NikkiCouture Filipiniana dresses by Filipino fashion designer, Cary Santiago. Amazing *___*
Retweeted by NikkiFAST 高速・ AGILE 機敏・ SHARP 鋭敏 Watch our new commercial for @YT_Industries new bike IZZO 🚲💨 Full version here…
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Retweeted by Nikkiwhen this happened to a white barista y’all gave him one hundred thousand dollars
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*Tl refreshes* The art I was about to retweet:
Retweeted by Nikkicommissions for @LexLoki
Retweeted by Nikki🌞RTs are appreciated🌞 Hello, I'm opening commissions to pay monthly bills and savings! I'm offering the following:…
Retweeted by NikkiFinal Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme
Retweeted by Nikkithis is one of the most beautiful things i’ve seen this week i cannot lie
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In the name of Hades, I accept this mantle! #HadesGame #Hades
Retweeted by Nikkithinking about the 2018 met gala
Retweeted by NikkiDating me involves a lot of mirror selfies 🥴 you’re looking for a sign, here it is
Retweeted by Nikki✨The Buster Sword Backpack Kickstarter is officially LIVE!✨ I'm so excited to bring this product to you and I'd be…
Retweeted by NikkiKingdom Hearts fans showing up to the discussion.
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@P5Planner Ryuji is best boi 🥴🥴💫FLASH GIVEAWAY💫 rt & then reply with your fav persona character for a chance to win a freeeeeee persona planner, s…
Retweeted by NikkiZack and Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts look we’re so cute. Such a shame they didn’t appear together. I guess I gotta do it…
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@notgojira @insomniaranea He sweet boi who loves his mama :,)⚡️✨FLASH RYUJI GIVEAWAY✨⚡️ I got more fabric than needed for preorders so I have a some extra! I'm giving away thi…
Retweeted by NikkiMe when someone sees me in my "ain't nobody gonna see me" outfit
Retweeted by Nikkinegative self-talk
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I need to get this off my chest
Retweeted by Nikki @bisoulovely @fresaspeachesTL asleep? 🌟GIVEAWAY🌟 We received the wrong colored hearts, but they fit perfectly in our Tiffany necklaces 😅 So I'…
Retweeted by NikkiThey’re the prettiest witches for sure 🔮✨#aerti
Retweeted by NikkiThe amazing Tracking shot from WINGS (1927)
Retweeted by NikkiWas thinking that I really need the train to come quickly and then saw that someone has installed a little cardboar…
Retweeted by Nikkihard at work✨
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i don’t talk about this much but my mom is a cherokee author who wrote a novel geared at middle schoolers about the…
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Happy Indigenous people’s day! Did you know 40% of homes on tribe reservations fall below the federal standard for…
Retweeted by NikkiThis, but entirely, sincerely, and absolutely unironically.
Retweeted by Nikki @fortheloveinyou KH drops lines like that every now and then, or like this
Retweeted by Nikkiremember when Kingdom Hearts told us it's okay to be sad and feel hurt, and that we're all really strong for just h…
Retweeted by NikkiHappy Indigenous Peoples’ Day everyone. Ling'atarluni gwangkuta cuulirat, nukut, imat, cali qaiget. Respect our anc…
Retweeted by NikkiDaily reminder for artists that: -You are an artist, not an influencer. -It's ok not to be active on social media…
Retweeted by Nikki @fresaspeaches 🙈 is what I meant by takin it into my own hands and drawing some of my Native OCS saying it instead lmao, but Ha…
Retweeted by NikkiBitchtopher Columbitch
Retweeted by Nikki✨Opening up an etsy✨ Support ya indigenous gurl😘
Happy Indigenous People’s Day from the ValiDate team!
Retweeted by Nikkiit is indigenous peoples day so here is a thread of carrds , gofundmes , paypal’s and petitions to help support IPO…
Retweeted by NikkiHAPPY INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ DAY! History summed up in ONE sentence.
Retweeted by Nikki @menstralkrampus @secobble My Venmo is @nikkiponpon 🙈💕 I’m also dropping a store link later today so keep a lookout for that @menstralkrampus @secobble THANKS 🥺💕happy Indigenous People’s day! Let’s do an art share / fund share to celebrate. If you’re an Indigenous artist or…
Retweeted by Nikki @artbyjacstudio Hello there my name is Nikki 🌟 I’m Navajo and I do digital Art 👉👈 follows and retweets are always a… of hades 💀 #percyjackson #hadesgame
Retweeted by NikkiIn honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day I wanted to provide a thread of acclaimed shows and films that feature Indigeno…
Retweeted by NikkiHappy Indigenous Peoples' Day! Im a Cree bead artist and I make and sell antifascist beadwork, hit me with a follow…
Retweeted by Nikkitwo Megs discussing their himbos 😌 #HadesFanArt
Retweeted by NikkiJust a reminder for you guys tomorrow! 😊
Retweeted by Nikki18th century ottoman and indian dagger with sheaths
Retweeted by Nikkimy boyo zagreus who does not learn
Retweeted by NikkiMade of a bedsheet and this stars fabric ✨ I’m in love
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How it started How it ended
Retweeted by NikkiNibelheim
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cousins ⚡️🌊🔥 #hercules #percyjackson #zagreus #hadesgame
Retweeted by NikkiMy Final Fantasy Orchestrations: How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by NikkiOne of my fave FF fashion pieces~ #FF7R #FFVII #art
Retweeted by NikkiIt is Indigenous People’s Day on Monday. Please don’t let that day, or the month of November be the only time you p…
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Retweeted by Nikkiriku and ventus and a short conversation
Retweeted by Nikkia little study uwu meets dark academia
Retweeted by Nikkikh as dbza quotes pt 2.2 a fragmentary passage
Retweeted by Nikkiwhen you wanna draw the gang but the only thing in your head is caleb gallo #FF7R
Retweeted by NikkiHi! I'm new to twitter but here is some art I do! I rarely do digital and mainly do traditional art!
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🎶🎵Hey now, you're a fall star🎵🎶 #FallGuys #FallGuysSeason2 #Shrek
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shoes at fendi f/w16 haute couture
Retweeted by NikkiJean Paul Gaultier.
Retweeted by NikkiHedy Lamarr (November 9, 1914 – January 19, 2000) was an Austrian-American actress, inventor, and film producer. Sh…
Retweeted by Nikkinow why is barbie spitting facts
Retweeted by NikkiTerraqua dkdndknmn
Retweeted by NikkiPlease don't take off my mask... #p5r
Retweeted by Nikkiand thats just how it is
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@brunettemermaid THANKS 🥺💕Day 3 🐚 Native Mermaid ✨#cutegirltober[#blacktober Day 6 - Blonde] Ann...but she's a quarter Black-
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im sobbing too now
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you asked for a pretty namine and you got it this week! the last one to complete the holy trinity #kingdomhearts
Retweeted by NikkiAerith Re-Design. #FFVII #FF7
Retweeted by Nikki#cutegirltober Day 2 ✨😍 This time with N8iv programmer gurl UwU a portrait for my fwiend UwU
I'm the Avatar now! You'll have to deal with it
Retweeted by Nikkisailor moon boots
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Hell yeah Savage Fenty doin real bodies like no other 😍
Retweeted by NikkiTook a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.
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Retweeted by NikkiCanada is just like America. They treat First Nations people horribly and are Breaking treaties that were negotiate…
Retweeted by Nikkinami+wayfinder trio for my lovely friend sam @kikurihimes >w<💖💖
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she's wearing these earrings by sageandsapphirebeads on insta 1😍Lolita maid but make it Native✨ #cutegirltober about her...
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