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Sara Vieira @NikkitaFTW Berlin, Germany

International agent of JS Bullshit 🚀 Developer @codesandbox 📦 Queer master of @queerjs 🌈 Wifey to @AlxSavage ♥️

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@FZammit Portuguese, even when in berlin @GabeRuss I have a friend that said it was a bad idea to just have subscribe so I went all in 😂 @FZammit Mine still says I am in Portugal :/ @FZammit Its not the mobile part, it's the mobile data. I have had this issue, if I travel my ip from both Vodafon… @marcandrewb Hope you liked the talk :) @hrmny_ @robertSPD @Windows Such beautiful beautiful blinds 😭 @FZammit I mean its tricky because its not always correct sorry Mostly on mobile devices :/ @lochieaxon @kvlly To make money rain on you @editingemily *TONS* of kids? Wat???? Who says that? @robertSPD @Windows Me and my wife now use towels, it works ahah @aphumphreys Thank you so much man! Means a lot! @tlakomy AIN'T IT MARVELOUS?? @toficofi This is the font btw :) @lochieaxon @kvlly DO YOU WANNA KNOW IF ITS RAINING OUTSIDE??? YES? I CAN TELL YOU @MarkoSaric Anytime :) @DevTGhosh It is, I thought it looked cool 😂 @FZammit The location by IP right? @soorajsanker I can see you getting places, want help? You can build this :D @CarlBateman @codepo8 Its because you can't leave, london has been sunny all the lockdown and same in portugal ahah @robertSPD @Windows In portugal we have blinds, oh how I miss binds 😭One of the first dumb shit I made was a website that told you if it was raining outside because I am lazy AF and to…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @mybluewristband 10/10 would visit again
@tlakomy I see that and I raise you @andreas_zettl You gotta ease people out 😂 @andreas_zettl It did tho, CodeSandbox now even works on it 😂 @tlakomy That's all I will say SOMEONE IN NORWAY WILL HAVE THIS AS A POSITION ON A CONTRACT I hate myself @Brent_m_Clark 🙌 @andreas_zettl I added these options to the getting of geolocation enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 100000000000…'m so so happy to unveil Hyperdeck! 🎉 It is a next generation presentation app for iPad and Mac. The ease of use o…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @andreas_zettl it defintly is, weird :( I added some settings, can you check if it works now? @andreas_zettl *did you get here? @andreas_zettl What do get here? @andreas_zettl Does it make any fetch requests? I made a console.log on the weather obnject and removed that weird one @andreas_zettl Question, did you accept the location before? I can't test Edge :( @MarkoSaric It's just the: I may be biased because I work on it but It would make people feel more warned I think… @mattgperry Me in 2 months probably @andreas_zettl And then nothing on the screen? @thequeenhayat Thank you! It my baby 😭😭 @haroenv @CompuIves We already have that and still they find ways to take it off :/It asks for your location because ip based is trickyOne of the first dumb shit I made was a website that told you if it was raining outside because I am lazy AF and to… @appfactory Welcome and I am sorry @appfactory OMG YE Honestly it's the pain for being an open source maintainer @erikras I did for a while, it showed my real inside personality Of a cool surferUsed fathom instead, I don't need the fancy stuff and its privacy focusedI made a blog post about the Luton "airport" and I hope you all enjoy my pain in writing 🧾
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @adambretz My actual name has 5 names so yes anyway 😢Existential Dread is my middle name Sara "Existential Dread" Vieira @MarkoSaric There is nothing wrong with that, I would say just be clear that you are the one working on it to creat… @duarteocarmo A cena é posso meter vários lá e não te esqueças que tenho empresa por isso posso deduzir isso 🙌 @andreas_zettl @usefathom Moved a bunch of websites there and used your code :) @andreas_zettl @MarkoSaric Oh I know no worries man :) @duarteocarmo Yaaa, acho que vou pagar por phantom , eu percebo a cena deles mas aquele dashboard damn @MarkoSaric @andreas_zettl I am not saying it's not a good product in any way but I can see your are the one building it and marketing it :/ @GabriMartzz Same here :/ @porfirio @AmSharma_ OHHHHHHH @duarteocarmo Oh nice! Parece fixe, vou trocar então O dashboard podia ser um bocado melhor 😂You go portugal 🎉🎉🇵🇹🇵🇹 @AlexWilsonV1 @kadikraman You sound like someone who kisses techno clubs 😂 @kadikraman It's also majorly owned by a Spanish company so it should Spain Luton It's the deceit I hate too, the fucking deceit
@pobermeier87 I thought that was Sharknado 😂I am gonna watch jaws 3 I heard it's pretty good 😂 @andreas_zettl Any options? @timolaak Basically all of the airport is a fucking queue it's insane I didn't even know it had an hotel? Is it terrible also? @Awnton Yes!! I will keep writing this as it's actually pretty therapeutic 😂 @michael_mynah Completely understandable @GabriMartzz The 1 is for pret I like pret 😂 @mikiUK Honestly I imagined that @toktoktwan The code is waaay too shit for now as I copied over a whole theme and then changed it , I will work thi… @chrisma0 Terminal A and D are really good, I completely agree with you! It will be one of the first ones :) Here… @PolaDuco Trust me all of them will mention the bus Fuck the busand again i forgot google analytics, damnI made a blog post about the Luton "airport" and I hope you all enjoy my pain in writing 🧾 @HerrShabi @tonina_zh I feel like people just wanna hear me curse ahah @ScribblingOn Thank you!!! @html5test fuck luton man @mrvalaty I like it but fuck them for sending a message to check my phonen number for internet access, everytime I… @AlexWilsonV1 @rubenswieringa oh god the code is shit to be open sourced for people to add blog posts, I definitly…🔥Design tip for developers A good way to make your interface look “designed” is to use a consistent space scale I…
Retweeted by Sara VieiraHey #cluj friends, we know @NikkitaFTW loves our airport very much, let's help her write a blog post about it 🙃
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @carolstran ITS THE MOST ADORABLE AIRPORT EVER👋 Could use your help getting my airport blog going, I made a voting page so I can decide what to write about next… @carolstran DEFINITELYWhen your friends know you just a bit TOO well @z00eybechamel Remember the social distancing 😂 @AlexWilsonV1 @AlxSavage Exactly! It's the stanstead, Luton is still so much worse than schonefeld Omg fuck Luton @pmichk @carolstran It's not supposed to be a permanent close untill the new one is built but no one really knows… @PolaDuco The one in Lille? I have never been fortunately 😂 @rubenswieringa I like schiphol
@AlxSavage 🤔🤔🤔🤔 You may be right @AlxSavage I thought you loved me @flyinggazelle Yes to allAlso this is on you @monicalent and you blogging for devs @chrisbiscardi *tweets @carolstran @pmichk It will live forever in us @pmichk Pls don't talk about it but yes. They say it will re open but they also said the new one would open in 2012 @chrisbiscardi Tweet this at 1 in the morning @chrisbiscardi That when you know you grown up @chrisbiscardi Interesting you think of 2am as morning I always see it as night timeI am making a blog about airports where I talk shit and rate them because I may never see another one in real life