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Check out my episode of 'Inside The Studio' Podcast! 🤘 Listen now on @iHeartRadio : at all except put a photo I found of me playing football in it. Unfortunately I found it after we went to… @lolmxriaaa Great songwriting @HeavyDiscoBaby A couple but not the knock offs.Covid Covid Covid @wydzierzecka We both loves 70’s. She like ssome more dance-pop and I lean a little more punk. It’s a good playlist. @brittsawyer25 I don’t know where everything goes but I’ve signed around 15k books so far. @allenrigg It’s a mess. 🤪 @pennyroyalabg Nice. Real nice @wydzierzecka Meditation. Stretching and water. Mixed with a few good audiobooks on higher level thinking. @____mrsfeelgood Thanks very cool. I was 17 there. @NinaaaLamas Like yer positive outlook. @Volguy1971 Flock of Seagulls and The Knack @HeavyDiscoBaby They go on a blacklist to never get an interview from us again. @HeavyDiscoBaby Never pause once the fuse is lit. Ask anything. @akkinixx @SixxAM @MotleyCrue will be touring in 2022 so the answer is now. We’re looking at 2023 but waiting on Co… @ERTCH75 I write them in order for a reason. I suggest starting at the top ✔️Quick #AskSixx to give the bottom feeder press something to turn into clickbait.Check it out tomorrow
I had so many requests for these that we decided to do a special release - 🙌 Who the Hell is Frank Trucker Cap! 🧢… Timmy. Never stop being a positive roll model. PassItOn @rhonda_head I look forward to that exact moment too @BrianSchwartz04 Not sure what it is now that you mention it……I think its a lot of things… @nesy_j CatharticAre you talking songwriting or being popular…? you love them…Super comfortable…💀 @nikki_girl_JPN In February @1headbangergal They say it’s an inside job. Been scraping at that muck for awhile now. Awesome it shows. @Jvandyke87 My oldest son makes music. 👍🏽 @Zekaiten Holy Hell. 🤘🏽 @izsixx You get what you get when you quit. Never give up. 👍🏽 @CiscoRaider Tour 100% starts June 19th next year. WE CANT WAITFor sure. @Sixxam HITS coming October 22 featuring #TheFirst21 #Penetrate #WaitingAllMyLife and more. 🤘🏽
Some light reading about #theFirst21 👍🏽 & Noble Exclusive! Pre-order #TheFirst21 from B&N for a chance to win THE FIRST 21 prize pack, including an… the book stories? Intimate up close and personal? Come join me..#TheFirst21 📚
I AM FREAKING OUT my #thefirst21 just arrived 😍😍😍😍😍thanks @NikkiSixx I am sure I will love it. The photos are so am…
Retweeted by 📷Full Episode ‼️ - The First 21 - It was an amazing experience to share my story in 'The First 21' - can't wait for… @Rocknrollgirl92 Sadly we will miss the first blast of ❄️ because I’m in LA working. @Rebeccaj007R @SixxAM Tons of TV. We did Dr Phil’s show today. He’s so generous and really enjoyed the book so we…
👓 📚 Excerpt #TheFirst21 8 DAYS we go:- 3 solid weeks of press for the #TheFirst21 book and the new @SixxAM HITS album. Follow along. I’ll keep ya updated. 📚🎶Yes yes and yes. only have one and I hardly use it. It’s not a good fit for me for many reasons.
New @SixxAM song-👓 📚 #TheFirst21 Share some memories from your First 21…… use mine everyday. It’s a solid knife. Thank you.👂🏼 #LosAngeles doing press for #TheFirst21 and saw a green mini van with a Ghost sticker on fire on the 101 freeway…
Nikki Sixx talks memoir 'The First 21,' the sister he never knew, and learning to 'maybe have some empathy' for the…
@NikkiSixx OMG! The book arrives in Rome on thursday 14!
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Wanna read some of my new book? The First 21 book and companion Sixx:A.M. CD HITS Coming October 19. 📖 💿 Pre Orde… is the story you haven’t heard… The First 21 book and companion Sixx:A.M. CD HITS Coming October 19. 📖 💿 Pre…
Yup’s a good place to pick up the audiobook. yer audiobook pre order yet? Just think,I can reading my book to YÖÜ October 19th. you for all the positive comments on the new @SixxAM song #TheFirst21 @NikkiSixx Just got my new knife today @NikkiSixx!! 🤘🏻🔪🔥 I love it brother 🥂 #SixxOnSixx
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Apparently at this age I was replicating a future serial killer look.#TheFirst21 represents every person who ever had a dream and went for it.Very excited to announce an evening of Untold Stories - 'The First 21' virtual signing event ! Hosted by my good fr… YES
?👁 👂🏼 = ?
Happiest of birthday’s to my pirate terror twin brother @MrTommyLand… book is BRILLIANT @NikkiSixx @HachetteBooks as is the album HITS from @SixxAM to accompany only a few days late…
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Available everywhere 🔊 @SixxAM Ü from?
🎶 #NewSixxAM #TheFirst21 @SixxAM you @james_a_michael for the opportunity to chat about the upcoming @SixxAM album HITS due out 10.22 to accom…
Retweeted by 📷In case you were wöndering. to release the new @SixxAM song tomorrow #TheFirst21
2021 PRAY 4-mE#Tomorrow #sixxam #newmusic #TheFirst21 days till #TheFirst21 book and audiobook drop. #WhoTheHellIsFrankFeranna years of 'Home Sweet Home' the ultimate rock ballad from @NikkiSixx's @MotleyCrue 🖤
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@JDGBass Study poets more than lyricists
#LARATS @NikkiSixx @RobZombie @john5guitarist #TOMMYCLUFETOS I've Been Everywhere :
Retweeted by 📷Good chat. Talk soon. Thank you. 6️⃣Yes when GnR supported Motley. That was a great tour. @staarbowie Date night with Courtney and now talking to fans. YES YES @RockMeRollMe68 Yes yes too @Rebeccaj007R Good idea @Leonard_Crate Haha @militroIa Kick ass @sixxbittch Fantastic.For life. potato chips rule with a Fresca to drink. @HeavyDiscoBaby I do understand. The path towards the light isn’t easy but you would be amazed at the life that waits for you.Sly and the family Stone always liked that one.