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Sara Vieira @NikkitaFTW Berlin, Germany

International agent of JS Bullshit 🚀 Developer @codesandbox 📦 Queer master of @queerjs 🌈 Wifey to @AlxSavage ♥️

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🌟 I'm looking for my next role 🌟 - Interested in full-stack or backend - Bay Area or remote - Go, NodeJS, Java, Ty…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @ines_the_queen @Cherrylicious_B @woltapp Their customer support is email lol @andre_scalco @woltapp Yes @BenLesh @Cherrylicious_B @ines_the_queen @woltapp One brings food and doesn't make you want to cryI have a bug for y'all that has just killed me Yesterday I was in standup and my keyboard that's USB stopped worki… @rachelnabors I got married and son uncontrollably but I can't choose both @AroraXD Don't attach yourself to your code, you are much more than that Also none of know what we are doing @woltapp @LewisCowper Amazing! Changed it! Thank you dor your work :DBtw I do have a promo code LOVEMESOMEWOLT 🙏🙏 @simonleggsays Let me know if you need any help or mortal support @simonleggsays Sounds too hard ahah @side_swail I did not model that ahah Downloaded the charecter from @CHERdotdev Sent you some.@NikkitaFTW is a developer at @codesandbox and a #GraphQL and #OpenSource enthusiast. Sara is a skilled conference…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @MaritvanDijk77 Thank you  ❤️ @AlxSavage NOOOO! That only gets delivered 20 or something, I MIGHT have just finished the book by then ahah @ines_the_queen @woltapp SAME! @pmrcunha @woltapp Its so addictive!! @_darrenmartyn @woltapp Same! @LewisCowper @woltapp Yeah I do, here you go UHKZX I think it also gives you some free deliveries :) @hrmny_ Probably when I went to Croatia, it was so easy and actually enjoyable to use I was amazed @atbrakhi @woltapp For now, I think they opened in Berlin like two days ago I also can't use it for now in kreuzbergIf you live in Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte @woltapp is now available to order food instead of liefrando I used in Cro… @omahlama @freiksenet It's the little things, the translate button saved my life in Croatia It's an amazing easy to use and enjoyable app @omahlama @freiksenet This made me really happy in the morning ♥️ Will be waiting for kreuzberg to be added but th… @CHERdotdev Is there any other way to send you something? We don't have venmo in Europe :/ @dizzyd Sending hugs ♥️
@dazneng will give you anything if you just let me change the language You play serie A in Italy so you have Ital… @0xca0a Suzanne!!! @simonleggsays You can tell its berlin by the empty beer bottles near the benches @sannekalkman Danke :D @simonleggsays I do have a 16' inch one, I attached the specs but blender does not recognize the graphics cards on… @EddyVinckk @bitandbang @nodejs Thanks! For about a month and something :) @sarah_edo This is amazing! Congrats on it and on reaching 1/10 of the population of Portugal @bitandbang @nodejs Thank you for letting me do this! It was super fun ❤️ @noopkat Its an issue, can't finish things so now blender is blocked in my computer @simonleggsays The one that took me the longest was this one: This one I did work on for about 3 days a week ago, I asked @NikkitaFTW if she'd be willing to create a 3D render for @nodejs and she did an absolute…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @brunopbarbosa Its pretty scary but when you get passed that first hurdle its super fun @ManuelBieh I blocked blender in my computer so I can finish my book but you have a very good point. I do have a l… @joevans0 I thought about that too as mu dad used to work with autocad and 3ds max when I was growing up @codemonky007 Thanks man! @mkdotam uh, I did not know about him. Will definitly be inspired by this Thanks!! @dkruythoff Gracias señorThe next #ReactFinland mini-conference is about state management. Details: * 27th of August (16:45-20:40) * Featur…
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @arrisco Mean man, I'm in pain here 😂 @falkendk Before I promise 😂You will not regret hiring Carolyn! She is an amazing engineer and an incredible human!
@bitandbang Mad boi @brunopbarbosa Thanks! Yeah, blender 2.83 @sebmck @cpojer They are very OP @htmlandbacon It's worse, I HAVE ONE @simonleggsays oh btw a lot of them are also inside the powersave folderI blocked blender in my computer so I can't open it because omg I am a child. I have this issue of finishing thing… @simonleggsays Some of them yeah, the last one and the alexedarplatz ones were actually like 2 hours each @m1guelpf Thank you! @simonleggsays Money, yes? The thing I suck at lol I do have all the designs in high res in this drive folder: @martin_e Thanks :D @andytuba @bitandbang @dan_abramov so fluffly  🥺 @olie_chan want cat? @varunjoshi995 @siddharthkp @eveporcello Nice! Thanks for signing up, it should be done soon :) @noopkat yas!! Thank you! @AlxSavage bebe, you are definitly waaaaay too nice  ❤️ @sannekalkman And the model town starts ahah @simonleggsays I could... Monetize this??? @danieldietrich Thank you! Really like making these small dioramas may make more city places @LuizAdolphs Thanks man! @silvenon @sarah_edo @rauchg @CompuIves @shuding_ Fuck yeah!! @Mastapegs @sarah_edo @rauchg @CompuIves @shuding_ aww, thanks! Means a lot! @andytuba @bitandbang @dan_abramov YES PLSthank you ofr joining me in: Sara tries to be an "artist"I made a... thing? Definitly inspired by monument valley @bitandbang @dan_abramov ❤️ You diserve another one @bitandbang @dan_abramov I feel incredibly blessed to still be followed by both of you Pls don't realize it's a m… @melissamcewen Literally the plot of Oculusmore updates thunder i should sleep @cdeath I could say have fun but I don't think soupdate clouds @cdeath Want the blender file? ahah @cdeath oh god, pls no @nsantos_pessoal no man, just noMy team lost the portuguese cup today so I went into blender to calm my soul. Made this tiny tower, it's supposed… @siddharthkp @varunjoshi995 Yes, because I thought no would finish last month but then blender showed up
are we ready as a society to admit that cover letters are just unnecessary?
Retweeted by Sara Vieira @siddharthkp @varunjoshi995 @eveporcello Siiid, my book is not finished 😂 @sarah_edo See @AlxSavage? Seeee? @sarah_edo @rauchg @CompuIves @shuding_ We try our best ✨ @0xca0a @sannekalkman It doesn't matter tbh since blender doesn't recognize the Intel cards We are all in this together @0xca0a @sannekalkman If you have a MacBook you wait a LONG while 😂 @sannekalkman This looks so much better than the ones I make ✨✨🎉🎉 Looks amazing!! @cdeath I have had cats, they are special creatures lets put it that way fucking love them tho @cdeath only one of them looks happy Thats what I mean @cdeath No, I mean the horde of cats About the rest I generally agree with you, not in drag and drop but in the rest I do agree @cdeath That sounds like too much responsibility tho 😂
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@pt_bhavsar @CompuIves @codesandbox Yes! You can definitely do that @address_err Or we we will complain in 6 months @martin_e Pls keep me updated on this 🙏Everytime legacy code is deleted a kitten is born